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Follicore Hair Growth Review – Is It an Ideal Solution For Male Pattern Baldness?


A man’s hair is usually an essential part of his overall identity. Unfortunately, with age, stress, pollution, and a myriad of other factors, our hair health tends to decline over time. Hair problems could consist of hair loss, baldness, hair fall, and the general weakness of the follicles. In fact, the hair follicles could even get depleted if one does not take proper action in time. These kinds of cases are becoming more and more common nowadays. What’s even more frightening is that they are occurring in younger people every day.

A receding hairline usually occurs when men have considerably high levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in their scalp. DHT is produced as a by-product of the main male hormone known as testosterone. As our bodies continue to age, they substantially reduce the production of testosterone, melatonin, and certain ceramides that are categorized as some of the essential hormones for promoting hair growth, paving way to enormous hair fall.

If one does not have a decent head of hair, it could seriously cut into their confidence and self-esteem. This makes it difficult for them to function in everyday life since going anywhere and meeting people becomes an embarrassing experience. In order to avoid such situations, many turn to hair regrowth formulas and supplements, of which, one of them is Follicore.

Read on to find out everything about Follicore, its ingredients, functioning, benefits, and why dermatologists have recommended it.

About Follicore Hair Growth

There are several hair supplements on the market today. However, one should beware of scams and fake products, which only serve to take the customer’s money. Luckily, Follicore is one hair supplement that seems to work and work well. Hair is an important part of our appearance and it enhances our self-esteem and confidence to maintain our best self in social meetings and gatherings. Follicore is an all-natural formulation that effectively fights off hair loss and restores its growth by working at a cellular level boosting the root follicles and providing the scalp with essential nutrients. In this way, it not only provides way to hair growth but also adds strength and volumized shine to them.

Follicore has a high demand among its massive consumer base from around the world, due to which its stock is limited. This is quite an encouraging factor in itself, since it affirms that it actually works for men. The product, however, is currently announced as being in stock and ready to ship if one is lucky enough to order in time. This means one would get their order as soon as possible, which is again, a positive factor to consider.

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What Does Follicore Contain?

This hair supplement contains useful vitamins and nutrients such as folic acid, biotin, and multivitamins. All of these come together to enhance your overall hair health. Folic acid is especially beneficial for hair follicles, and biotin (Vitamin H) is a known ingredient in reviving damaged or lost hair. Silica is potent in stabilizing the hormone equilibrium to reinvigorate hair health, enhance it thickness, and to give it a vibrant overall appearance. The inclusion of Vitamin C in Follicore helps in building up collagen paving way to an effective absorption of iron which strengthens the hair. It is also loaded with Beta Carotene (Vitamin A) that provides antioxidant support, protects the hair against external factors and radical damage giving it a lustrous look.

All these ingredients discussed above are clinically proven and are natural, potent, and highly effective in delivering positive end results. Not only these ingredients help in increasing the hair on the user’s head, but also increase its overall strength and health. Thus, any further hair loss would be prevented.

What’s more, Follicore is also fish free and gluten free, making it a perfect fit for vegans and vegetarians. It is manufactured and processed within the USA at a GMP Certified Facility maintaining highest quality standards.

How Does Follicore Work?

Upon regular usage, Follicore nourishes a depleted hair follicle in around 90 days as itself creates cells with the nutrients one needs to jump start on natural hair regrowth. This is why, the process of regrowth after the use of Follicore seems instant. However, individual results may vary.

The use of Follicore also prevent further hair damage, in addition to repairing the damage that has already been done. It does so by intensely nourishing the hair roots and then thickening hairs in a natural way. The follicle growth is also energized in this manner.

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What is The Science Behind Follicore Hair Growth?

Leading dermatologists have been involved in the creation and formulation of Follicore. This should reassure all potential customers since we generally go to dermatologists to resolve our skin and hair issues. These dermatologists also recommend this product, as it supports hair growth, restoration, nourishment, and several other benefits throughout the hair regrowth cycle. These stages are discussed below,

  • Stage 1 – Anagen Or The Growing Phase

This is the phase where the scalp is nourished through the regular use of Follicore. The hair follicles also greatly benefit from the valuable nutrients and minerals. The combined effect is one of healing and coaxing the hairs to come out from the sebaceous glands.

  • Stage 2 – Catagen Or The Regression Phase

This is the stage that prevents anymore hair fall and damage by boosting immunity through the supply of healthy natural ingredients. In addition to preventing hair fall and damage, it also drives your current hair towards better growth and strength.

  • Stage 3 – Telogen Or The Resting Phase

When the hair is sufficiently nourished and strengthened, Follicore works on the dormant follicles and infuses them with a new energy. It also promotes the growth of hair that may have slowed down or stopped altogether.

  • Stage 4 – Exogen Or The Shedding Phase

Contrary to the name of the phase, this is when Follicore works towards enhancing the overall hair quality. It thus makes the hair look and feel stronger, healthier, and better-looking than before. This is the phase where the collagen in Follicore comes into play and enhances the look of one’s hair.

Follicore – A Safe and Effective Solution

Follicore uses all-natural ingredients, meaning that it poses little to no side effects. Even so, one should be aware that everyone’s body is different. There might be some reactions to this product even if no one else had them, so it is recommended that one should report any irregularities to their doctor immediately or better yet, consult to them prior using it.

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Studies on the Use of Follicore

There have been double-blind studies conducted to affirm the effectiveness of Follicore. Within these studies, it was shown that with regular use of this supplement, hair volume, thickness, and an overall coverage increase in a significant manner. Thus, Follicore capability to help with all kinds of hair problems is quite plausible.

Money Back Guarantee

Follicore is fully backed by a rock-solid money back guarantee and so if the users are unsatisfied with the results, they can file for a full refund, with no questions asked.  The customer service department can be reached with any questions, queries, or comments via telephone at (866) 272-9744 or email at support@follicorehair.com from 9AM – 6PM EST (MONDAY – FRIDAY).

Final Verdict – Is Follicore Worth it?

Perhaps the most heartening fact about Follicore is the stellar amount of success stories from around the globe. Male users have noticed a significant increase in the overall health of their hair. This includes the enhancement of their hair growth, volume, coverage, strength, and immunity to damage. There are also several testimonials attesting to the effectiveness of the Follicore formula, as well as the satisfaction of those who have used it. Customers have even gone so far as to say that this was the only thing that worked to bring back their hair, and hence their confidence aFollicore reverses hair loss effects in men and promotes hair regrowth in mennd charm.

To sum up, there are several positive factors that lead one to think that Follicore might be the solution to their hair problems. Hence, one should definitely give it a try if they haven’t done so yet. It is to be hoped that every person in need of hair rejuvenation and regrowth finds Follicore of benefit to them.

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