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Direct Naturals Ultra Pure Turmeric Review – An Ideal Solution to Weight Loss?

Ultra Pure Turmeric is an all-natural formulation that allows the users to reap the health benefits of turmeric and to live a healthy life

In the modern world, we have many technological advancements, but they come with a price. As we move forward in the areas of innovation, facility, and luxuries, it is becoming increasingly obvious that people are becoming more prone to illnesses as well. Numerous diseases have taken over the human race due to pollution, poor diet, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle.

Cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems, and several other diseases are now becoming very common. Recently, however, people have started putting their trust more and more in natural detoxes, remedies, and treatments. Not only are such methods safer, since they are derived from completely natural and organic sources, but they are also found to be more effective. Although the effects of natural and herbal medicine could take longer to be realized, they are generally more sustainable and long lasting.

One of these natural methods is supplements created from herbs found in nature. Turmeric, of the ginger family, is found to be one of those herbs that have almost miraculous healing properties.

Benefits of Turmeric

The herb itself and its powder have been traditionally used in Indian and Chinese herbal medicine for whitening and hair removal treatments. Turmeric is also an age-old remedy for colds, coughs, and the flu, being used to make a ‘golden milk’ to provide warmth to the body. It is even regarded as having spiritual value in the Hindu religion, which is widespread in India.

Hence, the medicinal value of turmeric is stupendous. This powerful herb, in addition to others like cinnamon, pepper, ginger, and garlic, has been used to fight serious diseases and may even prevent others. Turmeric has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Its usage improves the digestive system, alleviates heart problems, enhances brainpower, and cleanses the blood from inside as well as rejuvenates the skin from the outside.

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Direct Natural’s Ultra Pure Turmeric

With all the multifold beneficial properties of turmeric, it stands to reason that a supplement would soon be released which uses turmeric as its main ingredient. The by Direct Naturals Ultra Pure Turmeric with Bioperine is made up of mostly natural turmeric extract, with the accompaniment of piperine, also known as black pepper extract.

The Active Ingredient

Turmeric also holds a special ingredient, which is the secret to its effectiveness in staving off and helping in overcoming diseases. The root of turmeric holds a chemical named curcumin, which is yellow in color and the main reason for turmeric’s medical abilities. Whether it’s Alzheimer’s, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney inflammation, cancer, arthritis, or any disease, especially inflammatory ones, turmeric’s curcumin can be of enormous help. This substance is the main reason why turmeric slows down the aging system, thus earning turmeric the name, ‘spice of youth’. There is even some research which points towards the chemical curcumin being a preventer of the genes, hormones, and enzymes that make a body inflammation-prone.

The Science Behind Combining Turmeric with Black Pepper

Making the Ultra Pure Turmeric a combination of turmeric and black pepper extract is not a coincidence, nor is it random. In reality, the active ingredient curcumin is absorbed very slowly and in tiny amounts. Most of this beneficial substance actually ends up passing directly through the human body. Hence, for curcumin to be actively absorbed into the body and works its magic, one either has to ingest large amounts of turmeric extract (which is not recommended) or an additional element needs to be added. Luckily, it’s another natural ingredient, which is black pepper extract. This piperine (black pepper extract) causes the curcumin to be absorbed more rapidly into one’s systems. Some studies even say that piperine increases turmeric absorption by around 2000%! That’s quite an impressive number. Additionally, the combination of turmeric extract and piperine extract also has immense therapeutic and relaxing qualities. This further increases the bioavailability of the supplement Ultra Pure Turmeric. Bioavailability means the amount of turmeric extract that is available for absorption and not passed through the gut to be wasted, bit absorbed by the body for its multifold benefits.

Why is it called Ultra Pure Turmeric ?

While looking into the benefits and effectiveness of the Ultra Pure Turmeric by Direct Naturals, one is tempted to question why this supplement is called ‘Ultra Pure’. Since Direct Naturals produces this supplement in capsules form, its purity can definitely be doubted. However, it can be said that the combination that Ultra Pure Turmeric gives us is a pure combo, as the ingredients it’s made up of are of the finest selection. Direct Naturals assures its customers that both the turmeric and black pepper used in the making of this supplement were grown in the highest quality of soil and with no usage of pesticides. Additionally, the harvest of turmeric or black pepper is not meddled with before or after their extract is taken out and made into capsules.

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Uniqueness of the Ultra Pure Turmeric Supplement

The beneficial medicinal properties of turmeric are known worldwide, so obviously many manufacturers have tried their hand at manufacturing, producing, and releasing products that contain turmeric and turmeric extract. While the Ultra Pure Turmeric supplement is not unique in its use of turmeric extract, the creators at Direct Naturals say that they are among the pioneers in using black pepper extract to complement the effects of the turmeric, and actually end up improving the end result. Plus, the manufacturing process at Direct Naturals follows the GMP and GDA guidelines, rules, and regulations regarding quality control and production. The Ultra Pure Turmeric capsules have also been tested by a third-party laboratory and found to be quite beneficial in fighting or preventing diseases.

What Does the Ultra Pure Turmeric by Direct Naturals Actually Accomplish?

