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Nerve Aid Review – Is it A Natural Biochemical Answer to Neuropathy?

Nerve Aid is a natural solution to neuropathy by providing an advanced support to nerves

Living with pain is not easy. It makes every aspect of everyday life very difficult. Nowadays, many people may be noticing a higher level of pain than before. This is mainly due to a condition called peripheral neuropathy.

If you or a loved one are unfortunate enough to have this condition; burning, tingling, and numbing pain could severely decrease the quality of your life. One may find their feet burning in the middle of the night. Others may just feel pain in something as simple as picking up a pencil. This condition also causes the victim to sometimes lose feeling in their limbs, causing tumbling and possible accidents.

The first course of action that pops into our mind is over-the-counter painkillers or other medicines. But these may have some severe side effects. Plus, you may find yourself developing an addiction or immunity to them, which isn’t good news either way.

One answer to this problem is to try out natural formulations to reduce the pain. Not only this, but we need to find a way to restore damaged nerves as well, and normalizing the overall blood flow.

A recent launch of Nerve Aid has caused a stir in the market due to its stellar results. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Nerve Aid and how it can help in tackling the issue.

Nerve Aid as a Natural Method

Dr. Darren Kalanj is one doctor who was very concerned about those with neuropathy. He is a chiropractic physician by profession but always felt like neuropathy was the most difficult of all to treat.

Hence, the doctor got a team together. They wanted to come up with a nerve pain supplement to give fast and effective results. Not only this, but they wanted the supplement to be backed by the proper, authentic science. Thus, Nerve Aid came into being.These ingredients protect peripheral blood vessels and ease pain

Nerve Aid uses ingredients that are known for reducing even the most excruciating pain. Medical and scientific communities have thoroughly examined the vitamins, plant extracts, and everything else that goes into this supplement. Hence, we can be assured that its usage is not only safe but is probably effective too. And when we’re in pain, relief is really all we want.

Nerve Aid – Benefits

Nerve Aid doesn’t just relieve pain for neuropathy patients, but also does a whole lot more than that. It starts the damaged nerve tissue onto the healing process, thus dealing with the problem at its root. The blood flow problems that neuropathy comes with are also resolved.

What’s even better, the usage of Nerve Aid also serves to decrease anxiety and stress. Numbness, tingling, burning, searing…we can get ready to say goodbye to all these unwelcome feelings! It could even help us get better sleep at night.

Nerve Aid – What Makes it Unique?

There are a lot of other supplements available on the market which are marketed as the relief to nerve pain. However, they are mostly ineffective in the long run. Why is that? Their makers may be sincere in the intentions, but the supplements themselves are incomplete.

Instead of the holistic formula that Nerve Aid offers, other supplements are made up of just a few ingredients. When combined, these do not pack the punch that Nerve Aid does in terms of pain relief.

Neuropathy is a complex disease, which is why doctors and chiropractors have struggled to deal with it for several decades. However, the creators of Nerve Aid have taken the help of medical and scientific research in order to get the full amount of ingredients needed. Plus, they have researched extensively into what ratio of ingredients are needed for the best effect. This assures us that our pain and discomfort is likely to become a thing of the past soon.

Ingredient Details

You’re probably wondering what goes into this supplement. The answer is quite heartening because it makes a lot of sense. Check out the details of these ingredients below,

  1. Vitamin D – More and more people are facing vitamin deficiency nowadays. This then causes a whole load of other problems, including Type 2 diabetes and, of course, neuropathy. Hence, keeping up your dosage of Vitamin D is necessary if you want to fight your pain and win against it.
  2. A Blend of B-Vitamins – This blend includes Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and B12, and is widely popular among other supplements as well. The difference with Nerve Aid’s blend, however, is that it only uses the most bioavailable form of these B vitamins. This means that they are the safest kind to use and also the most potent and effective. For instance, Nerve Aid doesn’t just use Vitamin B1. It uses the form benfotiamine, which has a biochemical structure that allows it to get absorbed into the cell membrane. The more generic form of vitamin B1 is more likely to simply pass through us without much benefit.
  3. Acetyl-L Camitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Berberine – These three, when combined, make a potent blend that aims to stabilize the energy production by the nerves and aids in flushing out harmful waste products from the body. It improves the blood flow, and supply of oxygen to the nerves thereby minimizing the oxidative stress. It also improves the overall health of nerve cells and protects them against inflammation. In this way, a neuro-protective effect is created that minimizes the pain, and tingling caused by neuropathy.

Other ingredients include, Vitamin K, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, and Manganese.

These ingredients protect peripheral blood vessels and ease pain

All these ingredients are carefully combined in the correct ratio to maximize the benefits. They increase pain threshold, improve insulin sensitivity, protect blood vessels, and reduce stress within the body.

When Are the Results Expected?

Neuropathy patients obviously want results as fast as possible. A number of users have reported significant results in around three weeks, however, individual results may vary.

Of course, this may be a major disappointment for most of us. When we’re in pain, we want instant relief. Waiting for almost a month while taking a supplement is quite stressful.

However, one must remember that since Nerve Aid uses natural ingredients, they would take a while to act. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be as safe to use or as effective. The good part is that even though it would take some time, we can enjoy the results in the long term.

Plus, the amount of time taken is actually quite honest. The supplement includes Vitamin B12, which serves to create new nerve cells. This certainly does not happen overnight. Those of us suffering from neuropathy need time for our bodies to heal and stabilize.


Nerve Aid is currently available at the following price points,

  • Single Bottle for $69.95
  • Three Bottles for $129.95
  • Four Bottles for $149.95

Nerve Aid – Customer Support

In case of any questions, comments, or feedback, you can write to the customer support team at nerveessentials@rhinosupport.com or call them at (888) 627-4515

Conclusion – Is It Worth it?

The supplement Nerve Aid seems to be quite honest in its dealings. It makes it clear that we won’t get instant relief after taking it. Plus, it takes its formulation and sources fromNerve Aid is a natural solution to neuropathy by providing an advanced support to nerves authentic medical journals, which is another heartening fact. All of these references can be easily accessed on the official website. While the price is over sixty dollars a bottle, we can get discounts by buying it in bulk.

There is also no monetary risk if the supplement doesn’t work for us since it has a rock-solid,  100% money-back guarantee. Hence, we can safely say that neuropathy patients, with or without diabetes, should really give Nerve Aid a try.

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