Excess weight in the body is not only unsightly, but it also leads to several health problems. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems have all been linked to an unhealthy weight. These diseases can cause one to live a difficult life, and even lead to strokes or death.

On a more personal note, people who are overweight often face self-esteem issues and bullying, even if they are adults. Plus, they can’t fit into the clothes they like, either due to size problems or just because there isn’t much that looks flattering on them. They also feel self-conscious or embarrassed when they engage in some form of exercise, such as cycling, dancing, working out, or running. This leads to a vicious cycle when their sedentary lifestyle leads to even more weight gain.

This is where the Shepherd’s Diet may be of help. The Shepherd’s Diet is known as a weight loss biblical belly diet program that focuses on following Biblical principles for body health and fitness. This is a system that can be found and purchased online, and has been quite popular in 2017 so far. Since the Bible could be the oldest guidance manual in the world, it’s not surprising that a whole weight loss regimen could be based upon its principles and values.

About the Creator

Kristina Wilds, a devout and practicing Christian, is the founder of the Shepherd’s Diet. She worked on the belief that God has blessed us with a lot of things, especially the blessing of healing fats in our body. Whichever way one looks at it, this concept is certainly refreshing. After all, Christians do believe that the Bible contains every sort of guidance they need to live a best and most fulfilling life.

The meal plans of the Shepherd’s Diet are also unique in doing away with the low fat formula that most diet programs work with. This would be further discussed later on within this review, but it is sufficient to say that it has been too long now that sincere Christians are being fooled by the big pharmaceutical companies. The concept of fat being bad for you is immensely overrated, and the Shepherd’s Diet tends to go against exactly this.

Kristina’s presentation may be lengthy, but it does seem to drive her pint home; that we should not be so dependent on artificial and synthetic solutions for our health problems. These are not only creating massive dents in our pockets, but can also be even more dangerous for a human body than excessive weight gain itself. Thus, to move away from so-called miraculous plans or medicines that can potentially destroy a body while claiming to make it lose weight, Kristina Wilds has devised the Shepherd’s Diet. This can indeed be a breakthrough since it strives to get its users to put faith in the natural foods God has blessed them with, which include natural and healthy fats.

About the Shepherd’s Diet

There are myriads of diet programs and weight loss ‘miracles’ out there. The thing to remember while trying to lose weight is that not every program would suit every person. Everyone has a different family medical history, a different metabolism rate, blood group, activity level, etc. thus, one must understand what is required by their body before they commit to a certain program that may or may not help them in achieving their desired weight.

The Shepherd’s diet doesn’t make any tall claims, but it does help in enhancing overall body health, and it is to be hoped that mental wellness would also follow. This diet doesn’t focus on curbing the salty or sweet appetites of an overweight individual but it does help to restrict overall appetite. Overeating is the first way to weight gain, whether one eats salty or sweet foods in excess. Plus, curbing appetite in general would automatically lessen the amount of unhealthy foods consumed, leading to a more energetic lifestyle and a less problematic weight.

How Does the Shepherd’s Diet Work?

What the Shepherd’s does is that it makes its users concentrate on what the Holy Spirit has directed them to do. This system is based on Christianity principles and relies on assistance provided in the Bible. Thus, it drives its users to make the correct choices when it comes to nutrition. This means that not only the Shepherd’s Diet users are guided towards making and consuming nutritious meals, they would also be saving themselves from indulging into unhealthy eating habits.

Most of this program is based on the principle that gluttony, or overeating, is one of the seven deadly sins per the Bible. Overeating tends to be bad for a human both physically and spiritually. The physical effects include an unflattering body, embarrassment, diseases, and generally all the worldly inconveniences that come with being overweight.

On a spiritual level, eating too much is a gateway to giving in to one’s desires. Thus, with the Shepherd’s Diet, God’s command is heeded, and the body is respected for the temple that is for us. Over-indulgence and giving way to one’s wanton wishes is just as much to be avoided when it comes to food as when it comes to any worldly pleasure.

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The Truth about Fat

Those who are considering to use the Shepherd’s Diet program may find it strange that it recommends following a meal plan that is quite high in fat content. These fats are of the healthy kind, and can promote a healthier weight and lifestyle, keeping away the potential fatigue problems. In addition, the users of the Shepherd’s Diet could expect to lose up to 80 pounds by strict adherence to this regimen. Results may be seen in as little as two weeks, and users would probably feel much better and lighter inside after following the guidelines, as they do promote a healthy style of eating. However, individual results may vary.

Many people have been misguided towards believing that fatty foods are the main culprit in weight gain and sundry diseases. Several diet programs also blindly follow this belief, but it is far from true.

