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Cardio Clear 7 – Resetting the Cardiovascular System?

Cardio Clear 7 is a supplement that helps to improve the cardiovascular health, cellular energy, and overall cognitive function.

If we want our bodies to function normally, all our organs must be more or less in order. Some major organs are more important than other, though the heart is certainly at the center of it all. The heart plays a vital role in life itself, pumping blood and hence oxygen to the rest of the body. This is why cardiovascular issues are so serious, as even one blockage in the arteries could render an organ useless.

The problem with our current way of living is that our cholesterol levels and other deposits tend to build up all too easily in the arteries. These deposits could consist of fat, calcium, cellular waste, and even heavy metals such as lead or mercury. Since most of us aren’t eating in the healthiest manner or getting in enough exercise, we’re outing our heart at risk through these blockages.  Of course, genetic roles also have a hand in this matter, so those with a family history of cardiovascular issues need to be even more careful.

When the heart doesn’t get enough oxygen, this could result in extreme discomfort, strokes, or even heart attacks. As we know, the last two can even be fatal. If they’re not, they can seriously decrease the quality of our lives. This is why we need some extra support and prevention methods like the Cardio Clear 7.

About the Cardio Clear 7

The Cardio Clear 7 is an oral supplement provided to us by Progressive Labs. This is essential a chelation formula that works on cleansing our bodies of the calcium, waste, fats, and metal deposits in our internal systems. When the metals and plaque are removed from the arterial blood vessels, many users of the Cardio Clear 7 might see a huge improvement in their cardiovascular, liver, and kidney systems.

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With better blood circulation, on would hence feel and act younger, this being able to enjoy life more. As the blood is also pumped to the brain, a smoother and cleaner flow would also mean improved brain function, less memory loss, etc.

The Name Behind the Cardio Clear 7

The name behind the Cardio Clear 7 supplement is that of Progressive Labs. This is a manufacturer plus distributor of professional grade vitamins, dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, and herbal products. It’s been in this business for more than 40 years, so we can be assured of the genuine offerings. If the products weren’t that successful, the company would probably have changed its name or gone out of business.

What’s even more heartening is that Progressive Labs has been a well-known name, serving more than 25,000 customers. We can also read the testimonials for Cardio Clear 7 and the company itself on the internet.

Working of the Cardio Clear 7

There are two main components in the formulation of the Cardio Clear 7. These are the amino acids known as L-cysteine and L-methionine. Both of these are potent antioxidants and essential as the building blocks of our DNA. When these two are bright together, they can be effective in enhancing cardiovascular health. This is done by breaking down the toxins, fats, and other harmful elements that pose a danger to arterial tissues.

Once the harmful substances are broken down, it becomes much easier for the body to flush them out naturally. This put less strain on the liver and kidneys, which may otherwise contract many diseases due to the burden placed upon them.

Additional Ingredients of the Cardio Clear 7

In addition to the amino acids discussed above, the Cardio Clear 7 supplement also consists of several other potent ingredients. These are instrumental in enhancing our overall health and helping our bodies absorb the two main ingredients properly.

The additional ingredients include the Cardio Flow Proprietary Blend, plus several vitamins, herbs, and minerals that are known for promoting heart health. We’ll discuss a few of them below, as it’s important to understand what we’re ingesting before incorporating a new supplement into our daily routine:

Selenium, derived from Selenium Ascorbate – This is a mineral that supports heart health and function.

– Bromelain – This is a natural substance found in pineapples, and is actually an enzyme that can effectively reduce inflammation. It’s also beneficial in removing damaged and dead tissue, which could potentially block up our internal systems. However, the inclusion of this ingredient means that the Cardio Clear 7 is probably not suitable for pregnant women before they need to induce labor.

– Cilantro Leaf – This is an herb that’s widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Along with several other benefits, it’s also known as a potent and effective cleansing agent.

– Guggul Resin Extract: This is a tree resin that could possibly reduce the number of fats or lipids in the bloodstream. The result is that our blood flows more easily without the need for synthetic aspirin or other OTC medications.

The discussion above makes it evident that the ingredients in the Cardio Clear 7 are not just potent, but also derived from natural sources. As a result, this supplement is perfect for those who want to adopt a more natural way of dealing with their health problems. We simply have to look up the ingredients in order to assure ourselves of their efficacy.

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Having said that, if someone is allergic to any of the components, they should obviously avoid using the Cardio Clear 7. In any case, we should consult a health professional such as our regular doctor before incorporating this into our regular diet. A natural or Ayurvedic health practitioner would also suffice.

How to Take the Cardio Clear 7

From the information online, it’s evident that there could be several kinds of doses for the Cardio Clear 7 capsules. However, each bottle contains about 180 capsules, which should be enough for one month at the very least. From this, we may gauge that the maximum dose is 6 capsules per day. This might be necessary in serious cases where we need a higher dose of the natural ingredient. Some medical advice would come in handy for determining which is the most effective dosage level for our particular condition.

Conclusion – Is Cardio Clear 7 Worth Trying?

Enhancing our heart health means possibly extending our lifetime by several years. Even if we stick to a strict diet and exercise regime, it doesn’t necessarily protect us from cardiovascular issues altogether. With the advent of Cardio Clear 7, we have a chance to prevent heart-related issues before they rear their ugly heads.

Now is certainly the best time to get the Cardio Clear 7 and implement it into our routines. The prices have some huge discount along with a whopping 365-day guarantee. With this information, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t go to the official website and order some bottles for our own use!

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