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Zenith Labs BP Optimizer (BP Zone) 2020 Review – Stabilizing Blood Pressure for a Better Life?

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LATEST UPDATE 2020 – Zenith Labs BP Optimizer has been renamed to BP Zone, with an improved formulation, blood pressure support, and end results. Read more about BP Zone from its official website here.

Blood pressure problems are all too common in the modern world these days. Unfortunately, such issues can lead to an unpredictable heath situation, and make normal life a challenge to lead. Whether its stress, heat, or other health problems, patients with fluctuating blood pressure can face a threat to their very lives without much warning.

While OTC medications may help some people, it seems more and more apparent that they may not be suitable for everyone. In fact, they could cause some side effects or even cause the patient to become immune to them. This issue usually arises because they use synthetic ingredients and chemicals that may do more harm than good.

So if we’re not getting the results we need from conventional modern medicine, what then? Luckily, there are quite a few naturally sourced alternatives available today.

Introducing the BP Optimizer

One major supplement that is known for dealing with blood pressure issues and their symptoms is the BP Optimizer. This is a health booster that consists of no less than thirteen naturally sourced ingredients. Each of these components is now for dealing with problematic blood pressure in a most effective manner.

Staying close to nature in this manner means that there’s less chance of side effects like allergies, immunity, addiction, etc. Plus, a slight overdose would be no cause to worry, since the ingredients are found in nature and are safe for human consumption.

Who is BP Optimizer For?

If we find our blood pressure escalating at an alarming rate from time to time, we should really consider a supplement like the BP Optimizer. This is because unpredictable blood pressure has the following negative effects on our lives.

  • An increased possibility of stroke
  • More risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Less ability to enjoy life without worrying
  • More stress due to ill health

About the Company – Zenith Labs

If we’re going to look at the BP Optimizer as a beneficial addition to our lifestyle, we should know something about where it comes from. Fortunately, the maker and vendor of this supplement for healthy blood pressure is Zenith Labs. Having this company as the one behind our supplements means:

  • We’ll be getting healthy supplements from a company that’s well-known reputable and has been in the industry for several years
  • We can be sure of receiving naturally sourced supplements that are the result of innovative and up-to-date research
  • We may also be fairly confident of getting the desired results after properly using a supplement, since the track record for this company is quite impressive

Apart from Zenith Labs, there’s also an expert named Dr. Ryan Shelton behind the BP Optimizer. He is a dedicated pursuer of holistic health methods, herbal alternatives to modern synthetic medicine, and how we can achieve a great body inside and out. Hence, we can rest assured that the BP Optimizer is an excellent offer that has experience, research, and know-how behind it.

Ingredients – What is it Made of?

There is a total of thirteen herbs in this formula. These have been traced to some old Spanish villages, whose residents have virtually no issues with their heart, cholesterol, or blood pressure. In addition to the history behind these ingredients, they have also withstood the test of time and painstaking research. Furthermore, they have been known to actively work against the usual major blood pressure triggers. Let’s take a look at these seemingly magical ingredients below:

Saffron – This is a super valuable and potent spice; whose health benefits are renowned the world over. Having this in the BP Optimizer formula would mean that inflammation in the arteries and oxidation of body cells would probably be alleviated.

Hawthorn Berry – With this ingredient, our heartbeat can get stable, and our stamina enhanced. What’s more, this berry is also reputed for opening the flow of blood in there arteries. Hence stable cholesterol and blood pressure readings may also be expected when one consumes this healthy component.

Calcium – This is one of the main building blocks of our bones and hence is necessary for literally holding our bodies together. With a calcium deficiency of this nutrient, several diseases come into place. When the BP Optimizer fulfills our necessary quota of calcium, we can look forward to a better immune system.

Ginger – Ginger is not just great for the digestive system but also for healthy arteries. It can show results very quickly, and does so by showing healthy levels of blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol. What’s more, ginger also fights oxidative stress, leaving our body cells cleaner and much healthier than before.

The ingredients above are not only natural, but are also pure as they are not mixed with any synthetic chemicals, additives, or mixtures that could compromise a patient’s health further. There are, of course, several more ingredients in the formula. Among their names are those of hibiscus, magnesium, arjuna, etc. All of these are very well-known for improving our health in terms of proper blood flow, cleansing, and reducing inflammation.

Learn More About the Health Benefits of These Ingredients Here

Benefits of the BP Optimizer

Along with the excellent benefits given by the ingredients, there are several features and benefits of the BP Optimizer itself. These include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • A scientific background, with an experienced doctor rooting for our health all the way!
  • Active ingredients that each directly work on some trigger of blood pressure and other serious diseases.
  • The ingredients are in a special and effective ratio to one another, giving this supplement more effectiveness than if we were to use these herbs on our own
  • The working of the supplement does not interfere with or decrease the performance of other body systems and functions.
  • No side effects have been reported by users as yet

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Recommended Dosage 

As a dietary supplement, the users are suggested to take two capsules daily, or prescribed by their medical professional.


BP Optimizer is currently available at three different price points, backed by a rock-solid money back guarantee. The users can choose from the following discounted packages that better suit their needs.

  • 30-Day Supply for $49 (Save $30)
  • 6-Month Supply for $33 per bottle (Save $276)
  • 90-Day Supply for $39 per bottle (Save $120)

Conclusion – Is BP Optimizer Worth it?

When we look at all its aspects, the BP Optimizer has some really unique and useful qualities. With the natural ingredients and the high level of research behind it, we shouldn’t have anything to worry about. However, there is always the possibility that someone’s body may not respond as well to the use of this supplement as most others. For those, there is always the option of returning the formula and getting a full refund. Since we now don’t have to worry about the financial investment, we should really try the BP Optimizer out or recommend it to those we care about.

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Date Last Updated: 21st March, 2020

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