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Herpes Blitz Protocol Review – An Ideal Solution to Herpes?

Herpes Blitz Protocol aims to target the root cause of herpes and allows us to live a healthy life

Herpes may be mostly thought of as a sexually-transmitted disease, but one type of it could actually come through several kinds of oral contact. It’s also surprising that both types of this problem can be contracted at once! Needless to say, this situation can be painful, dangerous, and adversely affect our mental health as well.

Unfortunately, herpes tends to last a lifetime. Even if there are no symptoms or flare-ups, the virus stays inside our bodies and could transmit to our sexual partners or just people that live around us. Medications could have severe adverse effects on our bodies and may not even be that effective in expunging the virus altogether.

So what’s to be done if one finds they have this horrible affliction?

Some may even fall into depression at becoming an outcast due to news of the disease leaking out. They may never find a partner who’s willing to spend a life with them once they know about the herpes virus.

Introducing The Herpes Blitz Protocol System

Luckily, enough research has now been conducted on herpes that the Herpes Blitz Protocol has come into being. This is a system or a program that guides herpes patients to finally take their bodies back from this dangerous virus. We may be living a normal life again if we follow everything correctly!

Not only could the Herpes Blitz help us stop the virus from flaring up and creating sores, warts, or pimples, but it could strike at the virus itself.  Type 1 and Type 2 herpes may never come back.

The Name Behind The Herpes Blitz Protocol

The man who founded the Herpes Blitz was a former sufferer from herpes himself. His name is Josh Parker, and he suffered the herpes curse along with his girlfriend, Emma. In fact, this horrible disease led to their breakup. Thanks to the Herpes Blitz, they’re now back together for good this time. Hopefully, their offering would be as beneficial to us as it was for them!

How the Herpes Blitz Protocol Works

The Herpes Blitz is not some sort of new medicine, nor is it a topical serum. It’s a guide, released in an eBook and PDF form. This consists of several sections which target three ways of looking at herpes treatments.

  1. THE SEARCH PHASE – This phase comprises of a 7-day smoothie protocol. They have gone through intensive research and are clinically backed to block the LSD-1 protein. It aims to further prevent it from expanding, and works on building up a strong immune system to fight against herpes.
  2. THE DESTROY PHASE – Another section deals with the revelation of certain foods that we can intake in order to kill the herpes virus completely. There would also be some discussion or certain herbs that would act as a potent combatant against all kinds of herpes. It is a 21-day protocol that further strengthens the immune system, and aims to eradicate the virus from its root.

What We Get From The Herpes Blitz

The Herpes Blitz is a holistic way of approaching herpes and dealing with it in a thorough and unprecedented manner. It’s a great option for those who have found medicines to be ineffective, or just with too many side effects. Since the Herpes Blitz follows a natural methodology, we can safely assume that there are no chances of unexpected side effects.

This protocol is also good for those who have contracted herpes but prefer not to take any kind of modern medicine. They may prefer an all-natural, non-synthetic lifestyle. Hence, the Herpes Blitz is a logical and effective alternative.

It centers upon the epigenetic therapy that can target the root gene responsible for developing herpes. The guide uses three potent Moroccan ingredients (curcumin, quercetin, and resveratrol) that are effective in delivering desired results.

Herpes Blitz aims at revamping the whole body from inside out; much like a reset button blasting us back to health. This reasoning makes a lot of sense. When our vitals are in order, our body is strong enough to deal with almost any virus.

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Benefits of the Herpes Blitz Protocol System

Before we decide to purchase this guide and make it a part of our lives, it’s worth looking at all the benefits we get. These are listed below:

  • The Herpes Blitz is completely free of any synthetic chemicals that could be even more dangerous than the herpes virus
  • Prevents outbreaks and flare-ups of herpes
  • Once erased from the body using the Herpes Blitz, the herpes virus is unlikely to attack again’
  • The Herpes Blitz is quick-acting, showing results in a very short period after application
  • Privacy is ensured since we do everything ourselves right at home
  • The Herpes Blitz is available for download and viewing through an online website, thus ensuring our privacy and convenience
  • The price is very reasonable
  • Used by thousands of people from all over the world, with several testimonials in its favor
  • The money-back guarantee assures us that no financial risk is involved
  • All proceeds go to fund more research on herpes
  • Includes two free bonus guides
  • Enhances our health and internal systems overall

Of course, there are downsides to this program along with all its advantages. Pregnant women, who may face a lot of danger from herpes, wouldn’t find the program suitable for them. Plus, hard copies aren’t available unless we print out the online versions. This could make it difficult for reading, portability, and preservation.

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Bonus Materials

Upon purchasing the Herpes Blitz Protocol, the users will be able to get free access to two exclusive bonus reports for absolutely free.

  1. The Immune Protection Protocol – It is a 14-Day Action Plan that consists of a wide range of immune boosting recipes. The ingredients are easily available at all the local stores, and can keep the viruses at bay.
  2. The Sex Drive Stimulator – Since Herpes can have a deteriorating impact on one’s sex life, which is why this guide can come handy. The users will discover all-natural aphrodisiacs, and a secret ingredient that will positively affect their overall lives.

Herpes Blitz Protocol aims to target the root cause of herpes and allows us to live a healthy life

Price of The Herpes Blitz Protocol

Getting rid of the herpes virus for good is priceless. However, the Herpes Blitz has quite a reasonable tag of $37 for those who are interested in purchasing it. While the founder of this guide calculated its cost to be almost $500 per guide, he was kind enough to make it affordable for everyone. Herpes can strike at any time, and neither Josh nor Emma wanted anyone to go through the same pain they did.

In fact, there just may be a further $10 discount when we purchase through the official website. This is hence quite a good deal for such a valuable work!

Get The Complete Herpes Blitz Protocol For Only $27

Even if we get the guide and it doesn’t work for us, we can ask for our money back. The founders say that their research shows results in two months; if nothing has happened by then, a refund is assured.

Conclusion – Is it Worth It?

The Herpes Blitz Protocol is truly a blessing for those afflicted with herpes and worried about how it can affect their lives. With the refund option, we can be sure of our money being either safe or well-spent no matter what happens. With the natural method of dealing with herpes, we really don’t undergo any risk with this program. It may be worth a try and could change our lives for the better.

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