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Testo911 Reviews 2020 – How Does PhytAge Labs Testo911 Work?


Testo 911 is a dietary supplement aimed for men struggling with fatigue, muscle growth, and lack of sexual desire. The supplement makes use of a potent formula consisting of natural ingredients to naturally boost testosterone production which helps you revitalize your sex life and your body in general. With just two capsules of Testo 911, you’ll be feeling great about yourself in no time! 

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Why Testo 911? 

There are many male enhancement supplements out there, especially testosterone boosters. If you’re struggling with one or more of the above symptoms, then it’s likely that you’re suffering from low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a vital hormone for the male body, and it is directly linked with better libido, muscle growth, fat loss, and energy levels. 

Therefore, low testosterone can ruin your life but if there are plenty of options already available, then why is there a need for Testo 911? The answer is simple; it’s because the other supplements don’t work. You may have tried a testosterone booster before but only to see no results. These supplements almost never have the right ingredients or a complete dose to give you results. 

Moreover, they act as “stimulants” and never target the root cause of the problem. They also come with their own side-effects due to cheap, impure ingredients and a sub-par manufacturing process. On the other hand, Testo 911 comes from PhytAge Labs who are known for producing high-quality products.  

The supplement addresses the root cause of the problem and uses a natural formula to provide a long-term solution. With Testo 911, you’ll be able to feel like a man again with higher sex drive, better energy levels, and better sexual stamina. All of this will be possible without harmful side-effects which makes Testo 911 the clear choice when it comes to choosing the right supplement for you. 

How Does Testo 911 Work? 

Age-related decline aside, the root cause for why many men suffer from low testosterone levels is a buildup of toxins within the body. Toxins are everywhere nowadays, in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and even the water we drink. Some areas have less pollution and toxicity but almost no place on Earth is now completely toxin-free. 

These toxins eventually take a toll on the body which cause our cells to go into an inflamed state. As a result, our testosterone levels start to decline, and this inflammation also hinders the body’s ability to produce more testosterone. Testo 911 works by tackling the root cause of the problem by providing your body with a set of natural ingredients that help detoxify the body from toxins. 

The formula not only targets inflammation, the ingredients also have testosterone-boosting capabilities which enables your body to produce more testosterone to counter age-related decline. Overall, you get a comprehensive formula that naturally boosts testosterone levels whilst protecting your body from harmful toxins. The best part is that the formula is completely natural where only the purest and most potent form of each ingredient is used. Therefore, it’s completely safe and free from side-effects. 


  1. Fenugreek: It’s a natural herb with immense benefits for male sexual health. Fenugreek can help boost energy and male hormone levels. It also helps increase muscle mass and good cholesterol levels. It’s an incredible herb for improving overall health. 
  1. Magnesium: It helps make male hormones become more available to the body and prevents them from being converted into estrogen. Magnesium also promotes better sleep and reduces stress. 
  1. Zinc: It can help improve sex drive, energy levels, and your mood. It also helps prevent conversion of testosterone into estrogen. 
  1. Vitamin B6: It boosts testosterone levels and reduces estrogen levels. It also helps boost metabolism, promotes tissue repair and stimulates new cell production.  

Other ingredients include: 

  • Eurycome Longifolia 
  • Diindolylmethane (DIM) 
  • Piperine 
  • Rhodiola Rosea 
  • Black Pepper 

Benefits of Testo 911 

Testo 911 aims to provide the following benefits:

  • The supplement help boost your mood and overall zest for life. 
  • The supplement helps you stay energized throughout the day. 
  • The supplement helps improve your sex drive and libido. 
  • By taking Testo 911 you can enjoy longer, harder erections. 
  • The supplement helps improve sexual stamina and energy. 
  • The supplement promotes fat loss and muscle gain. 
  • The supplement also helps reduce hair loss. 
  • The supplement improves your overall health and makes you feel younger. 
  • The ingredients used are completely natural and there are no side-effects. 
  • There’s a money-back guarantee. 

Bonus Materials 

Upon purchasing Testo 911, you also get two free gifts from the manufacturer which are: 

  1. 7 Ways to Give Any Woman at Any Age Wild Screaming Orgasms: This is an informative eBook which, as the name suggests, will let you enjoy great sex at any age with any woman. The book contains a wealth of information that debunks many myths about sex, contains tips on how you can satisfy your partner to the fullest, and different techniques to try from to see what works best for you. 
  1. Simple Ways to Have Better Sex Tonight: This is another informative eBook that contains information on how to improve your experience in bed with neat tips and tricks. It also contains information to deal with any sexual issues or hurdles you may be facing in order to let you get the most out of your sex life. 

Both eBooks are valued at $39 each and serve as great tools to use alongside Testo 911 for maximum benefits. By taking just two pills of Testo 911 a day and by applying the knowledge you gain from these eBooks, you’ll become irresistible! 

Pricing and Refund Policy 

Testo 911 is a reasonably priced supplement but don’t let the price fool you; the ingredients and the manufacturing process is top notch. The manufacturer feels strongly about their product and wants to reach as many people as they can which is why Testo 911 can be purchased in three different packages priced as follows: 

  1. One Bottle: $69.95. 
  1. Two Bottles: $59.95 per bottle. 
  1. Four Bottles: $49.95 per bottle. 

Given the high number of fake male supplements in the market, it’s understandable if you’re skeptical about making the purchase for Testo 911. However, there is nothing to worry about as the manufacturer is offering a 90-day money-back guarantee with each purchase of their supplement. You can use the supplement for a month, and if you feel like the supplement did not deliver on its promises, then you can simply opt for a full refund.  


Testo 911 is arguably one of the best male enhancement supplements out there. It can be easy to fall into the trap of purchasing multiple bottles of fake testosterone supplements that do nothing but harm you further with their side-effects. However, the people at PhytAge Labs are highly transparent about the ingredients they use, and their manufacturing process. PhytAge Labs are known to produce high-quality supplements and Testo 911 is no different. 

With Testo 911 you’ll experience a range of health benefits from muscle gain, fat loss, energy boosts, and much better libido. Moreover, everything inside the supplement is natural so you there is no need to worry about any side-effects. It’s a complete package overall and a must-have for any man wanting to improve their sex life and more. You can purchase it from here. 

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