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Food4Patriots Review – The Real Survival Kit?

Food4Patriots are highly nutritious food kits that are safely packed in a water proof tote bags

In these days of global political unrest and climate change, there’s a huge threat to the way of living we’ve gotten used to. At any moment, we may be attacked by other countries or a natural disaster. It’s no longer logical or feasible to think that such things happen only to other people or other countries. All we have to do is look at the recent slew of events that have happened within the United States.

Hurricane Katrina rendered many people homeless, with many others losing their lives. Not all the deaths or injuries were unavoidable, though. With the proper survival kit on our side, we can be prepared for any emergency.

The Food4Patriots kit is centered on this very thinking; if the victims of a man-made or natural disaster had the basic means of survival, casualties could stay at a bare minimum. Since we’ve all seen the havoc that a hurricane, war, cyclone, or floods can cause, we definitely want to prepare for such possibilities.

However, is the Food4Patriots product really worth the price we pay for it? Considering the alternatives and looking at its benefits can certainly help us to make that decision before placing an order.

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Storing Food On Our Own

Many people may already have started stockpiling canned, dried, and other kinds of foods that are non-perishable to a certain extent. Other may have a whole bomb shelter built in the basement of their houses or very near them.

However, the generic kind of cans from the supermarket pose several problems. They can burst when exposed to eat; expire within a few months, and generally don’t last as long as we may need them to. When disaster strikes, we may find ourselves stuck with a pile of bad and rotting food that would be worse than useless in such a situation.

With the Food4Patriots packages on hand, though, this may not be the case. We’ll discuss these meals and their benefits below.

About Food4Patriots

Food4Patriots provides us with survival kits consisting of pre-packaged foods. These are specially designed to provide all the nutrition an average human needs on a daily basis. Plus, this is the kind of food that would hold out for a long, long time. The Food4Patriots food packages may even stay edible for around 25 years.

The 4Patriots Group of Companies

The people behind the Food4Patriots packages are called the 4Patriots. This company was founded by Frank Bates and has its headquarters in Nashville. The main focus here was to protect Bates and those close to him from dehydration and starvation should some disaster strike.

This company has an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and is now dedicated to providing packages for those with a similar foresight.

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Benefits of the Food4Patriots Packages

Below, we’ve broken down the value of the kits provided by Food4Patriots and discussed each benefit separately. This would hopefully help out those of us who are on the fence about ordering these packages:

  •    The kits comprise of whole meals that are engineered to last in a scientifically-approved manner. Our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners hence come packaged in sealed, airtight containers. These are super easy to store and would make sure the contents last a long time.
  •    The airtight containers are also easy to conceal on our person or inside a bag. This is an important factor since any word of our having rations during an emergency can make us a target for those who didn’t have the foresight to prepare beforehand.
  •    The food containers are light enough to transport easily. We can hence travel to safety when needed without having to leave our food behind.
  •    The Food4Patriots meals consist of ingredients grown and harvested in the USA only. This would satisfy our patriotic spirit and also ensure that the meals are of high-quality components that haven’t traveled much.
  •    The meals do not contain any GMO-added ingredients. Everything in the Food4Patriots packages is sourced from fresh produce, much like what we can find in a farmer’s market
  •    The packaging of the Food4Patriots meals is done by a private family-owned company in Utah. There is hence special attention on the quality of each package and kit made.
  •    The company behind the Food4Patriots meals is equipped with all the cleanliness and safety certifications required for a food business.
  •    No artificial methods are used to make these foods last for a long time. This means that rapid dehydration and freeze drying are out of the question since they serve to leech the nutrients from foods.
  •    Instead, the meals are dried and packed with Mylar, a technology used by NASA for their space suits.
  •    The Mylar packaging makes for complete protection from light, heat, oxygen, dampness, and anything that could make food inedible over time.

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Food4Patriots Buying Options

The Food4Patriots packages come in three sizes, measured according to the number of hours they’re meant to last once we start consuming them.

Food4Patriots contains yummy prepacked foods that can be used anytime

The 72-hour package consists of 16 servings or meals. This means that around two people would be able to easily survive on this package for three days. If we expect to be stuck without help for longer or have more people on hand, the frequency of meals could go down to make this package last.

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The next package gives us a 4-week supply of food, 104 servings in all. The package with the most value gives us a 3-month kit with 365 servings.

Bonus Materials

Upon purchasing the Food4Patriots Survival Kit, the users will receive four bonus reports for absolutely free. These reports perfectly complement the kit and the food.

Conclusion – Is Food4Patriots Worth Trying?

The massive customer base for Food4Patriots certainly suggest that the nutritional value and quality of these foods isn’t at all lacking. In fact, some people have even opened up their packages and used them for everyday meals when they’re strapped for food options.

The company offers an excellent refund policy, along with a whopping 300% money-back guarantee if we find the food’s gone bad within 25 years! We simply can’t let such an amazing opportunity pass us by, especially with the possibility of being stuck in an emergency situation at any moment. It’s high time we rushed to the Food4Patriots official website and place an order for ourselves and our loved ones.

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