Below is a list of diseases which can be prevented, reversed, fought, or otherwise dealt with when the combination of regular natural turmeric extract and piperine extract is taken regularly,

  1. Improving the health, strength, appearance, and overall feeling of hair and nails,
  2. Flushing out toxins and free radicals out of the blood, body, and the body’s various digestive systems,
  3. Enhanced joint health and strength,
  4. Alleviation of aches, pain, and cramps in the body,
  5. Less gastrointestinal problems such as irritable bowel or gastrointestinal syndrome,
  6. Alleviation of heart problems,
  7. Reversing or pausing the aging system by promoting healthy hair and nails, as well as tightening the skin and doing away with wrinkles and bloating,
  8. A much better immune system, so the users won’t get sick as much as they used to,
  9. A faster metabolism rate which would lead to weight loss and better digestion, and
  10. Since there is a lesser chance of Alzheimer’s, stroke, cancer; along with increased energy and health, the regular use of turmeric indirectly increases one’s quality of life.

Ultra Pure Turmeric – Important Features

The Ultra Pure Turmeric with Bioperine is packaged, marketed, and distributed in capsule form. This makes them easy to swallow and convenient to carry around. It won’t be hard to keep regular doses when turmeric extract is carried around in capsules form. There are sixty capsules in a bottle, which is a whole month’s supply. However, the price of this bottle with relation to how long the capsules would last, remain to be seen. Inside each capsule, there is 600 mg of the special turmeric ingredient curcumin, and around 50 mg of curcuminoids. The capsule coating itself is made from vegetable and plant sources, so any allergies would not need to be considered.

This is also beneficial from a religious and social point of view, as some individuals may have problems consuming materials made from animals. These include Muslims who are concerned about consuming halal food; Jews wanting kosher; Hindus regarding beef as sacred; and vegetarians/vegans who avoid animal products due to humanitarian or health issues.

The users will receive a free digital copy of one of Direct Naturals popular guides, The 16 Turmeric Recipes That Stop Inflammation and Boost Fat Loss, if they decide to buy Ultra Pure Turmeric right away.

Ultra Pure Turmeric – Recommended Dosage

The daily recommended dosage of the Ultra Pure Turmeric with Bioperine is twice a day, taken about half an hour before meals with water. The dose can be increased to three capsules if so required. This could occur when the user wants to go on a weight loss journey or has a serious inflammatory problem in any area of the body. Before starting any course of supplements, even herbal ones, a physician or doctor should always be consulted.

Ultra Pure Turmeric – Side Effects

While no side effects or allergic reactions from the Ultra Pure Turmeric has been documented or reported yet, consulting an expert is always a good idea. This is especially true if a potential consumer of the Ultra Pure Turmeric is a pregnant or nursing woman, a minor under 18 years of age, or someone with a prior or existing medical condition. Since turmeric is also traditionally used in South Asian traditional medicine to kickstart the onset of a woman’s period, it is especially recommended that pregnant women take care around this herb.

Pricing of the Ultra Pure Turmeric Capsules

The pricing of the Ultra Pure Turmeric supplement by Direct Naturals is quite steep. In fact it’s around three times more expensive than its main competitors.

The exact price for one bottle with sixty capsules is $69; for two bottles, $111; for four, $176. Even with the discount offered with the bulk purchase of four bottles, the price per bottle is still over $44. This seems like a pretty steep price, especially when just about the same thing is available on the market for much less. Any delivery also includes an eBook with recipes using turmeric. These are supposed to help the users on their way to achieving significant weight loss and battle inflammation.

The Creators of Ultra Pure Turmeric Capsules

Direct Natural is described on its website as a ‘’leading health research group”, but are probably just manufacturers of supplements within the United States. The company can be reached by emailing at support@directnaturals.com, or by phoning at 844-211-1942.

Why You Should Try Ultra Pure Turmeric

Ultra Pure Turmeric has allowed its users to lose ten pounds or more of excess body fat within a month. It is incredible considering it helps in achieving the desired results without having any side effects. It is recommended to indulge in exercise and a healthy diet to maximize the benefits.

Money-Back Guarantee

The supplement comes with a money-back guarantee, which can be availed in 180 days. Plus, if ordered and delivered in the United States, the shipping charges are included in the market price.

Conclusion – Is it Worth it?

The Ultra Pure Turmeric combined with black pepper extract is quite a common supplement, when all is said and done. It is true that the benefits of both the ingredients combined are quite numerous. However, the huge price tag, coupled with the high promises of the company in charge of manufacturing, marketing, and distributing the supplement, puts the whole campaign into question.

On the other hand, with the huge three month money-back guarantee, one might say there’s no risk involved. With thUltra Pure Turmeric combines black pepper and turmeric to provide the users with a range of health benefits including weight loss, relief from joint pain, and defying aginge inclusion of the eBook and the free shipping, the price of the Ultra Pure Turmeric goes down significantly. Plus, one gets to keep the purchase even after the money is returned.

One must keep in mind that since the ingredients are natural based and have many positive effects on one’s health, these turmeric supplements might be tried out. There is little monetary or health risk involved, so giving it a go wouldn’t hurt, provided one is interested in natural solutions.

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