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Vita Balance CLA 2000 Review – A Dietary Supplement for Effective Weight Management

CLA 2000 is a dietary supplement by Vita Balance that aids in weight loss and healthy immunity

Weight management greatly depends on the adopted lifestyle habits including physical activities and dietary routine. Unlike the perception of weight management being only about weight loss, it is more about maintaining overall good health. A healthy body mass index indicates the health of an individual and the ideal weight to maintain. Dietary habits and physical routine can be adjusted according to the healthy weight range depending on sex, age and height. A healthy diet is more than just eating less than what you’re eating now. Preferring quality over quantity is the key to remaining healthy fit over long term which means reducing the meals will not do much good. A balanced diet is what our body requires to maintain a healthy balance for the immune system to run smooth.

A healthy immune system needs all essential ingredients to enable all organs for working efficiently. All ingredients may not be easily taken from the diet intake we have these days which makes it necessary to add supplements that may help. Human body is a machine which works well if the fuel is powerful containing nutrients to boost up energy. Dietary supplements like CLA 2000 have all properties for maintaining healthy weight and reducing extra fat deposits.

What Does CLA 2000 do?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a dietary supplement to provide naturally effective ingredients for better weight management, and an improved immune system. CLA is a fat derived from dairy products, beef and other foods containing high amount of polyunsaturated fats. Research has proved that fats do not do harm to our body in fact they are really helpful acting as a weight loss catalyst.

CLA 2000 is known best for its weight loss properties as it helps in blocking weight gain. It also helps in building healthy muscles to attain a healthy immune system. CLA fats are extracted from natural sources to benefit the body in every possible way. It is best for consumption by people who can’t obtain enough amount of CLA from dairy and beef. The dietary supplement is a healthy substitute for the body to save it from deprivation of CLA fatty acid.

What are the Benefits of CLA 2000?

Weight loss is often linked to unhealthy crash diets which deprive the body of essential fats and nutrients resulting in weakness over long term period. Such a weight loss therapy does no good for the body as it gets weak and the lost weight comes back in no time. CLA 2000 is an effective dietary supplement which promotes weight loss by stimulation of the fat burning process. The process helps increase lean muscle mass making the body stronger and healthier. Maintaining a healthy immune system is never easy with weight loss as the body loses many nutrients as a result of rapid therapies. Therefore, it is never recommended to reduce weight through the diet programs that are unhealthy. It is healthier to add up a dietary supplement in daily routine which helps build mass, healthy immune system, lean muscle, and burns fats. All these properties are found in CLA 2000 and is therefore the best way for managing weight.

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Ingredients – What Does CLA 2000 Contain?

CLA is like the essential fatty acids which help the body to boost metabolic rates and burn fats as a result. This fat cannot be produced by the body and is therefore consumed from other sources like beef and dairy.

CLA 2000 is made up of natural ingredients
CLA 2000 – Supplement Facts

The ingredients of CLA 2000 dietary supplement is natural extract from Safflower, Fats, and Conjugated Lioneic Acid. The natural sources are more beneficial for weight management as they do no harm to the body. Other ingredients of CLA 2000 are Gelatin, Glycerin and Purified Water.

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Is CLA 2000 Right For You?

CLA 2000 is beneficial for people looking to lose unwanted body fat. This dietary supplement nourishes the body with the essential fatty acids which boost metabolic rates. The increase in metabolic rates stimulates the fat burning process as a result. The fatty acids are attained from all natural sources so as to benefit the immune system as much as possible. Stronger immunities build a better environment for the nutrients entering the body, and nourish it in a healthy way.

Recommended Dosage of CLA 2000

CLA 2000 dietary supplement is available in a bottle containing 60 soft gels. Recommended serving size is 2 soft gels per day which should not be exceeded. The nutrients per serving size of 2 soft gels are mentioned on the bottle based on a 2000 calorie diet for each day.

CLA 2000 can be used daily with a meal or as recommended by their physician
CLA 2000 – Suggested Use

The recommended dosage should not be exceeded as it may cause serious side effects like accumulation of fat in the liver. This may lead to metabolic syndrome which makes weight management more difficult rather than improving it. Large doses may also affect the immune system adversely by disturbing cholesterol levels and insulin levels.


CLA 2000 is currently available in 3 packages.

  • 1 Bottle (60 Soft gels) for 30 days is priced for $24.95.
  • 2 Bottles (120 Soft gels) for 60 days is priced for $46.96.
  • 4 Bottles plus 1 Bottle FREE (300 Soft gels) for 150 days is priced for $93.90.

Conclusion- Is CLA 2000 Worth Trying?

CLA 2000 is an effective dietary supplement for people trying to lose weight in a healthy way. It is a product derived from natural ingredients and is considered safe for use. There are no side effects associated with CLA 2000 if taken as per the recommended dose. However, any resulting side effects should be reported to a medical expert to know the underlying cause.

CLA 2000 is a natural source of essential fatty acids and is therefore beneficial for health. CLA lowers the risk of heart diseases, builds up a healthy immune system to stay away from damage. The body does not produce such fatty acids which makes it important to consume them from the safest natural sources. Many feedbacks on CLA 2000’s official website show the product’s reliability and safety for usage. The website bewares the users of scams and imitations of their original product which contain harmful additives and can be unsafe. Therefore, it is always wise to buy the product from its official website.

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