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MELADERM Skin Lightener Cream Review – A Solution to Hyperpigmentation?  

Meladerm is a skin lightening cream that reduces hyper pigmentation and adds radiance and glow to it


There are several types of blemishes and skin conditions that can cause great distress to people, specifically, if they appear on the face. In fact, having acne scars, uneven skin tones, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and other such skin problems can massively undermine one’s self-confidence causing agony, self-doubt, and low-self-esteem.

Even though, you can cover your blemishes temporarily with make-up, however, it is better to find a permanent and natural solution to your problem so that you can experience much clearer and glowing skin.

Here, in this review, we will take a deep look at Meladerm – Skin Brightening Cream for finding out what it’s all about, and what makes it unique than other competing products.

About Meladerm – Skin Brightening Cream

Basically, Meladerm is a skin lightening cream that aims to reduce the signs of hyperpigmented and discolored skin, including scars and dark spots. The users are expected to notice positive results within just a few days of using it.

The best thing about Meladerm is that it is a completely natural product and does not contain any of the potentially irritating and harmful ingredients found in several skin care products, such as steroids, parabens and hydroquinone. Thus, this makes it a whole lot more viable and safer choice for everyone.

Benefits of Meladerm – Skin Brightening Cream

Meladerm is a worldwide popular product that has been particularly formulated for decreasing the appearance of uneven and hyperpigmented skin.  Some of the major benefits of Meladerm are,

  • Evens Out Skin Tone

Our skin produces melanin, a substance that gives the skin its color. Meladerm aids in controlling the production of tyrosinase and melatonin, making your skin even in color.

  • Reduces Blemishes

When your skin is damaged, it stops producing melanin. Meladerm plays an important role here, in correcting the over-production of melanin as well as restores the balance. This reduces the appearance of the blemish gradually.

  • Reverse The Effects Of Skin Aging

Wrinkles and skin spots are the major signs of aging. The product aids in reversing the effects of skin aging by removing the spots as well as relaxing the skin.

Meladerm – Skin Brightening Cream – Features

Meladerm is packed with some very powerful features, such as,

  • Visible results in 14 days
  • A proven series of ingredients
  • No parabens, steroids, mercury or hydroquinone
  • Dispensing technology is cutting edge

About The Company – Civant Skin Care

The product has been developed by a company, named Civant Skin Care. This product has undergone rigorous tests and trials for almost four years before it was released to the public. The research is still going on and Civant Skin Care is committed to providing a beauty product to the people that is safe to use as well as effective at all levels.

Meladerm – Skin Brightening Cream – Competitive Edge

Soon after the initial success of Meladerm, a number of several other firms started to use similar ingredients in their skin whitening products. However, this generally happens when something sells and works very well in the market. Now the question arises that how can anyone enjoy the same results, at a much lower rate, from the competition?

According to our research, the manufacturers of the product have been constantly modifying the formula ever since they first launched the product in 2003, just to stay one step ahead. The manufacturers and research scientists at the company keep on making their product more effective by introducing new antioxidants, vitamins and other ingredients to improve its function and effectiveness, making it stand out and incredibly unique among the competition.

Are there Any Side Effects?

Since Meladerm is carefully formulated from all natural, potent, and powerful ingredients, therefore, there are no serious side effects reported yet. It may be possible that some users feel a mild irritation on their skin. However, nursing women and children under 12 are not allowed to use this product.

Meladerm – Skin Brightening Cream – How to Use?

The users are suggested to apply the cream daily in the morning and evening on a clean face. Besides this, the users are also recommended to use SPF 30 sun block after applying Meladerm, as this will lessen their exposure to the sun.

A number of users have reported visible results within a few weeks of usage. However, it may take several weeks for others as individuals vary from each other. Basically, the results completely depend on the skin condition that you want to correct. For instance, if you have skin blemishes that were caused due to acne scars, then you may have to wait a couple of weeks to see the desired results. In case, your skin is suffering from hyper pigmentation, then it may take more than a month. However, one is definitely going to witness positive results, if they use Meladerm with full devotion, dedication, and pure commitment.

Ingredients – What Does Meladerm Contain?

There are 4 main active ingredients that have been used in the formulation of Meladerm. Let’s take a look at them one by one,

  • Alpha Arbutin

This ingredient plays an important role in controlling the dark spots on your skin that are generally caused due to the over-production of the melanin. This ingredient is a powerful inhibitor, which is made up of several compounds that works to lighten the skin by regulating the production of melanin.

  • Gigawhite

Another major ingredient of this product is Gigawhite. It is a combination of extracts which is gathered from seven different plants. This ingredient helps to brighten skin, while lightening and reducing aging spots.

  • Tego Cosmo C

This ingredient is a natural amino acid that aids in keeping skin clear and even. Beside this, it also works in maintaining a natural pH balance.

  • Kojic Acid

This acid has been also found helpful in controlling the production of melanin.

Pricing & Money Back Guarantee

As far as the price is concerned, a 1.7 ounce costs $50. Even though, the price of Meladerm left some buyers a bit shocked, but it is quite justified considering the benefits one would get and the quality of ingredients used.

However, the 30-day money-back guarantee offers reasonable protection and make the whole investment absolutely risk-free. So, if for any reason whatsoever, the users feel like Meladerm hasn’t delivered them desired results, they can file for a full refund, with no questions asked. Interested individuals can either order Meladerm from its official website or from company’s toll free number, (888) 324-8268


Overall, the overwhelming response surrounding Meladerm – Skin Brightening Cream is a positive one. After using this product, people have experienced the results that they have been dreaming about for a while, whereas many experienced a more glowing and clearer skin that they haven’t had before. Thus, Meladerm is a highly recommended product because of its proven results, money back guarantee option, and natural ingredients.