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CBD + Coffee Review – A Potent Pain Relief ?

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Nowadays, it might seem like CBD and hemp is in just about everything. We’ve seen it in supplements that come in capsule form, in gummies, powders, and now we have a CBD coffee available as well. With hemp extracts giving us many health benefits without the unwanted side effects or drug-like states, it’s not surprising that we can now consume this substance in our morning cup of Joe.

However, we have to ask ourselves whether this is just another trend or if we should really invest in this kind of supplement. The advantages of taking CBD oil are quite well-known and confirmed through a lot of scientific research, so it might be possible that having it in this manner would also be of use. To this end, we’ll be looking at what CBD + Coffee has to offer and then make our final decision.

About the CBD + Coffee

The CBD + Coffee is basically an anti-inflammatory supplement that might help us relax throughout the day. In addition to this, it’s meant for reducing anxiety levels, which might otherwise lead to panic attacks and high stress for many people in the United States.

Most of us start the day with some form of caffeine, and this coffee brings a dash of CBD inside it. Caffeine has certain unwanted effects of its own, such as jitteriness, anxiety, and irritability, but the inclusion of CBD could possibly mitigate these as well. This is mainly due to the assumed neuroprotective properties of CBD.

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Benefits of CBD Coffee

There’s still some doubt about the efficacy of CBD in coffee, especially when it comes to starting a workday, but looking at the benefits will help us understand the combination better.

– The resulting drink in itself is enjoyable, so coffee lovers wouldn’t have to give up on the taste they’ve been used to. In fact, CBD-infused drinks are quite a popular choice in coffee shops and safes in general, so we can expect to have a familiar, pleasant taste that perks us up in the morning or gives us a boost in the afternoon.

– The usual assumption is that one would feel relaxed after taking CBD, which might be worrisome when we want to remain active and alert. However, the relaxation will come later, after we’ve already managed to get in enough focus right after drinking the coffee.

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– Even if we don’t get a relaxed feeling, our endocannabinoid system is likely to receive a positive impact once we take in the CBD properly. We’ll be able to experience the benefits of this particular system in the long run, with our other bodily functions also being enhanced. These include our sleep cycle memory function, general mood, and appetite.

– Coffee has several health benefits in itself, being an antioxidant. The same goes for CBD, which can help in doing away with harmful free radicals that suck away our health. When the two substances are combined in a regular dosage, we can expect them to pack a double punch against the cell damage and disease that could bring our health down.

The Downsides of CBD + Coffee

As with any other wellness trend or just any kind of product, the CBD + Coffee is not a perfect offering. It does have certain drawbacks, which we’ll look upon below:

– It should be noted that heat has a tendency to break down Cannabinoid, so it might not be as effective in hot coffee.  There would still be a presence of CBD in a coffee brew, but it probably wouldn’t be as effective. However, one can get around this point by opting for cold brewed coffee or similar non-heating options.

– CBD is a stimulant when we take it in small doses. Larger doses will probably have more of a sedative effect. This means that CBD could overstimulate certain people with sensitive reactions, especially when you pair it with a stimulant like coffee. If one drinks too much of it, the caffeine might not be enough o keep us awake. This is why we need to make sure about the right dosage before taking the CBD + Coffee.

– CBD products like the CBD + Coffee are not subject to evaluation by the FDA yet. This is why we should keep in mind that this supplement is not intended for any sort of medical relief. If we do need it for some specific health issue, we might look towards taking CBD oil straight or in the form of capsules.

– CBD + Coffee is not recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic anxiety, etc. While it might help those with a regular or mild form of anxiety, it’s much better to take CBD in a more concentrated form is we really want to use this method.  

The Right Dosage

In order to ensure that we’re taking the CBD + Coffee in the right amount, we should check the potency beforehand. We should also take care that the CBD + Coffee brew is not replacing our total caffeine intake. If we tend to drink a cup of coffee every now and then, it’s probably best to have the CBD + Coffee at the start of the day and regular coffee for the rest.

CBD coffees not meant for large doses, so we shouldn’t be filling cup after cup. Two or three cups at the most should be enough if we’re not having any other kind of caffeinated beverage.  

Conclusion – Is CBD + Coffee Worth Trying?

The CBD + Coffee option certainly seemed to have helped several people out there. According to the testimonials on the official website, this substance has helped those who don’t want to take heavy medicines all their lives. These include people with bad hips, body inflammation, constant pain, and even those who have trouble sitting up. Even those who simply feel stressed out at work have benefited from a cup of CBD coffee first thing in the morning.

While the benefits of CBD Coffee might differ for various people, we’d say it’s still an interesting compound that’s worth trying out.  There are several positive independent reviews out there as well, so we know that we’re getting unbiased feedback from such sources. Since we’re all coffee lovers, let’s head to the website and get our orders in before it’s too late!

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