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White Glo Diamond Series Review – Worth Buying or Not?

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No matter how hard we try, we can never really put into words how important a shiny white smile is and how immensely it affects our overall appearance. Due to this fact, people willingly tend to go to that extra mile to make their smiles more attractive, by getting either professional teeth-whitening services or by using over-the-counter whitening strips/toothpastes to achieve a shiny, pearly white smile they can flaunt and boost their overall self-confidence. In addition to it, in recent years, with a rapid advancement of technology, we have seen a constant stream of unbelievable innovational techniques and creativity in the aesthetic dental, and cosmetics dentistry that has paved way to a number of revolutionary oral care products especially teeth whitening procedures and services that bring about stellar results to the users without irritating the gums. These techniques, however, cost a fortune and not everyone is able to afford them.

There is also a prevailing misconception that over the counter and in-home teeth-whitening products do not deliver effective results and even if they do, they somewhat impair the gums and cause tooth sensitivity in the long run. This is obviously not the case all the time, and many drug store teeth whitening products have done wonders and built a decent consumer base that trusts and supports them. One of such brands is White Glo that has managed to stand out of the clutter by delivering prolific results to its users and making its way to the consideration set of its consumers.

In this review, we will take a closer look at White Glo’s recently-launched, potent, and revolutionary product, Diamond Series Advanced Whitening Kit, its usage, pricing, and how it aids in teeth-whitening without any serious consequences.

About the Company – White Glo

White Glo entered the at-home teeth-whitening industry in 1993 by Barros Laboratories and is now regarded as one of the global leaders of the niche by providing quality results and guaranteed satisfaction to its users. It has also been constantly improving and innovating ensuring that every product, the White Glo line has to offer is above the mark in terms of efficacy and reliability. White Glo toothpastes are carefully formulated by renowned Australian Dentists and are a result of rigorous research, trials, and testing. They comprise of special Micro-Polishing Particles that provide them with a decent competitive edge over other products as they effectively lighten the discolorations and stains on tooth enamel that often appear upon the consumption of certain foods and drinks that are strong in color like tea, coffee, chocolates, and the like. White Glo has a huge global presence and is widely available in renowned store outlets such as Boots, Tesco, Woolworths, Cora, Superdrug and in over 10,000 leading retailers in more than 20 countries around the globe. Tens of thousands of consumers, around the globe, buy White Glo products daily, with its main presence in countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Russia, and 30 other countries.

White Glo’s revolutionary at-home teeth whitening products will now be entering the United States and aims to seize a unique place among the minds of its consumers there by delivering them stellar results and unmatched value for their time, attention, and money.

Home Teeth Whitening – Yay or Nay?

Upon browsing through the internet and coming across real user reviews about at-home teeth whitening procedures and my own experience with it, it can be safely concluded that the overall demand for these products have considerably risen in recent years. One of the reason for this huge demand is that professional/ in-office whitening, and laser treatments are highly expensive and can cost around anywhere from $250 to $2,500, and not everyone is able to take advantage of it either due to financial reasons or the follow up procedures.

White Glo enjoys a reputable image in the global oral care industry and its extensive line of  patient-applied teeth whitening products have proved efficient and potent in providing a pearly white smile to its users. The company prides itself in taking advantage of the recent advancements in oral care technology and works to revolutionize its product line above and beyond to best satisfy its consumers. Many users prefer White Glo at-home teeth whitening solutions as they are easy on the pocket and are way too affordable than the aforementioned professional techniques without compromising on quality. The users also benefit from convenience along with an enhanced effectiveness, long-lasting results, and a smile they can rock all the time.

About White Glo Diamond Series Advanced Whitening Kit

White Glo Diamond Series is an advanced and the most effective teeth whitening system by the company to have ever produced. It has a mild and subtle formula that lifts stains from the teeth making them shiny like a diamond without any abrasion. It is easy and convenient to use and has an exclusive Instant-Fit mouth tray that doesn’t need any molding or heating and will easily form itself to the shape of your teeth, both upper and lower.

Diamond Series Advanced Whitening Kit – What’s Inside ?

In addition to an instant-fit mouth tray and diamond series whitening gel, the users will also get a full-size tube of White Glo Professional Choice toothpaste that has been endorsed by Autralian  Dental Association and was originally developed for models and actors.

Diamond Series Advanced Whitening Kit – How to Use it?

The users are advised to apply the gel from the tube to instant-fit mouth trays and placed them on teeth for a good 5 minutes at least, and then rinse the mouth for a shiny, pearly smile.

Read More About The Usage Here

Side Effects

White Glo products have no reported side effects whatsoever such as gum irritation, and tooth-sensitivity, to date. The Diamond Series Advanced Whitening Kit has a mild formula that lightens the teeth over the course of a few days depending on the stubbornness of the stain in a safe and secure way. A number of people with discolored teeth have reported significant difference in the color of their teeth upon consistent usage as recommended. In addition, neither of the White Glo products has ever been tested on animals as the company has a strict policy against animal testing. This is why, White Glo has reported phenomenal growth in the global market as its products continue to deliver unmatched results safely and efficiently.


White Glo Diamond Series Advanced Whitening Kit is currently priced at $29.95 and can be easily bought from the company’s official website.

White Glo – 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

In case the users feel that White Glo Diamond Series has failed to live up to their marks they can avail the 14-day guarantee and contact the company for a full refund, without any hassle.

White Glo – Recommended by Dentists

Since the White Glo products are carefully formulated by leading Dentists in Australia, they bear the Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) Seal of Approval for safety and efficacy and hence are safe to use.

Final Verdict – Should You Buy White Glo?

Taking into account the aforementioned points, it can be safely concluded that White Glo Diamond Series is an affordable at-home teeth whitening option that has delivered stellar results to its users. Since it was initially developed for celebrities, and models, it is the most effective product of their entire line and so is a pretty decent deal.

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