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Abs After 40 – Get in Shape Even After the Age of 40

Abs after 40 is an exclusive program for men over 40 that allows them to get back in shape and live a healthy life

We all strive to stay fit and healthy either by indulging in rigorous workout sessions or by following strict diet plans. But once you pass the age of 40, it is no less than a challenge to tone down the body and achieve your ideal physique. Even though the market is flooded with thousands of fitness programs, most of them are either incompetent of delivering the desired results or just don’t cater the above 40 age-group target market. When a person is 40 or older, his overall hormone system somehow starts deteriorating and he suffers from a terrible body posture, crepe-like skin, bulky body, and achy joints with their dreams of muscle gains going down the drain. Well, usually people give up at the thought of building any muscle at that age, let alone gaining muscle mass.

Amid the crowded marketplace, I managed to find a worthy and effective fitness program named, Abs After 40 specifically designed for people above 40 to achieve their fitness goals. It not only has a different approach to mainstream fitness systems available in the market but also has a stellar record of providing real time results to the users. Having a huge customer base around the world, Abs after 40 is regarded as a revolutionary fitness guide that allows men to tone down their abs, gain muscle, and completely transform their bodies to the shape they have always dreamed of.

Read on to find out all the necessary information you need to know about Abs after 40, including its features, working, and benefits.

About Abs After 40

Abs after 40 is formulated by Mark Mcilyar, who was badly overweight five years ago. Poor physique, aging skin, and bulking belly fat pushed him to go to every limit possible to get back into shape and attain toned abs despite being over 40. Through his research, and constantly indulging into trial and error, he found out that many available fitness programs were pretty far-fetched for his physical ability and stamina, and they don’t take into account the changing male hormone system. Hence, he developed Abs after 40 that is a result of his intensive years of research featuring exercises, and nutritional guide that supports the hormonal changes in men and allow them to shed belly fat, build muscle, and achieve a toned physique.

Mark has gone through an incredible transformation with his Abs after 40 program
Mark Mcilyar’s incredible transformation

Abs after 40 is a 90-day workout training program that aims to provide complete assistance and guidance on every step of your fitness journey. The users will learn eating tips and tricks, and exercises through the professionally embedded 12 hours of high-quality and high-definition footage. These videos will be made accessible to the users after their purchase and they can watch them from the comfort of their homes at any time they want. One of the common struggles that we normally face when trying out a new fitness program is to convince ourselves to remain motivated till the end. The struggle is more real when you are above the age of 40 and want to achieve a kickass body. Acknowledging this commonly-faced struggle, Mark has made sure that his users remain on track, feel determined, motivated, and dedicated to the program by continuously reminding them why they started off in the first place and the feel of achieving their ultimate goals.

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Inside the Abs after 40

Abs after 40 comprises of 3 phases, richly equipped with tried and tested exercising methods and techniques that support and maintain an optimal men hormonal system required to achieve a toned body. It is perfectly customized to the needs and issues of men over 40 and hence all the workouts are carefully formulated taking into account the physical ability and vigor of target users. Mark has strategically designed these phases to stabilize the hormones, burn stubborn belly fat, and allow the users achieve a nicely toned abs. These phases are discussed below,

  1. Kicking Off With Fat Loss

This phase basically centers upon breaking down the cycle that bridges between the imbalance hormones and bulking belly fat. When the hormones are imbalanced, the body tends to store more fat around the belly and vice versa. This is why, it is important to first work to shed that belly fat off, so as to make the workouts are as effective as possible. This is what this phase is all about. Prepping your body to embark on an effective fat loss journey is very important so that the exercises you are going to perform later can show visible results.

  1. Optimizing the Male Hormone System

The second phase is about optimizing the male hormone system so that the body can undergo visible transformational changes. Before moving onto this phase, the users will have already gotten rid of their belly fat and will be able to push towards balancing their hormones. This will be achieved by making the users indulge in compound exercises carefully formulated to optimize the hormones and build muscle. Compound exercises are versatile and have the tendency to work with various joints at the same time boosting multiple muscles growth. Another plus point of these exercises is that even with minimal movements, major muscle groups can be stimulated. Research has shown that an optimized male hormone system brings a wide range of benefits to an individual. This include, muscle building, muscle and joint support, fat loss, boosted sex drive, and fast metabolism. The users are going to feel a whole lot different in terms of their appearance towards the end of this phase. They will now be promoted to the last phase.

