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The Cinderella Solution System Review – A Weight Loss Program for Women

Cinderella Solution System is a complete weight loss program for women

Many of us need to lose weight, get fit, and generally improve our health in several aspects. After puberty, women especially go through some major changes in their bodies. This could result in us gaining weight very quickly, along with contracting several health issues related to weight.

Obesity and excessive fat on the body are not only uncomfortable and unsightly, but they have a depressing effect on our mood and personality. These unwanted pounds can also lead to the following:

·        High blood pressure

·        PCOS and other fertility issues

·        Heart problems due to the excess fat around major organs

·        Diabetes

If any female does experience being overweight for a considerable period of time, she would usually want to lose it as soon as possible. This is easier said than done, though, as many diet plans are formulated in a very general manner. They don’t take into account the usual issues that women have, nor do they consider the different hormone balances and other needs for an adult female. In fact, many diet programs out there are actually geared for high-impact workouts that assume a testosterone drive.

Fortunately, however, we do have a way out. With the growing awareness of the specific dietary needs for women, we now have the Cinderella Solution System. We’ll discuss this in more detail below in order to gauge what it actually offers:

About the Cinderella Solution System

The Cinderella Solution System is a weight loss program that’s designed specifically with women in mind. This means that it helps in losing weight along with balancing and regulating our natural hormone, including estrogen, cortisol, and insulin. This working helps to enhance the potential for losing weight and reducing unwanted fat from all over the body.

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The Name Behind Cinderella Solution System

The author of the Cinderella Solution System is Carly Donovan. She’s known as a pioneer within the weight loss industry and has been a known name there for the past decade. Once she realized how most of the workout-intensive, grueling weight loss programs out there weren’t good for women, she strove to design a program for filling that gap.

Donovan conducted her own research after trying out several other weight loss plans that are famous in the industry. Being overweight for a long time herself, she could empathize with other women and work out what it was that females needed to achieve effective and lasting weight loss.

The research by this pioneer was based on what the women in other countries did, as they don’t’ have nearly the same weight issues that the Western world has. After finding out some of their secrets, she then applied her formula to herself and the women in her circle.

What the Cinderella Solution System Consists Of

The Cinderella Solution System program consists of several components and covers around 28 days. There are two main phases here: Ignite and Launch, both 14 days long. The main working of these phases is based on the meal plans, which are comprised of specific food combinations. The food, of course, is designed specifically to encourage weight loss and reduce the dangerous deposits of excess fat in our body.

The findings of Carly Donovan revealed that high-calorie foods might not be the main culprit in gaining excessive weight after all. This is because women in China and Japan routinely ate such foods, but they were predominantly slim and fit. The real issue was the combination of the foods, which the Cinderella Solution System works upon.

Along with the food combinations available, the Cinderella Solution System also includes a light workout routine. This is low-impact, so any woman can attempt it without risking bodily harm. The gentle exercise will help to digest the foods and ensure that our metabolism stays on track.

The Ignite Phase:

The phase consists of eating three full meals a day for about two weeks. The meals are customized by Donovan herself and make use of certain food combinations that are designed to help in losing weight. This phase will also get us on the track to hormone regulation.

The Launch Phase:

This phase also lasts for two weeks and assigns 4 meals every day. The meals have different food combinations but are still written by the founder of the program herself. The food plans here are the same as the ones that Donovan used to lose more than 80 pounds.

About the Food Combinations

When we hear about the Cinderella Solution System, we naturally get curious about these mysterious food combinations. Fortunately, the program is transparent enough to reveal some of its combinations. This is quite heartening, as we may look up some of these combinations and see the benefits for ourselves. They include the following:

·        Green tea with mint

·        Berries with ricotta

·        Apples with chocolate

·        Garlic and fish

·        Sweet potatoes with Greek yogurt

Some of these combinations might sound strange, even unpalatable. However, we won’t know their effects until we try them out.

As an added bonus, there’s also the fact that the Cinderella Solution System is a digital offering. There’s no need for the purchase of any books, cards, or even meals. Once purchased, the program is available on any device with Internet access. If we prefer a hard copy, the program is in PDF form that we may easily print out.

Of course, there’s no telling whether the Cinderella Solution System is really the right program for us or not. If a female already has serious hormone imbalances or other health issues, they might need to eliminate some foods and substitute them with others. The same issue arises if someone is vegetarian or vegan.

Conclusion – Is The Cinderella Solution Worth Trying?

The Cinderella Solution System seems to be a viable answer to the frustrations of many women all over the country. Our unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles have made excess weight a very common issue, but this program just might work out for us. With the 60-day money-back guarantee in place, we’re not really risking anything.

Some might find the Cinderella Solution System a hefty investment, even with the assurance of a refund if things don’t work out. The good news is that there’s s special discount on this program right now, so we should hurry to the official website and take advantage of it!

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