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Patriot Power Greens Review – A Key To Health and Wellness?

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We all dread aging to a certain extent. While advertisements paint our golden years as full of peace and leisure, we all know the reality is very different. When we get to a certain age, our bodies start losing energy and even the simplest movements become painful.

This loss of health can be quite disturbing, especially for those who had a very energetic youth. They simply don’t have the stamina to enjoy their grandkids or any of their best-loved activities. These include golfing, swimming, or even riding a bike. However, advancements in science have now made it possible for senior citizens to live a life like they did before.

Patriot Power Greens – The Magical Drink

One way in which we could look forward to an active life even after we’re getting on in years is the Patriot Power Greens drink. According to its manufacturing team, this is the drink that plays a vital role in keeping the military men fit and active for a long period of time.Patriot Power Greens is an incredible way to restore the vitality in the human body and keeping it active and healthy

Another really attractive feature of this drink is that it’s all-natural, effective, and safe, with only 15 calories preserving. It also has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Diabetics, vegetarians, and even people with basic allergies don’t have to worry about consuming it.

In fact, there is no gluten, dairy, fish, nuts, soy, GMO’s, or anything that could possibly be unhealthy for most people. This makes Patriotic Power Green drink a very safe and tempting way to get our spark back!

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The Man Behind Patriot Power Greens

A licensed doctor named Dr. Lane Sebring M.D. is the man behind Patriot Power Greens. Instead of using conventional medicine, he retains a firm belief in the efficacy of holistic therapies. Anti-aging therapy is his specialty, and he frequently treats world-renowned athletes and even other doctors. Dr. Sebring does not believe in the supposed decline in health that ‘naturally’ comes with age. Hence, Patriot Power Greens aims to minimize the effects age has on health.

The Real Cause

Of course, now the question arises that if age isn’t the problem, what is? The main trigger, according to Dr. Sebring, is basically inflammation. Every health problem like early fatigue, memory loss, and body pain may be traced back to this one source.

Time Magazine has covered how inflammation could be affecting us in ways we never imagined. This is especially true when it comes to the health problems we normally associate with age. Luckily, now that we know the true cause, we can tackle it. Hence, we may be able to look forward to an active senior life without any of the usual restrictions.

What Patriot Power Greens Does

The Patriot Power Greens drink is a simple and natural way in which we can bring down the inflammation within our bodies. It is also useful in decreasing any excess amount of acid. But how exactly does it do that?

There’s really not a lot of complicated science involved in understanding this phenomenon. In a nutshell, the Patriot Power Greens drink is chock-full of the alkaline-rich fruits and veggies that neutralize our body acids. Thus, any harmful inflammation automatically recedes.

The Miracle Foods

The fruits and veggies we’re talking about here are kale, apples, cucumbers, and tomatoes, along with several others. However, these foods are quite delicate, so it’s not like we can buy them in bulk and use them every day. They easily lose their freshness within days, if not hours.

It is recommended that we consume five to seven servings of these foods every day. As any health nut would tell you, this isn’t easy. Chopping them, blending them, and fitting them around your schedule is just too much hassle for most people.

Sure, some very efficient and organized people may be able to get in a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables every day. But what about working mothers, the businessmen constantly on the go, or the harried college student?

This is where Patriot Power Greens can come to the rescue. It contains no less than 40 kinds of vegetables and fruits in one single drink. We’ve probably never had that many in even a whole year!

Patriot Power Greens – Highlighted Features

  1. Each serving of Patriot Power Greens has 40 organic fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotic strains, and 6 digestive enzymes. This means that when consumed, it balances out the acid and inflammation within the body.
  2. It is a ready-made drink, not a capsule. Hence, our bodies absorb it quite quickly. Plus, we are saved from the hassle of preparing anything beforehand.
  3. The Patriot Power Greens drink has many reviews and testimonials from satisfied users. Even those who weren’t in the military and hence not in the best shape have had amazing results. They reported a relief from joint pain and discomfort, tiredness, and even sleeplessness.
  4. We can eat the foods we want without worrying too much about bloating, constipation, or bowel troubles. This is because the Patriot Power Greens heals the digestive troubles by increasing the amount of beneficial bacteria in the stomach.
  5. The Patriot Power Greens drink also serves to stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Since heart problems are very common among senior citizens, this is a great preventative measure. Inflammation is what restricts proper blood flow, so reducing it would automatically deal with heart problems as well.
  6. Joint and muscle pain is the most common complaint of elderly folks. The stiffness and creakiness of the joints can lead to most of us walking with a stick after 50. If we use aspirin for this pain, it leads to a lot of side effects. However, Patriot Power Greens contains the natural enzyme for alleviating all kinds of pain. Double blind studies have pointed out this result, and its details can be viewed on the Patriot Power Greens official website.

Other Advantages

There are numerous other benefits of consuming the Patriot Power Greens drink. Just to give you a brief overview, here is a short list,

  • Healthy and glowing skin
  • Sharpened memory and less memory loss
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and trim frame
  • Normal blood sugar levels
  • A healthy libido
  • A whole lot of energy for completing everyday tasks and playing games!


So if we’re ready to live our lives the way we want to, without walkers or sticks, we should look at purchasing this amazing drink. The options at hand are purchasing a canister that gives us 30 servings of the drink. We can get one canister, or 3 or 5. Purchases are limited to five canisters per person.

However, when we choose the 5 canister option, we get five free gifts that are worth over 50 dollars. Plus, we get 2 free canisters! The price per canister is $49.95. Per serving, that is around $1.66 each day. Not quite a lot, but not dirt cheap either.

Patriot Power Greens come with bonus materials including helpful guides and shaker bottle

Conclusion – Is Patriot Power Greens Worth It?

The people of Patriot Power Greens certainly do make a very enticing offer. The free gifts include a shaker bottle and a lot of information on alternative medicine in the market. In addition, it is fully backed by a rock-solid money back guarantee making it an absolutely risk-free investment. So, if we’re afraid of getting old and not enjoying ourselves, it is safe to give this drink a try. If not for ourselves, we just may give it a shot for our loved ones.

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