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South Beach Diet Keto 2020 – A Keto-Friendly Program with Food Kits on Your Doorstep

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Losing weight could be a struggle for most, especially if they have an underlying health issue or a full schedule. This is why there are so many fad diets out there, but not all of them are always up to the mark. Some may not even work for certain users, while there may be an outright risk for others.

However, there are certain diets that have been around for a long time. This is due to the effectiveness and safety, at least for most of the people who’ve tried them out. Of these, many would recognize the name of the keto diet and the South Beach Diet. Along with the Atkins Diet, these are known for their focus on consuming fewer carbs.

The method of these diets is a bit different, but they each have their ups and downs. Some people find great success with the keto diet, while others swear by the South Beach method. However, now we can enjoy a combination of the two with the keto-friendly version of the South Beach Diet!

Let’ learn all about it in this review below.

South Beach Diet Keto Review

The South Beach Diet Keto is a combination of two diets, or rather two lifestyles geared towards a healthier body. The reasoning behind this launch was the idea that cutting out one food group completely, even if they’re carbs and fats, is simply not the best way to lose weight. If someone does want to lose weight in a rapid yet sustainable manner, they would have to choose the correct carbs and fats while shunning the wrong ones

The Name Behind the South Beach Diet Keto

The founder of the South Beach Diet is Arthur Agatston, M.D. He’s a known cardiologist based in Miami, and is focused on teaching people to eat right in order to pursue health in a more natural manner. For the South Beach Diet Keto, we have a team of professionals working on the original programs under .

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This is a company that’s a known provider of products for health, wellness, and weight management. The products and services they provide have helped several million people shed weight in a healthy and rapid manner. They work with different brands in order to bring their patrons the best kind of plans.

The Approach of the South Beach Diet Keto

The approach of this the original program is comprised of three steps. These have been specially developed in order to allow people to lose excess weight and lower dangerous cholesterol levels. Being a heart doctor, Agatston is naturally gearing his program to help out heart patients in particular. However, anyone who’s overweight would definitely benefit from the program as well.

We may expect the South Beach Diet Keto to place emphasis on foods that are high in fiber and have a lot of nutrients to boot. This would greatly help with our digestive system, helping us to gain the most from what we eat and keep us feeling full for a long time. This would hence control our cravings and trigger weight loss from the very beginning.

The Phases of the South Beach Diet Keto

The South Beach Diet Keto has several different phases, each lasting for a couple of weeks or longer. The first two weeks are Phase 1, where followers of the regime could expect to go down by around 8 to 13 pounds. This phase is probably the most restrictive one, so we should consult a professional nutrition expert for advice before starting. This is because it eliminates all kinds of bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.

In the regular South Beach Diet, users would gradually add carbs back into their daily routines, with the keto-friendly offering, though we get shakes instead of carbohydrates to keep us on the weight-loss track.

The rest of the phases would hence introduce new foods but still make them high in fat and extremely low in carbohydrate content. This ensures that those following a keto lifestyle would be able to lose weight further with the practical application of the South Beach Diet.

About the Shakes

The shakes we get with the South Beach Diet Keto have only three grams of carbs in one serving. They also give us essential minerals and vitamins like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. MCT oil, which is a necessity when doing keto, is also one of the ingredients. These shakes are named the Simply Fit Shakes and give us a whopping 20 grams of protein in a serving, along with essential probiotics for maintaining our immune system and digestive health.

For recipes, information, tips, and other kinds of content about the ketogenic diet, users can also visit The Palm. This is a blog specially dedicated to the South Beach Diet. If we want to opt for the original South Beach Diet, though, the option still remains.

What to Expect from the South Beach Diet Keto

Since the South Beach Diet is such a familiar name, we already know that they’re likely to deliver on their statements. When we follow the keto-friendly version of this diet, we may expect a whole lot. For instance, they’ve increased their menu by at least 24 new items, which means it’s expanded by a third of its previous size. The menu consists of over a hundred meals, snacks, and drink with flavors from all over the world. 

The program is also committed to offering foods with recognizable ingredients, so it has a list of 71 ingredients that are actually restricted. Finally, we have the South Beach Diet’s nutrition pledge that the food items are free from artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, synthetic coloring, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial trans fats, etc.

However, we should keep in mind that this isn’t a diet to achieve or maintain ketosis. It simply works on a flexible basis of about 40 to 50 net carbs per day.

Conclusion – Is South Beach Diet Keto Worth It?

The South Beach Diet itself is an impressive, simple, and user-friendly program. Many have used it to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. Since so many of us are considering keto or following it right now, trying out the South Beach Diet Keto seems like a great option. The people behind the programs are all experienced, knowledgeable, and know what they’re doing.

While there’s no noticeable mention of a refund on the South Beach Diet Keto program, there is a sizeable discount of $30 going on. We should rush there and place our orders before this offer goes away!

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