In fact, healthy fats provide special nourishment for the skin and promote a healthy digestive system. Therefore, the Shepherd’s Diet is so essential, when pollutants and impurities, processed foods have created havoc with the internal systems of most people, especially in the West.

Inside the Shepherd’s Diet

When consumers sign up for the Shepherd’s Diet program online, they will receive an e-guide, which is the main part of the program. This guide would tell them all they need to know to start pursuing their routines and putting suggested plans into action. There are several other materials that come with the guide, which can help the purchasers to significantly increase their chances of losing weight successfully; both while making use of this program, and afterwards as well. These materials include,

  1. What Jesus Would Eat: Grocery Field Guide
  2. “The Moses Secret” Fat Loss
  3. Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide
  4. Fat Burning Furnace Nutrients Report

These additional guides are essential for equipping the users with knowledge about the correct ingredients to be used in everyday meals. They are thus very useful in supporting them towards achieving their weight goals.

No Exercising Routine?

One glaring hole in the Shepherd’s Diet is that there doesn’t seem to be a workout regimen.  This could be quite a major drawback as exercise is as important to weight loss as the curbing of appetite. In addition to weight loss, exercise is also essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, increased strength and energy, and overall body fitness and wellness.

However, since there doesn’t appear to be a workout system within the Shepherd’s Diet, any user may include a decent workout into their daily routine. This would supplement the regimen with strength training to go along with the diet plans.

The Meal Plan of the Shepherd’s Diet

The formulation of the Shepherd’s Diet plan is as unique as its concept. It is said that losing weight depends 10% on exercise and 90% on healthy eating. While exercise is just as important, the Shepherd’s Diet focuses on the healthy eating part of the weight loss journey.

The diet plan of this system uses holy herbs, whole foods, and, of course, healthy fats. If users customize these plans as per to their activity levels and corresponding needs, they could not only end up losing weight, but would also probably look younger and fresher.

Shepherd’s Diet – What Does It Tell Us?

The Shepherd’s Diet is not impossible to follow; rather, it is structured around controlling one’s viewpoint of food, not a hard, military regimen of denial and starvation. First, the guide provided would tell their readers to simply stop eating when they aren’t hungry anymore. There is a scientific backing to this suggestion, as the stomach takes twenty minutes to let the brain know that it’s full. By eating slowly and stopping the second they feel full or satiated, individuals could massively cut down on the number of calories they are consuming in one sitting.

It also let users know that they should eat in accordance to their activity level. If one is not burning off the calories they consume, the calories become excess fat in the body. By eating just enough while sustaining the current activity level, the calories do not become unhealthy for the body.

The Shepherd Diet’s – Pricing

The total current cost of the Shepherd’s Diet is $47. Immediately after payment is made, the users would be able to view the guides and curriculum provided by this program. Materials are accessible and viewable on any device that has an Internet connection or access to Wi-Fi. It could be a smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet. The Shepherd’s Diet is extremely convenient and up-to-date in this regard. Additionally, the Shepherd Diet’s creators consider the fact that everyone is different. While they do believe that the Biblical principles they follow are universal, refunds are possible within 60 days of purchase if the customers are not fully satisfied for whatever reason, with no questions asked.

The Shepherd’s Diet – Customer Support

Contacting the creators of the Shepherd’s Diet themselves is not difficult at all. If any interested party has any questions about this interesting method, its customer service team is available on, or by phone call on 855-232-7437.

The Shepherd’s Diet – Conclusion

This regimen doesn’t affect one’s routine too much, which is not surprising, given that it doesn’t provide any exercise guidelines. However, what it does do is introduce its users to the influence of God on their lives, urging them to put their trust in Him and what He has decreed in the Bible.

Mostly small differences and changes are emphasized in the Shepherd’s Diet. It doesn’t deprive its consumers of the foods they love, nor does it let them get out of hand with overeating. If users would simply learn the position of food in relation to what their faith tells them, they would probably understand just how important it is to not put their eating on such a pedestal as some are sadly prone to do.

However, it is important that the weight loss journey with the Shepherd’s Diet be complemented with some sort of exercise, light or moderate, whatever users prefer. If this is ignored, then the weight problem could very well turn into a sagging skin problem. The fats imbibed in the Shepherd’s Diet and a good workout a few times a week would probably keep one’s skin youthful and fresh.

Other than the exercising problem, the Shepherd’s Diet seems to be a fresh and interesting plan for those who need to overcome their weight loss plateaus. It makes users adopt a whole new way of looking at food, which would greatly help them in their journey towards self-fulfillment. This fulfillment could be both in terms of weight loss and self-actualization.

The Shepherd's Diet is a unique weight loss program that allows both men and women to lose weight from the tips from the Bible

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