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iGenics Review – Can it Improve Our Eyesight?

iGenics is a vision supplement that aims to improve eyesight by targeting its root cause

One of the most common drawbacks of aging is failing eyesight. More and more people in the modern world are losing their eyesight or suffering from impaired vision at earlier ages now. This could be due to the poor diet we consume, the high pollution levels, or some sort of genetic issue. Whichever the case, those of us with weak or failing eyesight would definitely like to reverse the problem.

Fortunately, science does have many ways in which we might work towards correcting and improving our vision. Many people who suffer in this area would do anything to see their world clearly again. Glasses and laser operations are two of the most common tools with which one can fight failing eyesight, but these have their limitations too.

For instance, laser surgery is often an expensive operation that would probably not be covered by most health insurances. It also carries a minor risk of actually making eyesight worse instead of improving it. Finally, it may not make our eyesight completely normal again; even if it does, the effects would likely last less than a decade.

Glasses might be a cheaper and more lasting option, but they’re also expensive if our eyes continue to deteriorate. Plus, they can be problematic when we want to enjoy certain activities such as swimming, water sports, or running. The same goes for contact lenses, although there are fewer limitations there.

There’s actually yet another option we can look at, which consists of trying to deal with the problem from its source. This involves strengthening the eye naturally through a health supplement like iGenics. 

In this review, we will take a closer look at how iGenics work, its features, usage, and benefits.

About iGenics

iGenics is a supplement that has assisted many users in regaining their clear eyesight. It could be the very addition we need in order to see the world properly again. Whatever the cause of failing eyesight is, iGenics might have a major role in reversing it.

How iGenics Works

This is a natural supplement that works through the formulation of its well-chosen ingredients. This means that it contains no synthetic fragrances, flavors, preservatives, or additives that could harm our bodies instead of benefiting them. It only contains those ingredients that would be of help in restoring our eyesight and bringing it back to its original state.

The supplement itself has a slight scent that reminds one of herbs. There are no less than nine powerful ingredients used in its composition. Each of these plays its role towards helping us regain our eyesight within a short period of time.

Benefits of iGenics

Since this is something that we’re going to put inside our body, we need to know just what to expect. The iGenics supplement doesn’t use any synthetic ingredients, so we may expect many beneficial effects. Just a few of these are:

  •    iGenics has no reported side effects so far. Reviewers have also commented that it doesn’t cause any problem with allergies.
  •    The use of this supplement isn’t painful or risky, unlike eye surgeries. There is also no need to wear anything on the eyes in order to make it work. Since the working is from the inside out, we don’t have to do anything other than taking the supplement
  •    There’s no external application involved, which might be harmful to the eyes. In fact, iGenics is designed to repair the damaged interior of the eye and protect it from free radicals.

Ingredients of iGenics

Fortunately, the ingredients used in the iGenics supplement have been released for the benefit of its potential users. We need to know about these ingredients in order to be sure that they’re actually known for the use of sight improvement. In case we have any allergies to a specific ingredient, we need to be aware of these in order to avoid any harm. Hence, some of the ingredients used are:

  1.    Ginkgo Biloba

This is a plant that’s from a very ancient species. It’s equipped with a certain molecule that can be a cerebro vascular dilator. This means that it can deal with high eye pressure, problems with blood flow, and even the genetic reasons for losing eyesight. It’s a flavonoid that works rapidly in order to bring us the results as fast as possible.

  1.    Leutin

This is a naturally occurring carotenoid that’s known for its benefits to the eyes.

  1.    Zeaxanthin

This is one of the two main carotenoids that are found in the retina of our eyes. It’s also a common substance that naturally occurs in foods like paprika, saffron, etc.

The three ingredients and others included in the iGenics supplement work to enhance blood flow, circulation, and give the eyes more oxygen that they were receiving. This means that no matter what the cause of our weakening eyesight was – depression, stress, inflammation, or genetics—the workings of these ingredients could serve to alleviate it.

Recommended Dosage

The users are suggested to take 2 capsules daily, preferably in the morning. One bottle contains 60 easy-to-swallow capsules, and can last up to 30 days.


As we can see, all of the above ingredients are plant-based and hence suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and people from all walks of life. We should hence have no ethical or religious qualms about consuming this supplement. Plus, all the substances mentioned above have undergone several laboratory tests and research and have their efficacy proved. We don’t have to trust the official iGenics website for this; we can just look it up online!

Conclusion – Is iGenics Worth Trying?

The ingredients and research behind the iGenics supplement seem to be highly promising. The components of iGenics can easily be looked up online and their benefits confirmed. It’s hence not unreasonable to expect that this might be what’s lacking in our system. With the help of nature, we might find our eyes being rejuvenated and strengthened to a major extent.

However, it must be kept in mind that not all supplements or ingredients work the same way for everyone. While the reviews and testimonials for this product may be glowing, the supplement may not work as well for a rare few. Even in such cases, the money-back guarantee ensures that we’re under no financial risk. This is an excellent deal, so we should rush to the official website for iGenics and place an order right away!