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Hormonal Harmony HB5 Reviews 2020 – HB-5 Hormone Supplement Working, Ingredients, and Benefits

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HB-5 by Hormonal Harmony is a dietary supplement that promotes hormonal balance within the body. Imbalanced hormones are one of the main reasons why people suffer from different health problems, the most common of which is weight gain. Using natural ingredients, HB-5 helps restore healthy hormonal levels within the body resulting in rapid weight loss and many more health benefits for the body. 

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The Link Between Hormones and Weight Loss 

There are several hormones that are responsible for different functions within the body. Having lower or higher levels than the optimum for any type of hormone can cause problems. Have you tried everything in your power to lose weight? You may have followed all types of diets and even spent hundreds of dollars on weight loss camps only to see no results. The reason for this is hormonal imbalance. Here are five different hormones in the body where an imbalance in any one of them renders you unable to lose weight: 

  1. Thyroid Hormones: The body’s thyroid is essential for a healthy metabolism. Thyroid health, and thus, our metabolism is regulated by thyroid hormones. If these hormones are not working properly, then the body’s metabolism becomes sluggish which makes it hard for the body to effectively burn calories. This results in energy crashes, brain fog, and weight gain. Therefore, thyroid hormones need to be regulated in order to promote healthy weight loss. 
  1. Leptin: This is an essential hormone that tells your brain to signal to the body that you’re “full”. When you experience troubles feeling full or feel that you can’t stop eating, then you likely have leptin imbalance. High leptin levels also lead to leptin-resistance which means that no matter how much leptin there may be in your body, it doesn’t matter. As a result, you start overeating, you never feel full, and the weight just piles on.  
  1. Estrogen: This hormone is more relevant for women and is often referred to as the “sex hormone”. High estrogen levels are linked with more visceral fat around the belly and the hips. This type of fat is hard to get rid of making it a problem for lots of women especially after the age of 30. However, HB-5 helps regulate levels of estrogen in a natural manner. 
  1. Cortisol: Often referred to as the “stress hormone”, it’s an essential hormone for survival. However, as stress levels increase, so does cortisol. Excess of everything is bad, and too much cortisol can be very harmful. Unfortunately, the average person suffers from a lot of stress these days which causes high cortisol levels. As a result, you suffer from slow metabolism, poor digestion, brain fog, and fatigue. Stress levels and cortisol need to be catered to in order to promote weight loss. 
  1. Insulin: You may have heard of insulin and its importance for people suffering from diabetes. However, high insulin levels can also lead to weight gain. Since the job of insulin is to convert carbohydrates into glucose to be used by the muscles. However, excess glucose gets converted into fat which is exactly what happens in the case of excess insulin. Therefore, regulating insulin levels is also important to control your weight.  

Thus, hormonal balance is very important for one’s overall health, and especially their weight. Imbalance in any one of the above five hormones can lead to excess weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, and many other problems. Fortunately, HB-5 has a simple solution to restore balance to your body. 

How Does HB5 Work? 

As mentioned above, hormonal imbalance can be dangerous for your overall health and is often overlooked when it comes to weight loss. Therefore, most people’s efforts to lose weight are in vain because they never address the root cause of the problem. If the body’s metabolism and ability to burn fat are not working properly, then it will be almost impossible to lose weight. 

HB-5 by Hormonal Harmony works by promoting hormonal balance within the body. It targets the 5 most important hormones that are linked to the body’s ability to store and burn fat and restores them to their optimal levels. The supplement does so with a comprehensive formula comprising of 13 potent ingredients. Each ingredient is backed by clinical research and is proven to help restore hormonal balance. 

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The ingredients are divided with respect to the type of hormones they work best on. For example, some ingredients are put in the formula to regulate the thyroid, whereas some are put in to regulate cortisol, etc. Together, they form an effective formula that can cater to all the important hormones linked to weight loss. 

As a result, you start feeling less tired, feel more relaxed and sharper mentally, and start to rapidly lose weight. The formula turns your body into a fat-burning furnace meaning you can enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about weight gain and you can see significant results even without exercising. Moreover, the formula is completely natural, so the supplement has no side-effects. It’s completely safe to use making it THE supplement to purchase for weight loss.  


  For the Thyroid:  

  1. Kelp 
  1. Magnesium 
  1. Zinc 
  1. Selenium 
  1. Copper 
  1. Manganese 
  1. Bladderwrack 
  1. B12 

  For Cortisol

  1. Rhodiola Rosea Extract 
  1. Red Ginseng 

  For Insulin

  1. Cinnamon 

  For Leptin

  1. African Mango 

  For Estrogen

  1. DIM (diindolylmethane) 

Benefits of HB-5 

  • The supplement supports hormonal balance using a natural formula. 
  • The supplement helps you naturally lose weight without diet and exercise. 
  • HB-5 improves mood and reduces mood swings. 
  • The supplement helps reduce anxiety and depression. 
  • The supplement improves sleep quality. 
  • The supplement has no side-effects. 
  • There’s a money-back guarantee. 

Pricing and Refund Policy 

HB-5 by Hormonal Harmony is priced reasonably and comes in three affordable packages priced as follows: 

  1. One Bottle: $69. 
  1. Three Bottles: $59 per bottle. 
  1. Six Bottles: $49 per bottle.  

Each purchase comes with free shipping and is protected by a 180-day money-back guarantee. Each bottle contains a one-month supply and you can see significant results within a month. You can use the bottle for a while and if you feel like the supplement did not live up to your expectations then you can opt for a full refund without having to even return the bottles. It’s a win-win situation for the buyer. 

Verdict – Does HB5 Hormonal Harmony Work?

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and have been struggling with your overall health, then it’s likely a case of hormonal imbalance. Women especially can suffer from hormonal imbalance after the age of 30 due to various reasons, especially with regards to Estrogen. However, HB-5 by Hormonal Harmony provides a simple and effective way to target the root cause of the problem and restore hormonal balance to the body. 

By using HB-5, you’ll target various health concerns you may have ranging from weight loss to fatigue to brain fog. The supplement makes use of a potent formula that consists of natural ingredients that have been backed by clinical studies. Since the formula is natural, it has no side-effects and the money-back protection makes the supplement a completely risk-free investment. Therefore, HB-5 is a must-have for anyone wanting to rapidly lose weight without breaking a sweat and you can purchase it from here. 

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