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CogniShield Review – A Key to Unlocking Brain’s Best Potential?



Cognitive enhancers, which are also referred to as Nootropics, are currently booming in the market. This is largely due to the fact that one of the greatest sorrows a human being could possibly undergo is the loss of memory. We need our memory for several reasons other than to remember our everyday work. Memory lets us know who is important to us, such as family or friends, and what we have to achieve in our life. Without the power of memory, a human is little more than a vegetable in a human covering. Additionally, humans need their memory in order to score well on tests, perform impressively at the workplace, or just to function on a daily basis. Students need memory to remember where their classes are; for preparing for tests, and giving their exams. Breadwinners for their families need their memories in order to remember their deadlines, apply their knowledge, and produce good results. The very economy and structure of the world, one could say, rests upon the memory function.

At all levels of life, memory is cherished as something that makes up the crux of one’s very identity. If this essential part of us slows down or starts receding, it could negatively impact our lives and those of our loved ones. Alzheimer’s patients especially go through a frightening phase where they might not even recognize their own children. This, of course, is a highly painful situation for both parties. Such patients have also been known to go to the bathroom and forget how to unlock the door, or forget if they have taken their medicines or not. Obviously, life is very difficult to lead in this manner, so people actively seek a solution to this disease.

About CogniShield

Hence, with such serious problems on hand, it’s obvious that a supplement like CogniShield would be welcomed. It is probably the only substance on the market that labels itself as a possible solution to cognitive issues.

The Mastermind Behind CogniShield

CogniShield’s spokesperson is Adam Rand, who came up with the supplement’s formula after his own father developed Alzheimer’s disease in 2012. The usual medications prescribed for Alzheimer’s produced no effect, and the patient’s health was rapidly declining. Rand conducted his own research in the quest for a solution to his father’s deterioration. He soon found out about brain supplements (Nootropics), and combined four of the top ones he found. After administering them to his father, he found that the patient started to regain his memory.
Not only this, but Rand took the pills himself and found that his memory started working several times more quickly than before. He could remember events and information much more easily and was able to learn new things at a lightening speed. He thus combined the ingredients of the four Nootropics and ultimately launched CogniShield. It is carefully manufactured within the United States of America, and inside an FDA-registered facility. All four ingredients that it contains are also said to be tested, verified, and passed for usage and consumption by a GMP-certified third party laboratory.

CogniShield Ingredients

The CogniShield is primarily made up of four main ingredients,

  • Phenyl Piracetam, a substance which has been studied at the clinical level. It has somewhat been proven to improve the memory processes when consumed in high amounts. It has been tested on human beings with and without cognitive problems and resulted in a significant improvement in memory for both groups. This ingredient was developed by a team of Russian scientists in the 1980s as a result of adding the Phenyl atom to Piracetam.
  •  Noopept, that is believed to be a much more powerful and potent substance than Piracetam. Hence, it is effective in smaller doses than the first ingredient. This substance was also developed by Russian scientists, but around twenty years before Phenyl Piracetum. It’s a prescription medicine in that country. There have been studies that show an improvement in cognitive performance when Noopept is used on patients with or without memory decline problems. This is probably because of the ingredient’s neuroprotective properties. Moreover, Noopept is being considered for additional research and study with regards to reversing or delaying the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The third ingredient goes by the name of Choline, a nutrient commonly found in such foods that contribute to the building of memory processes. It thus positively affects the learning ability of the person who consumes these foods. Choline performs this action by converting to acetylcholine in the body, which is also known as the “learning neurotransmitter” of the body. This serves to enhance the coordination, reflexive and defensive actions of the body and mind. It also keeps the communication systems open between neurons, thus enabling the individual to make links between causes and effects in their everyday life.
  • The fourth main ingredient is called L-Theanine, which is derived from tea and serves to cancel out the after-effects of caffeine. This substance’s main effect is that it relaxes the body without the usual drowsy effect. It thus lessens stress and anxiety, which is the root cause of many diseases, probably including Alzheimer’s. Stress is also the main culprit for a person blanking out and forgetting important information, so doing away with this factor can only produce a positive effect on memory function. If L-Theanine is consumed on a regular basis, it could also act as a stimulant for brain activity and causes the individual to learn and remember better than before. There is also research being conducted into whether this ingredient may protect again neuron cell death, which may be the main factor in memory decline.

The team behind CogniShield say that these four effective ingredients are available in the supplement in effective doses. However, they don’t go into the details of just how much these doses are. This information is still doubtful for users; hence nothing can really be said about the actual effectiveness of the CogniShield supplement.

