When our bodies stop working properly, we feel betrayed. That bloated belly isn’t going to help us look our best, and that quest stomach can easily ruin a whole day. What most of us may not know is that gut flora is usually responsible for these little grief-causing annoyances.

More specifically, we need to keep our gut flora in check. If it gets thrown out of whack, we’re likely to be doubled over by internal pain. Not just the stomach, but every other system in our body could get affected by this little wrench.

In the interests of promoting gut health, probiotic technology is a lifesaver. Namely, the release of Biotic 365 is good news for many suffering from problems related to the gut.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Biotic 365 and what makes it an ideal fit for maintaining a healthy gut.

About Biotic 365

Biotic 365 is a potent formula that contains all the essential features needed to get our gut flora in order. It is brought to us by United Probiotics, a known name when it comes to high-quality supplements. Biotic 365 has been formulated with the prime aim of providing an optimal gut health to the users. It comprises of purest, potent, and effective ingredients backed by numerous scientific research studies.



Ingredients Used by United Probiotics

Hence, we can be assured that the supplements provided by this company are not only natural but safe for normal consumption. Of course, every human body is not same and may react to a same product differently. Some foods are safe for us but not for others. So, if there are no serious medical conditions, using Biotic 365 should not have any harmful side effects.

Plus, the use of natural ingredients makes for a powerful supplement. This causes the problem to be dealt with very firmly. It would then be unlikely that the little pains, bloating, cramps, etc, would be back anytime soon.

The products of United Probiotics are tested by unrelated laboratories to ensure their quality and effectiveness. For the interests of the environment, they also use alternative energy sources and recyclable packaging.

What Happens When The Gut Flora is Left Untreated?

Gut flora is also called the microbiome. This is what controls most of our immune systems. In fact, the gut itself is often referred to as being one of the most important organs of our body. It is perhaps second only to the brain and the heart.

Hence, if the problems with gut flora are not resolved, it can trigger many diseases. This includes inflammation, which throws our digestive system into turmoil. It also leads to severe joint pain, arthritis, acid reflux, and may even result in cancer. Since the gut also influence our immune system, when this support is taken away, all kinds of bad bacteria have free rein to take over our bodies.

While there are several supplements that are marketed for making the microbiome healthy, these do not always work. Probiotic supplements are meant to stimulate the good bacteria in the gut and digestive tracts. Through this stimulation, the bacteria become ready to fight off various diseases. Thus, they are supposed to enhance health in the long term.

What Makes Biotic 365 Unique?

When thinking about purchasing supplements, one needs to look at several factors to help them decide. In fact, some of the most famous probiotic supplements are now said to be less effective than expected. This is due to poor handling, a shoddy manufacturing process, and perhaps a little laxity in testing.

  1. What the Supplement Offers

An effective probiotic supplement should offer an effective bacterial strain. This should be potent and strong enough to survive in the stomach. Our stomachs have several strong acids, including hydrochloric acid. Hence, many cheaper probiotic supplements’ bacteria are dissolved before it can start its work.

Biotic 365, though, has a bacterial strain that is both natural and powerful. In fact, it has delivery methods that allow it to provide around twelve probiotic bacteria strains. This goes a long way in enhancing the users’ health in every aspect.

  1. How it can be Stored

The sign of a good probiotic supplement is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Hence, this means that it is stable when at normal room temperature. The Biotic 365 supplement is just that. It is essential for a supplement to stay normal at normal temperatures because it can lose its potency otherwise. We don’t even have to worry about the bacteria dying or being compromised inside of it. Biotic 365 ensures optimal functioning of your gut that affects all parts of our body.This is because the Biotic 365 has a gel cap for its delivery method. This protects the ingredients and makes them able to reach the parts of our body that need the most help.

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The Bacterial Strains Inside Biotic 365

One very positive aspect of the Biotic 365 is that we know just what bacterial strains are present within it. These include the usual lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, but there’s also a rare strain that no other supplement has.

The probiotic strains in Biotic 365 boost gut health and shield the body from harmful diseases
Nutrition Facts

This is known as the Saccharomyces Boulardii, a probiotic strain that only comes from one specific yeast. The yeast only grows on mangosteen fruit and lychees, so it is quite rare in itself.

Consuming this rare strain has a number of benefits for us. A 2012 clinical study proved that Saccharomyces Boulardii is a biotherapeutic agent and works in removing infections and several gastrointestinal diseases.

Coupled with all this is Streptococcus Thermophilus which works on improving our skin, colon health along with digestion.

With all these strains, it is no surprise that the Biotic 365 also used a probiotic complex to keep all the good bacteria energetic. This complex consists of dietary fiber (also called inulin) to stimulate the bacteria to do its job. When consumed, the ingredients in the Biotic 365 supplements can then rapidly take over the digestion process, getting the whole body on the journey towards glowing health!

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Biotic 365 – Pricing

With the rare and plentiful ingredients, the price of the Biotic 365 supplement is quite steep. It is only one cent shy of being a whopping hundred dollars per bottle! The good news, however, is that there is a discount going on at the moment, which slashes the price down by more than half. This brings the final total to $49. Still a bit steep, but probably manageable and worth it.

Conclusion – Is Biotic 365 Worth it?

Even if we watch what we eat, our internal systems do tend to get a bit bogged down after a certain point. Hence, there’s no harm or shame in taking a couple of good and potent supplements in order to feel our best every day. Of course, it is best if these supplements simply encourage the body to work better in a natural manner.

So, in conclusion, the Biotic 365 is probably the best choice for those who believe in staying natural and authentic in our quest for greater health. It has experts and studies to back up its formula, and that is not to be ignored! However, it is always wise to speak to your physician in detail if you have any medical condition. In case of any other questions, or comments you can email the customer service team at

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