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The Achievable Body Blueprint Review – An Incredible Weight Loss Program by Mike Whitfield


No one likes to look out of shape, obese, or bulky as it not only ruins the whole physique but also brings a number of health issues with it like cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart diseases to name a few. We can not only blame our sedentary lifestyles for this, but our careless behavior and skipping physical activities are also somewhat responsible for it, to a greater extent. There has been a number of products launched time and again with a sole purpose of trimming and leaning the body but the masses still seem to struggle when deciding what to buy and what not. This is due to the fact that people usually don’t clearly get how a particular fitness product works and how they can avail maximum benefits from it either due to ambiguous information or simply lack of attention on their part. However, a recently-launched product that has created a buzz on the internet is, The Achievable Body Blueprint by Mike Whitfield.

Read on to find out all the key points related to the Achievable Body program, including what it is about, features, pricing, benefits, and other relevant information that will thoroughly help and guide you in the decision making and buying process.

About the Achievable Body Blueprint Program

The Achievable Body Blueprint is a comprehensive system that helps to reduce weight by cutting down stubborn body fat through tuning the resting metabolic point of one’s body i.e. the number of calories being burnt by the body during the time of rest. It consists of some very unique and untraditional methods for correcting the Metabolic Damage – a prevalent condition, according to Mike, usually found in people over the age of thirty that makes it harder for them to indulge in strenuous exercising routines, so as to allow them to experience fruitful results. The users will discover a series of helpful videos that will assist them throughout the course of the program and tracking sheets that will record their daily progress towards the attainment of a leaner body. Mike has designed a detailed list of healthy food items that are required to be consumed by the users for four days a week and they can eat their favorite foods for the remaining three days. This Achievable Body Blueprint acts as a complete guide to increase one’s level of energy, reduce weight safely and achieve good health in not more than just a month, however individual results may vary. This product helps in weight loss by maintaining the overall hormonal balance responsible for weight loss, activating the ‘hot zones’ of the body without any need of undergoing tiring weight loss exercises, speeding up the resting metabolic rate with a healthy diet, along with allowing the users to eat all of their favorite food that will only help in burning fat and enabling them to achieve their ideal physique.

You will be delighted to know that’s not about it, there is still a lot more to The Achievable Body Blueprint program. It is also perfectly equipped with tried and tested tips, techniques, and tricks to flush out the harmful toxins from the body and aid in the digestion process that support the foundation of a healthy body and life.

Inside the Achievable Body Blueprint Program

Upon purchasing The Achievable Body Blueprint program which is an e-book with a PDF format, the users can access all of the aforementioned benefits from the comfort of their homes since its purely a digital product. Some of the peculiar features that it has to offer are as follows,

  • A comprehensive, simple and workable plan for weight loss: It is a novel method to keep your weight under control just by speeding up the rate of metabolism and achieving the desired body shape.
  • A motivational plan:It assists you in in dealing with your own body transformation in a way that suits you best.
  • Hot Zone Formula: It lets you transform the four hot spots of your body in a very little time without the need to be away from your home. You are able to burn almost 450% of calories while you are asleep or on work or driving.
  • Flat Belly Detox Solution just in 4 days:This is going to help remove poisonous toxins and swollen bags form your stomach. Furthermore, you will also be provided with a small list of foods to relish during these four days. Those foods are very scrumptious and will heal your gastrointestinal disorders so that your able to digest your food easily.
  • 21 Magical Secrets to Increase Your Rate of Metabolism: This Achievable Body program is equipped with 21 Magical Secrets to speed up your metabolism. This program does not require you to completely give up on your diet unlike majority of the fitness and diet programs nor does it stand in need of you to go through a number of tiring weight loss exercises allowing you to eat your favourite food and also improves the overall fitness.

The Achievable Body Blueprint – Target Market

The Achievable Body is suitable for both men and women who are ardent to lose weight and trim down their abdominal fat turning their dreams of a leaner physique into reality.

About the Author – Mark Whitfield

The Achievable Body is written by Mike Whitfield who is a renowned fitness trainer and has always been on the forefront when it comes to helping people in their varying fitness goals. He has authored a number of articles in the past that have been published in leading fitness journals and sites such as, Yahoo, Men’s Health, Turbulence Training, and Early to Rise that acknowledged his hard work and efforts in the fitness industry. He has also formulated fitness products time and again, that gained significant attention and recognition from the masses. Mike has spent a considerable part of his life being overweight that led him to embark on a fitness journey where he shed hundreds of pounds over a few years of time that encouraged him to become a personal trainer and help people struggling with obesity and stubborn body fat.

Side Effects

Since The Achievable Body consists of safe exercises and research based diet plans, there has been no reported side effects as of yet. All of the information in the program is backed by scientific facts that adds to its credibility and reliability.


The Achievable Body is available at a stunning price of only $37 including all the bonuses, if you decide to order it right away. The program has already brought tremendous results to thousands of people around the world and has changed their lives for nothing but the betterment.

Money Back Guarantee

The Achievable Body Blueprint is backed by rock solid 60-day money back guarantee that means the users can use the product for 60 days without any risk and can see if it meets their standards or not. In case they are not fully convinced, for whatever reasons, they can file for a full refund, with no questions asked.