CogniShield – Recommended Dosage

The users are recommended to consume two CogniShield pills each day. It is preferable if the pills are taken with meals.

CogniShield – Pricing

CogniShield pills are packed in a bottle, which costs around $69. Each bottle consists of sixty pills, which is essentially a month’s supply. This means that each pill costs a little more than a dollar; quite a steep price at first glance.

However, it should be kept in mind that the bottle comes with a CogniShield Memory Playbook. This is a nice tool to help one’s cognitive function become stabilized and cognitive decline halted, or even reversed. Below are some more benefits one would get after purchasing the CogniShield supplements,

Benefits of CogniShield

  • The users will get a Memory Playbook that would help them in improving their memory recall, and retention.
  • CogniShield’s purchase does not contain any automatic billing or additional shipping charges. Thus, the purchaser has no fear of getting additional charges every month or year. The price is the final cost, and nothing more.
  • The 60-day money back guarantee also assures consumers that they won’t be throwing away their money even if the pills don’t improve their memory or bring about and positive change in Alzheimer’s patients. If unsatisfied, the money would be fully refunded within sixty days of delivery. Plus, the bottle wouldn’t even be needed to be returned.

The Company Behind CogniShield

There is no specific company behind the name of CogniShield. This is a worrying factor because if any harmful side effects do happen to occur, there is no actual company which can be sued for major damages. Other than the name of the creator himself, there is no one that can be held accountable if anything goes awry.

A contact number and email for customer service is provided on CogniShield’s official website, but it might not be enough to address major complaints.

On the bright side, however, there is no mention of the CogniShield supplement on the Better Business Bureau. This is a positive fact, as it means that there haven’t been enough complaints to place this product there. This must mean that most of the purchasers are relatively satisfied with the effects of the pills. At the very least, this means that there have been no harmful side effects.

Downsides of CogniShield

CogniShield include the doubtful assumption that it creates a reversal of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. If this were true, it would be a huge deal in the medical world. It is unlikely that one would just randomly happen upon the formula for Alzheimer’s.
Additionally, there is the disturbing fact that the ingredient amounts are not precisely known. If this is the case, we also don’t know what else could be added to the formula. There may be harmful side effects. The fact that no one has reported any harm yet does not mean that there definitely aren’t any. A simple or even extensive Google search, or any other kind of research, does nothing to reveal any more background about Adam Rand or his ailing father. Other than their connection with CogniShield, these two individuals seem to have no place in either the medical or pharmaceutical world.

The main problem that many reviewers seem to find with CogniShield is the very way in which it is being marketed. The fact is, seeing loved ones suffer from Alzheimer’s is a very painful and emotional process. The way CogniShield points towards itself as being a way out of Alzheimer’s, but not actually saying that it could be the solution (which would be illegal), is a somewhat cruel tactic. It targets people right on their sensitive spot in a most manipulative manner, which is not very impressive, to say the least.


Nootropic supplements are becoming more and more popular these days, and their ingredients do seem to show some promise along the path of improving memory function. In this sense, CogniShield shows some hope for Alzheimer’s disease patients and those people with cognitive problems.

The ingredients used in the making of CogniShield seem to be promising as well, having been clinically tested to contribute positively to the cognitive function of their consumers. However, since the exact formula is not known (probably to avoid duplication), there remains an air of mystery around the supplement. Mystery in the case of medicine is never a good thing.

Another mystery, of course, is the non-existence of Adam Rand and his experiment in any medical journal, paper, or case study. If there really had been such a breakthrough, wouldn’t the proper medical people know about it? One should properly consider this fact before placing an order for the CogniShield supplement pills.

Nevertheless, the ingredients within the Cognitive supplement course are strong and potent in and of themselves. Ingesting them in capsule form twice a day for a month would probably not cause much harm. There might even be some benefits involved.

Thus, it can be concluded that the CogniShield supplement pills are worth placing an order for, and even trying out within the guarantee period.

One’s regular memory might improve as a result of using CogniShield, and its usage may even prevent a decline in the future. However, the expectation that it can reverse Alzheimer’s is a bit farfetched, and probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously. At the very best, it could be considered a preventive measure against the onset of Alzheimer’s or general memory decline as one ages.

Interested individuals can purchase CogniShield supplement can be purchased through its official website. In case of any queries, the users can reach out to the customer support team at support@cognidefender.com or calling the suppliers directly at 1-844-862-6464.