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PhysioTru Physio Omega Review – An Ideal Heart Attack Defense?

PhysioTru Physio Omega promotes heart health and healthy blood sugar levels

As people of this modern world, not many of us can say that we’re really eating what’s best for our bodies all the time. The additives, preservatives, and high fat content are what people in developed countries consume every day.

The result of all this is that we, as a society, have started suffering from certain health issues more commonly than before. Among the most dangerous of these are, of course, cardiovascular problems or heart disease. If we don’t already have such issues, other health conditions like blood pressure and obesity may soon lead to them.

There are several things that we can do for dealing with the risk of a heart attack. However, the usual methods may not be the best ones, as has been proved by our experience with them so far. Conventional modern medicine has proved to have many side effects. In fact, some people may find their heart medication not as effective as they have hoped.

The Alternative

Luckily, the health supplement market does more than just provide supplements to enhance our health. There are many supplements that could function as a more effective alternative to the medication we currently take. Of course, we should consult our doctor and be absolutely sure before we only rely on a supplement for our heart health.

One supplement called the Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense, however, has some very solid research at its back.

About the Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense

With a supplement like Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense, we can be sure of getting something that is made up of natural ingredients. We may rest assured then that this supplement would have no side effects to speak of, and may work even better than regular medicine.

The basis of Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense is its generous supply of Omega-3 fatty acids. These are a nutrient that our bodies cannot produce on their own. However, they are important for our overall health and for fighting off many diseases; most importantly, heart problems.

Many of us may seek to get out Omega-3 fatty acids from sources such as fish oil pills, krill capsules, and other supplements. These may help, but only to a certain extent. There is one Omega called ‘the missing Omega’, which is apparently only present in the Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense supplements.

The Man Behind PhysioTru Heart Attack Defense

The developer of this super supplement is known as Dr. Sam Walters. It is important that we find out what we can about him, since we cannot put our trust in a fake, made-up name.

Luckily, Dr. Sam Walters is easily located by a simple Google search, and is definitely connected with the practice of treating heart disease. This doctor, as we can confirm with our own research, is a well-know and highly experienced profession who has put in a lot of time researching heart health.

After using his knowledge and experience, Dr. Walters has come up with the Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense. This is a product which, when put to the test, has energized many heart patients and given them their normal life back. The results included:

  • Much improved heart health
  • A fitter body
  • Heightened energy and vitality

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How Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense Works

With all that research and those results, we’re naturally curious to find out just what makes the Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense tick. There are several supplements that talk of improving heart health, but the Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense can quickly fulfill our needs.

This is because the it is specially designed to supply its users with benefits that would last for a long time.

This working is based on the ingredients that make up the Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense supplement. These are: Omega 3 itself and CoQ10. This also includes the missing Omega, called DPA. It’s derived from the Menhaden fish, preferably wild-caught.

When combined in just the right order, there are numerous health benefits which surpass many other supplements. They also service to strike at the core of the issue behind cardiovascular problems instead of just dealing with the symptoms.

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Detailing the Ingredients

Since the ingredients are what make Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense work, we should take a look at why they’re so effective:

  • The CoQ10 Enzyme – This enzyme is like a vitamin that is present in our body cells as we speak. However, the natural aging process gradually depletes this essential enzyme and leaves us weaker. The same goes for whenever our health faces some sort of challenge. As a result, we get even more prone to health issues, creating a vicious cycle. When Physio Omega Heart Attack Defense works to replenish the levels of CoQ10, which in turn increases the levels of antioxidants. Thus, our body gets cleansed of harmful substances without having to suffer the consequences of bearing them. In turn, this cleansing protects every organ in our bodies, especially including the heart.
PhysioTru Physio Omega is made of potent ingredients that promotes healthy cardiovascular health
Supplement Facts
  • Omega-3 – When we think of Omega-3 fatty acids, we usually think about fish or fish oil. This is understandable, since these substances are recommended for heart patients and those who have a family history of heart trouble. However, most heart supplements and fish oil capsules are focused only on providing two kinds of Omegas: EPA and DHA. This leaves the missing Omega, which is quite difficult to find.

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The Missing Omega

According to Dr. Sam Walters, the missing Omega is actually that substance which is more effective at controlling heart diseases and heart attack risk than the other two kinds. This is because it performs the following actions:

  • Affects certain genes that control harmful inflammation
  • Fights against clot formation that can lead to strokes and heart attacks
  • Makes blood sugar and insulin function normal

Benefits of Physio Omega

When our inner systems are being regulated by this supplement, we can look forward to getting the positive results very soon. While everyone’s body is different, most users should expect to get the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced Heart Health

When our heart health is improved, the risk of a heart attack or stroke goes down. This would decrease cholesterol levels and make the heart healthier. We can hence run, play, and involve ourselves in strenuous exercises/activities without fearing for our lives.

  1. Improved Functions of the Organs

When our organs get the minerals, compounds, and nutrients they need, they would also be able to function better. This would enhance our overall health as well.

  1. Better Stamina

Those suffering from heart issues are usually lethargic and sedentary, fearing or unable to be more active. When the heart health is at an optimal level, every task would seem much easier and we would be able to accomplish things better.

  1. Self Control

The hidden Omega also works to control blood sugar and insulin levels. This would result in fewer cravings, which could rally help with weight loss.

Price of PhysioTru Physio Omega

Dr. Walters says that the hidden Omega is quite difficult and expensive to obtain, which is why it’s not easily found in regular supplements. However, he has not sought to obtain much profit himself, even offering a discount on each bottle of Physio Omega that we buy.

We can get one bottle of capsules (a month’s supply) for $67. However, if we buy in bulk, even this price could be slashed in half. Plus, if they don’t work for us, there’s always the option of a full refund!

Conclusion – Is Physio Omega Worth it?

With the great research behind Physio Omega, we can be sure of getting a premium formula for supporting our health. The refund assures us that there would be no financial risk. The natural ingredients would make sure we don’t suffer from any health risks. We should definitely look into this supplement and place an order today!


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