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The 1 Week Diet – A Quick Way to Weight Loss?

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The number of overweight and obese people in the world is growing day by day. While being underweight is also dangerous, the dangers of excess weight are more serious due to their increasing statistic. Those who don’t shed their extra fat experience cardiovascular disorders, hormone imbalances, a heightened risk of certain cancers, and many more issues.

It’s hence necessary that anyone with excess weight and obesity should do something about it right away. This would help them feel better, look better, and actively contribute towards a better life.

The issue with all this is that losing weight is a huge industry. Many are cashing in upon the weaknesses of others, so we have to be careful and watch out for red flags. Too many diet pills can be downright dangerous, while other programs could be just too difficult or expensive to follow long-term.

Plus, losing weight as quickly as possible needs some guidance in order to make it healthy and sustainable for us. This is why so many people are now looking towards the 1 Week Diet.

About the 1 Week Diet

According to the Launch Handbook of the 1 Week diet, this diet is a program that’s based on science and is hopefully foolproof for most. This means that it’s a way to help lose 6-12 pounds, or 205 kilograms, in the span of one week. There are several methods that the diet uses, including exercise, motivation, and eating plans.

The 1 Week Diet works on the idea that there are physiological, physical, and mental ways in which to go about weight loss. It hence follows four phases in the diet portion, each of which can help in losing a substantial amount of weight each week.

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Founder of the 1 Week Diet

The founder of the 1 Week Diet is one Brian Flatt. Flatt has researched several formulas, diet systems, gadgets, and pills for losing weight. He’s hence drawn upon his knowledge as a career nutritionist and started his own fitness company. The 1 week diet was his response to the overweight people who wanted quick, visible results.

Brian Flatt has also worked upon several other diet programs, such as the 2, 3, and 4-week diet. In fact, it seems like the diets are interlinked in order to cater to everyone who needs to lose weight at different levels.

Inside the 1 Week Diet System

The 1 Week Diet includes,

The Launch Handbook – It explains the scientific research behind the program in simple terms. The users will get a gist of how to make balance meals, essential nutrients to consume, boost metabolism, and revamp their overall health and energy.

The Fat Burning Guide – It unequivocally reveals the techniques that users need to follow to customize their weight loss plan according to their body type. They will learn what, and how much they are supposed to eat everyday.

The Progress Workbook – Here, the users will be able to track their progress towards fat loss. It also discusses how much exercise they need, and will learn some groundbreaking workouts that will be required to follow for 20 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week.

The Weight-Loss Motivator Handbook – It actually builds a positive mindset, so that the users can stay motivated throughout their fat loss journey.

These handbooks together frame a complete program that delivers guaranteed weight loss results.

Is it Safe to Lose Weight Quickly?

Many people might have an issue with the rapid weight loss they could experience with the 1 Week Diet. However, Flatt maintains that there isn’t much of a health issue with losing weight rapidly, but in the method, one uses for this. Of course, hardcore training and starvation can quickly lose those pounds, but they’re not sustainable ways of life for most people.

With the 1 Week Diet, the plans and guidance have been specially formulated so we get the energy and nutrition needed to live life properly. If the weight slides off quickly that way, there shouldn’t be much of an issue. In fact, the excess weight and fatty cells around our vital organs are going to cause more health issues than a rapid weight loss. Obesity is a cause of preventable deaths and is actually the second on the list in causing the most number of fatalities. Losing weight as quickly as possible will actually help to increase our lives, not make them shorter.

Even though we have this reassurance, it’s still recommended that we consult our regular doctor before beginning the 1 Week Diet. Since the Launch Handbook for the Diet is easily available online, we can show any medical practitioner what we’re considering and get the go-ahead. This would help us stay on the safe side while taking the best steps for a healthy, fit body.  

The Science Behind 1 Week Diet

The science of the weight loss system in the 1 Week Diet is also laid out in the Launch Handbook. Here, it’s explained why all other diet plans and programs are somewhat lacking and hence might fail for most people. There’s also information about certain weight loss myths and why they’re not applicable in most situations.

Moreover, the book talks about why we gain weight and why we don’t lose it right away when we do start dieting on our own. In a nutshell, it explains that our bodies are either in a fed state or a fasting state. The fed state means that we’re burning no calories, so we need to make sure we stay in a fasting state as much as possible.

The Diet Plan

Most of the diet plan in this weight loss system is based on a keto-like philosophy. The book first breaks down the different food groups such as fats, carbohydrates, protein, etc. It explains just what each of these groups does and how it can affect our bodies. The recommended intake is then outlined for us, with carbs being quite limited and proteins plus fats increased.

One excellent feature here is that the book also talks about essential nutrients and fatty acids. This shows that the founder is actually knowledgeable about what our bodies need and makes sure that his diet plans provide it.

Helpful Products

While the 1 Week Diet doesn’t say that any pill or potion can lead to weight loss by themselves, it does mention certain products that could help in the journey. One of these is the Daily Energy, which seems to be a supplement smoothie in powder form. It can help us get all the fruits and veggie intake we need in order to follow the diet properly. However, it doesn’t seem like an indispensable part of the diet.

Conclusion – Is 1 Week Diet Worth It?

While the 1 Week Diet Plan might endorse a few additional products, it’s absolutely possible to follow it without purchasing anything else. The Launch Handbook is available for free online, which helps us understand just what we’re getting before we go ahead with it.

With the guidelines and information this book along with the plan itself, it’s possible that our weight might be under control for good. In order to achieve that sustainable and healthy lifestyle, the 1 Week Diet is worth trying out at least once. We should hence download the handbook, click on the link, and get ready for a great weight-loss experience!

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