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Hurricane Florence and Safety Measures

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Natural disasters have taken many lives all over the world in the past decade. Hurricane Florence has been responsible for no less than 37 tragic deaths up until now. However, it is possible to prepare for natural disasters like this hurricane than be sorry, which has caused flooding, rain, and power outages in several areas of North Carolina.

Along with watching out for floodwater, we should also be prepared with certain items in case we’re stranded without power. We want to make sure we have some light, food, water, and communication with the outside world.

In such dangerous cases, we luckily have resorted to the Self Reliance Association. This company has given us many survival gadgets and devices which could even save our lives in certain situations. We’ll take a closer look at them below:

Tactical Survival Watch

This survival watch actually has 6 features in one. It costs around $30, is equipped with smooth hand movement, and is waterproof up to 33 feet. This would definitely come in handy if you’re caught in floodwater and have to swim!

The outer shell of this watch is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that’s extremely tough and durable. Also included is a removable paracord of military grade, which measures 10 feet. The watch doubles as a compass, an accurate thermometer (to one degree), and even has a flint and scraper for a fire-starter.

Stuck somewhere and too exhausted to shout for help? The loud whistle on this gadget would enable us to attract anyone who’s passing by!

All in all, Tactical Survival Watch would be an excellent device to have when we’re stuck due to Hurricane Florence. It would help us start a fire in order to cook something or stay warm. This may be necessary if all our matches were wet or lost. With the compass, we can navigate your way to a safe area instead of getting lost in a dangerous maze.

Since the watch itself isn’t hard on the pocket, we should head to the official website, and order some right away!

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Tactical Flashlight Lantern

Tactical Flashlight Lantern serves at least two purposes, which make it a necessity for each vehicle or home affected by Hurricane Florence. It can act as a flashlight and can expand to become a lantern in order to light up a larger area.

This amazing gadget won’t get affected by water, drops, or just about anything else! It’s hence perfect for having with you during the most difficult times. With two 1100 lumen bulbs installed, the light produced is 25 times brighter than that of regular flashlights. The average LED bulb can last for 100,000 hours, so it can probably last us for the rest of our lives.

There’s also a flash setting included so you can alert people for help (or to provide help) if needed. The magnetic base would allow you to stick the light on your car hood when you’re working on a breakdown. At only $29.97, this light is so bright that it can even blind attackers for a few precious moments!

The Tactical Flashlight Lantern is only available for a very limited time, so we might want to head on over to the official website, and place an order as soon as possible. We’ll get a carrying case, a rechargeable battery, and a wall charger along with the light itself.

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Solar Battery Charger

When you’re stranded, you need to maintain a communication line. If your phone dies, there’s probably no other way to be sure of this necessity. This is why the Solar Battery Charger is an absolute must-have if you’re in areas threatened by Hurricane Florence. It only costs $19.97, which is an affordable price.

This handy charger doesn’t need traditional electricity for its power. It works with iPhones, Androids, and even Windows phones. You’d need a charging cable that goes with your phone, and you’re all set! What’s more, there’s even an LED flashlight built right in, so you can have a light wherever you go.

This device is waterproof, impact-proof, and dust-proof. It’s made for being in a rough environment, so you can go around without worrying about knocking it against hard objects. As an added plus, this charger is lightweight. It comes with an included spring hook which means you can carry it on your backpack. There are two slots, not one, so you can charge your phone as well as a Bluetooth speaker or GPS device at the same time.

The Solar Battery Charger is available on the link below, with only a limited stock available. We might even get one free of charge by visiting the website.

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Survival Water Straw

It’s believed that we can go quite a few days without food, but water is an almost daily necessity. Even though you might be surrounded with water during Hurricane Florence, the floodwater is hardly safe to drink. It would contain several contaminants that would be extremely harmful to our health. Luckily, the Survival Water Straw is here to filter out these unwanted substances and provide us with clean, safe water to drink.

This water straw can provide clean water no matter where we are. It’s been proven to clean around 99.99999% of the protozoa and bacteria from natural water bodies such as lakes, ponds, and streams. Each straw can clean 1500 liters of water, so one should be more than enough for any individual!

The straw comes with a pre-filter, collapsible bottle to store water, a bottle top adapter, a tube straw, a compass, and a signaling mirror. This kit is easy to use, while the straw itself measures 7 inches and weighs around 2 ounces. This makes it light enough to carry even when you’re in a rush to get somewhere safe.

Water is a very heavy item to carry around, so this straw would really save on your space and energy. You can drink from a bottle filled with unclean water or drink directly from a pond or lake.

The Survival Water Straw is available on the link below. We should place an order right away in order to be prepared for Hurricane Florence!

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