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The Azza Mattress Review – Memory Foam for Amazing Sleep

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Sleeping is a necessity for all humans, but it can sure be elusive at times. Too many of us are tossing and turning every night, unable to get proper rest. The result is apparent in our baggy eyes, cranky mood, and general ill health.

What many of us may not know is that the mattress we use has a huge effect on the quality of our sleep. Too hard, too floppy, and we’re perpetually uncomfortable for the eight hours we spend in bed every night.

A Question and an Answer

So, what’s a person to do? We can’t possibly splurge on a new mattress every few months. However, there is a way out. The Azza Mattress is a memory foam wonder that could show us the way to a sleeping haven!

As most of us know, memory foam is a special kind of material that seems to ‘memorize’ the contours of our body. No matter how we lie on it, our experience will be that of optimal comfort.

Reasons to Consider the Azza Mattress

Below are several benefits of the Azza mattress that should have us rushing to place an order. It’s not just about the comfort, but what this mattress can do for our health,

  1. Perfect Alignment

The high-density memory foam in the Azza mattress provides a firm and sturdy support. This way, one cannot possible sleep wring and wake up with an aching back or limbs. On an average, we change position around fifteen times in our sleep. The memory foam is specially built to adjust to our body no matter how we position it.

  1. The Cooling Factor

Another downside of a regular foam or spring mattress is that it can overheat our body. Night sweats are hence a bothersome side effect when we actually drift off to sleep. However, the Azza mattress contains a substance called the Dual Phase Change Gel. This is an amazing invention that makes sure our body is at just the right temperature. Even if we sleep under a pile of blankets, there’s no worrying about overheating!

  1. Breathing Patterns

One of the growing problems in the modern world is allergies. The makers of Azza mattress realize this and have thus provided memory foam that is free from any artificial fragrance. They have also included a hypoallergenic cover for the mattress that can be machine-washed. Ease, health, and convenience all in one go!

Hence, the Azza mattress is perfectly safe for humans and pets both young and old. The materials used are of the highest quality and follow the CertiPUR-US® regulations. One can check out their certification at www.certipur.us.

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Additional Note Worthy Features

The official website for the Azza Mattress is very much open to any queries we may have about it. Just a few of the details provided are as follows,

It contains no springs or coils that can make themselves known over the years. The mattress is completely made of memory foam. It is actually comprised of three different kinds;

  • Gel Memory Foam
  • Visco Elastic Memory Foam, and
  • Polyurethane Foam

The mattress is available in several sizes, including King, Queen, Twin, and Twin XL. Each size is around ten inches tall, of which the cooling gel is two inches. The high-density memory foam comprises another two inches, which the high-density foam base makes up the rest. The cover is customized according to each size and is sewn by hand.

The only odor we can expect is the kind we get from a new car. Even this would fade with regular use. There’s no need to air it out, or even rotate it if each side is getting an equal amount of weight.

Trial Offer

The trial offer of the Azza mattress greatly lowers the risk of buying it. If one purchases it, they can try it out for a total of a hundred nights! If they’re still not satisfied, they can ask for a refund. Someone will even swing by to pick up the mattress and take it back.

What’s more, there’s a whopping 12-year warranty on the purchase! That’s more than a decade of guaranteed comfort and amazing sleep.

Hence, even if there’s no showroom, we can test out the mattress in the comfort of our own homes. If we’re not perfectly satisfied, out it goes. However, the website does state that if we don’t have experience with memory foam, it may take some adjusting time. So, we should give the Azza mattress a chance for a minimum of thirty days before we give up on it. Since the trial is around a hundred days, this leaves us plenty of margin for getting a refund if we so wish.

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The official Azza mattress website contains several testimonials about the mattress, its delivery method, and the resulting experience. Many have praised the way the mattress soothes their aching bones and joints. If a good and comfortable sleep can take away most of the body pain, one should really try out the Azza mattress before resorting to medication.


Moreover, the shipping of the Azza mattress is quick and efficient. This is mainly because the mattress is compressed into a relatively small box. Its measurements are roughly 19.5×19.5×42 (inches).

This makes for easy handling and an easy setup one can achieve by themselves. We may need an extra hand, but many can even manage to lift the box by themselves. Plus, the design of the box is such that we can even roll it across the room! There’s thus no need to hire a couple of people to life a heavy mattress onto your bed. As an extra bonus, the shipping is absolutely free!

Conclusion – Should You Buy Azza Mattress?

Proper sleep and rest are not just rejuvenating, but also relative. In this stressful time, we need all the relaxation we can get. Losing out on sleep can cause our healthy tissue to deteriorate, so it’s time to give our bodies the comfort they deserve. We work hard all day, and we deserve that delicious memory foam mattress at night!AZZA Mattress is an incredible formulation to restore sleep and rest

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