3.      Turning the Body into a Fat Burning Machine

In this phase, the users will be enlightened and motivated to work on achieving a fully-defined, ripped, and a toned set of six pack abs in the shortest period of time possible. The quest for this lean muscular body will introduce them to a relatively new way of ab training tailored to men over 40. These workouts are called A40s and consists of Mark’s 4 most effective and prolific ab training methods that addresses both ab and core muscles at the same time. A40s has proved to have versatile effects on the body as it provides the body with the benefits of other workouts allowing it to optimize the hormones, shed belly fat, and build muscle in a relatively quicker way. By the end of this phase, the users are expected to feel rejuvenated and toned and their bodies will switch to a “Full Auto Mode” that Mark believes is the state in which they will continue to improve with minimal maintenance. Since the body will be able to maintain a sustainable hormone system, the users can flaunt a six pack abs and muscles they have always wanted.

Abs After 40 – Benefits

Following are some of the amazing benefits associated with the Abs After 40 Program.

·         The users will be able to reduce and shed the stubborn belly fat by controlling one macronutrient.

·         By introducing three vital adjustments into the exercising routines, the users will be able to get strengthened joints, muscles, and better recovery power.

·         Each one of us may have undergone some injuries that have a lasting impact on our bodies. Abs after 40 discusses three effective ways to successfully overcome past injuries, and pain enhancing physical ability.

·         Since the users will be motivated than ever before, they are expected to notice an increased interest in their past hobbies.

·         The A40 exercises will allow the users to attain a toned, lean waist line, a well-defined stomach, and even six-pack abs. They will also be able to perform better at the gym, and their favorite teenage sport games by optimizing their male hormones.

·         The users will achieve a strong immune system to keep the illnesses, fatigue, and pain at bay, feeling healthy and rejuvenated than ever before.

·         Abs after 40 provides with an enhanced sex drive by requiring the users to consume certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs backed up by scientific studies.

·         Most important of all, the users will be able to rock an ideal and transformed physique even after crossing their 40s.

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Abs After 40 – Additional Bonuses

Mike has also included his two best-selling guides as a bonus for all the users who decide to buy Abs after 40 without any delay. These bonuses are briefly discussed below,

·         Free 14 day trial to Abs After 40 Nutritional System

Since the diets have a considerable impact on male hormone system, Mike shares his nutritional guide enlightening the users how mealAn ebook with complete nutritional guide is provided to better assist the users in their fat loss timings and macronutrients can optimize the hormones. This is not a strict diet plan, rather it allows the users to prepare and eat the meals they love including cheat meals, in as little as 60 minutes. The video tutorials teach the users the entire meal prep process, without disrupting their budget.

·         How To Deal With Common Injuries & Gym Problems E-book

Mike shares his tried and tested tips and tricks on how to overcomUsers will learn tips on how to tackle with injuries with this ebooke past injuries and pain, while boosting their recovery power and joint support. The users will also learn what supplements and vitamins to use for enhancing energy and muscle growth while they are on their way to a ripped body.

Abs After 40 – Pricing

Abs after 40 is currently having a 50% off for first 500 men who want to try it, for a limited time only. Interested individuals have to act right away to grab this opportunity and get into the shape of their dreams.

Money Back Guarantee

Abs after 40 is backed by a rock-solid 60-day money back guarantee, and so if, for any reason, the users feel like it hasn’t really worked for them, they can contact the customer service department at support@GetAbsAfter40.com or via phone at 800-655-8576 (for US) and 855-520-7596 (for International Callers)

Final Verdict

Abs after 40 has been on the market for a while now, and with an astonishing customer base around the world, it is absolutely worth trying. Many mainstream fitness programs fail because they don’t take into account the changing body of an individual and the role of hormones. Abs after 40 has made its mark by actually focusing on shedding belly fat and optimizing the male hormone system coupled with compound exercises to allow the users transform their bodies regardless of their age. Backed by a money back guarantee, its worth a try as the users will have nothing to lose.

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    • It’s primarily designed for men over the age of 40 who struggle to get back in shape.
      There are other programs for young women too, tailored to their needs 🙂