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The Alexapure Breeze Air Purifier Review – Cleaning the Air All Around

Alexapure Breeze Purifier eliminates harmful toxins from the air and gives us a clean and safe atmosphere to breathe in

A clean house and a clean diet, what else does one need for good health? We do a lot for our health every single day. We cook food at home using the proper ingredients. Some of us may even be successful in getting some exercise into our daily routine.
However, many of us still don’t realize that the very air around us may be highly toxic and dangerous for breathing! The logic behind this is not so surprising. There’s no secret agent from an enemy country pumping a biological weapon into your home. Unfortunately, we ourselves might be the bearers of the sources for this toxic air.
All around us, at this moment, the air we breathe may contain lead, parasites, dangerous bacteria and many more harmful elements. Installing an air purifier may do away with the dust from outside, but they do nothing about the toxins involved.

Effects of Breathing Toxic Air

Breathing unhealthy air is not just about the gross factor. We need to be aware of the dangers involved in inhaling air that hasn’t been properly purified. With the pollution levels rising higher every day, we should know just how breathing in toxins 24/7 could cause the quality of our life to go down,
1. Sneezing when we wake up or having watery eyes that itch, dry mouth, etc.
2. Headaches and pressure in the sinuses
3. Extreme and unexplained tiredness, fatigue
4. Insomnia or general sleep troubles
5. Breathlessness, coughing, etc.
These symptoms may sound familiar to a lot of us. If they are so extreme that they get in the way of us having a normal life, the cause is probably the air in our homes. Studies have shown that the air inside a shut-off house may be several times higher than air pollution outside of it.

Enter the Alexapure Breeze

Now that we know of the dangers floating around in what should be the safest space for us, we need to protect our lungs from them. This is where the Alexapure Breeze comes in.
This is not a spray nor something you use to clean your house with. At least, not in a conventional manner. It is a whole system that works to purify the air within our houses. In fact, it could do away with 99.97% of the horrible toxins. These include viruses, bacteria, allergens, and dander. It also serves to freshen up the air, eliminating disturbing and dank odors.

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The Dangers We Face

We’ll take a closer look at just what is causing us to get so sick through the simple and necessary act of breathing. Take a look below at all that may be floating around a modern home at any given moment,
1. Lead – We’ve all been warned against the lead poisoning we get from chewing on lead pencils or even lead railings. However, this poisonous metal may actually be present in our air in the form of fumes. If young children inhale lead-infested air, this could cause some serious problems in their development.
2. Radon – We may go outside to smoke our cigarettes, or insist that smokers not light up in front of us. However, another major cause of lung cancer is radon, which may be present in the air right at this time.
3. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – These are disturbing elements that we introduce into our homes through household cleaning products, carpets, paint, cosmetics, etc. The lingering scent and chemical effect just might be what is causing all these headaches.
4. Bacteria – Sure, bacteria can be good, but this is usually not the kind we find in an average home. When you inhale the wrong kind of bacteria, you could make yourself very vulnerable to infections, illnesses, and all kinds of diseases.
5. Parasites – This might seem strange, but it is absolutely true. The eggs of the pinworm, for example, are tiny and almost invisible to us without a microscope. As a result, one may inhale them without realizing it.

The Way Alexapure Breeze Works

Alexapure Breeze is basically a Four-Stage Purification System. It doesn’t just make do with one filter like your AC unit or conventional air filter would do. It works to remove not only dust, but also hair, airborne compounds, chemicals, and smells. The four filters installed within it are detailed below,

Stage 1: A Durable Pre-Filter – Where AC units and other air filters would only have this as their whole system, this is just the beginning for Alexapure Breeze. This filter serves to catch and keep out the larger elements like dust particles and strands of hair. There’s nothing grosser than a mysterious hair showing up in your food or anywhere in the house, for that matter. Hence, this filter is good enough to do away with the dirt that you can actually see with the naked eye. It also protects other filters against large pieces of dirt, thereby increasing their life.
Stage 2: The Activated Carbon Filter – The next filter is what does away with what the makers of Alexabreeze call volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Hence, the activated carbon within this filter not only keeps out these germs, but it actually attacks them. It would also get rid of smells you get from your pet or any kind of smoke. Hence, we don’t have to worry about smoke lingering on our furniture after a barbeque or some burnt breakfast.
Stage 3: True HEPA Filter – This is the kind of air purification one really needs to watch out for. The Alexapure Breeze is one of the few purification systems on the market that actually boasts the real deal. This is the magic tool that does away with almost all of the contaminant in the air. The makers of Alexapure Breeze have even backed up this information with some test result available on the official website.
Stage 4: Patented Ion-Cluster Technology – It maybe the last step of the process, but perhaps the one that sets Alexapure Breeze apart from all others. This is an Ion-Cluster Carbon HEPA multi-filter that is patented by the company itself. It’s just that life-changing! This is actually what attacks the viruses and bacteria floating around in the air, even if they manage to bypass the other filters. As a result, we could be breathing absolutely clear air after installing the Alexapure Breeze system.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Alexapure Breeze has a 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can return the product within one year of purchase for a full refund, with no questions asked.

Conclusion – Is Alexapure Breeze Worth it?

All in all, the makers and vendors of the Alexapure Breeze system do seem to have some logic in their reasoning. This is basically because they have sources, tests, and studies to back up what they say. It has already brought stellar results for its useAlexapure Breeze Purifier eliminates harmful toxins from the air and gives us a clean and safe atmosphere to breathe inrs by reducing their overall exposure to threats that can harm their health. The bad news is that Alexapure Breeze is highly in demand and may go out of stock at any time. We should hurry and get it before someone else takes away our right to clean air!


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