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Turapür Filtration System Review – Is it Worth the Hype?


Water is an essential necessity for every living thing to survive. Apart from this inevitable role in human life, it is also an extremely helpful substance that energizes body, enhances the beauty of skin and strengthens muscles and bones, but recent research shows that one can gain maximum benefits and allow it to work effectively on body if the pH of the water being consumed, is slightly higher than the normal tap water. This gives rise to a rather obvious question, where to get such water from? Catering to this growing need, a recently launched, BPA-free, Turapür Water Ionizing System has created a buzz in the industry as it ensures that its users get maximum benefits from drinking water. It is an exclusive filter machine which contains a useful antioxidant named Free Hydrogen that triggers the benefits of water and even adds a bit of taste into it making it pleasing to the users’ taste buds. The Japanese inventor behind Turapür calls it “The Fountain of Youth”, as it keeps the body refreshed and energetic the entire day.

About the Product

Based on our research, unlike other filtration systems that only purify water, Turapür filter does multiple jobs, from purifying water to enhancing the water abilities of boosting health, this filter has been observed to be making water more beneficial for the human body. Manufactured by a Japanese scientist, the body of Turapür filtration system consists of two parts; Turapür Water Pitcher and Turapür Countertop.

Here’s how both of these parts contribute to the effective functioning of the overall Turapür Water Ionizing System.

Turapür Water Pitcher

Turapür’s Pitcher is made up of BPA-free plastic, and is covered with multiple layers which include NSF-certified activated carbon that works for the betterment of taste of the water and eliminate odors from it, and a layer of ion exchange resin that softens the water. Pitcher is where the hydrogen is released and dissolved in the water with the help of magnesium, infrared ceramics, and tourmaline.

Turapür Water Pitcher has a number of plus points including better taste of water whilst increasing its benefits by eight times as it raises the level of pH up to 9 on scale. Since it’s portable, the users can easily carry it anywhere with them eliminating the possibility of drinking dirty water when they are on road trips or picnics. And the best part is that it requires absolutely no assembling or installation. In addition, it can be easily fitted on the refrigerator ensuring maximum storage.

Turapür Countertop

Now this is where magic happens, Countertop has super mechanical filtration that transforms normal tap water into an energy drink full of anti-oxidants. The countertop has an initial layer of filtration that is carefully composed of special KDF Process Media ensuring the safety of water, further supported by 15 patents and an NSF International certification. There’s also a Nuchar Aquaguard layer with highly activated carbons which works as a great absorbent of harmful toxins. This is where water gets more purifier with the inclusion of magnesium, tourmaline and infrared ceramic layers that increases the pH of water to turn into a refreshing and beneficial drink. It just not makes the taste of the water better but also works to remove the odor from it if there’s any. It fills the water with hydrogen so that whenever you take a sip, the active hydrogens flow into your body and circulate around refreshing every part of the body. Being 3.5 inches wide and 11.5 inches tall, it requires minor installation which you can do on your own just by fixing it on your kitchen sink.

How does it Work?

Turapür Water Ionizing System is very easy to use and has no moving parts. The users can easily make it work by simply turning on the sink and let the tap water go through it. Turapür filter consists of 500 gallons, and so can last for at least six months for an average family. The users are carefully guided on Turapür installation and working through the provision of a comprehensive pictorial manual and instructional videos online right after their purchase.


Interested individuals can purchase Turapür Water Ionizing System from its official website only, in order to avoid falling prey to potential scam and bogus sites. The replacement filters vary in prices and the single one is for $129 excluding shipping charges. If the consumers decide to order Turapür filter right away they can avail the discounted offer on replacement filters for $99 with absolutely free shipping. The consumers need not to worry about the safety of the billing process as it is perfectly safe and secure. The team behind Turapür Pitcher uses the popular complex encryption technology that is currently used by a number of electronic retailing giants out there in the industry as it ensures the safety, and protection of users’ data.

Customer Support

The manufacturers behind Turapür Pitcher place utmost priority on providing unmatched customer services and assistance to its valuable clients. Right after joining, the users will be given a special customer service number that can be accessed anytime by them for any possible questions, queries, or feedback. In addition, they will also be given an email address specially created for them so that they can mail in any comments or questions regarding the product. The customer service team makes sure that they get back to each and every query as soon as possible.

Money Back Guarantee

The Turapür Water Ionizing System is purely a risk-free investment as the manufacturers have backed it by a rock-solid 100% three-year warranty. The users will be provided with an opportunity to get any of their defective parts replaced for absolutely free of cost. However, the users must bear in mind that Turapür Pitcher is available in a limited quantity, and it takes effort and hard work to prepare and assemble it before its shipped, and so the company won’t accept any returns without any genuine reason and so one should be careful to not just go on and buy it for simply “trying”.


Turapür Pitcher Water Ionizer is a groundbreaking water filter that primarily aims to enhance the health benefits one would gain from consuming water. Since Turapür water serves as an antioxidant for the human body, it provides numerous health benefits to the users, revitalizing their cells providing beautiful skin, strong joints, and increased physical energy.