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Green Coffee Plus Review – A Natural Fat Burner

Green Coffee Plus is an all natural formulation that burns fat and boosts metabolism

It is stressful to even imagine about going through heavy exercises, strict diet plans and a whole day of starvation just to lose some pounds of bulky body weight. The fact that an alarming rate of people suffer from obesity, thousands of weight loss programs and supplements have made their way to the market. Obesity is the root cause of many diseases, in which the most important and concerning is myocardial infarction that occurs due to extra fat accumulation in the body. Hence, it is indeed important to address your bulky weight right away, and do a fair amount of research and seek medical consultation before you plan to embark on any weight loss program or consume any fat loss supplement. It is also wise to double check whether a certain product is safe, and natural and is made within an environment compliant with GMP guidelines to minimize risk and any compromise on your health.

A recently-launched product named Green Coffee Plus by Vita Balance has created a stir in the industry due to its effective properties and potent ingredients. A key compound in this supplement is Chlorogenic acid, which stimulates the metabolic activity of the liver, and burn more fat from the body.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Green Coffee Plus, and how it has made its way to the consideration set of its consumers.

How Effective Are Green Coffee Beans in Burning Fat?

Green Coffee Beans have been in the limelight for many years because of their stellar fat burning properties. They are richly loaded with an anti-oxidant component called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid plays a vital role in shedding excess body weight and controlling blood pressure. The brown coffee beans which we usually take are roasted at high temperatures (475 degrees Fahrenheit) making them dark in color and lose a substantial amount of chlorogenic acid in the process. Green Coffee Beans, on the other hand, are fresh and natural coffee beans that are not exposed to any heating and are filled with natural components, making them a very good natural product to be used as a weight

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Green Coffee Plus – How does it work?

Since chlorogenic acid is one of the main ingredients in Green Coffee Plus, it plays a pivotal role in boosting metabolism and weight loss. A number of scientific studies have been done on chlorogenic acid that support this fact making it an ideal component in the Green Coffee Plus. In addition, the presence of Caffeine in the coffee beans provides the human body with an energy surge, making it active at routine tasks. Although a number of people have reported immediate results, it is imperative to maintain a good diet and some form of exercise every day to experience best results and enjoy a healthy life.

Benefits – What to Expect?

The users are expected to reap the following benefits from Green Coffee Plus

  • Boosted Metabolism – Green coffee beans boost the overall metabolism in the body cutting down fat and producing more energy. Research has also identified that the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans can help increase metabolism.
  • Increased Energy Levels – Due to boosting the metabolic activity, Green Coffee Plus burns excess fat and use it to produce more energy in the body.
  • Cleansing the Body – Green Coffee Plus cleanses the body with rich antioxidants and removes free radicals. Free radicals are the main cause of premature aging and sagging skin and flushing them out gives the body a whole new rejuvenated feel.
  • Toning Down The Body – Since it is made from unroasted coffee beans, it acts as a fast acting fat inhibitor by boosting metabolism, suppressing the appetite, and slimming down the body in return.

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Green Coffee Plus – Ingredients

Green Coffee Plus is a 100% natural product Green Coffee Plus is made up of all natural extracts that are potent in delivering results and free of any harmful side effectsobtained from pure coffee bean extract. It is carefully formulated in the USA within an FDA registered facility fully compliant with the prescribed GMP guidelines, maintaining the highest possible standards. It contains no additives, fillers, or synthetic chemicals. The ingredients it contains are as follows,

  • Chlorogenic Acid – As already mentioned, one of the main ingredients in Green Coffee Plus is Chlorogenic Acid making up to 50% of the product. It works as a natural key weight loss compound by suppressing blood glucose, which helps our body burn and utilize fat in return.
  • Coffee Bean Extract – An all-natural and pure of form of coffee bean extract is also included in the Green Coffee Plus
  • Vitamins and Minerals – A natural proprietary blend of vitamins and trace minerals has also been included to make it an effective and safe option among the consumers.

Recommended Dosage

The users are recommended to take 2 capsules daily with a meal. It is better to concern with your health care professional for timings in accordance to your daily routine and lifestyle. Green Coffee Plus has 60 capsules in a bottle that can last for a month at directed use.

Side Effects

Since Green Coffee Plus is made from all natural extracts, it has no harmful side effects on the body. However, it is always wise to consult with your healthcare professional before consuming the product.

Green Coffee Bean Extract in The Media Spotlight

Green coffee bean extract has been featured on popular television networks such as BBC, CNN, and USA Today. In addition, several well-known magazine publications including Men’s Health, and Sports Illustrated have also covered its features and benefits in their monthly issues. Green coffee bean extract has a massive following from around the world and has brought great results to its users.


Green Coffee Plus is currently available at the following price points,

  • 1 BOTTLE – $29.95
  • 2 BOTTLES PLUS 1 FREE for $59.90 (saving $29.95)
  • 3 BOTTLES PLUS 2 FREE for $89.85 (saving $59.90)

Green Coffee Plus – Customer Support

In case of any questions, queries, or comments, you can reach out to the cordial team of customer support representatives at, UK: +44 (0)20 7084 7137, US Toll Free: 1-888-455-9995 or email at support@vitabalance.

The Final Verdict – Is Green Coffee Plus Worth it?

Green coffee bean extract first created a buzz in the industry when in 2012, it made numerous prime time TV appearances and gain a massive popularity among the aspiring weight loss consumers. Being regarded as a breakthrough in the natural weight loss, Green Coffee Plus is rich in anti-oxidants that flushes out harmful toxins from the body and boosts overall energy levels. It also acts as a metabolic enhancer, making the users strip excess pounds of fat from their bodies. A number of success stories from around the world make it a tempting option to try.

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