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The Li Kung 14-Day Liver Detox Review – Cleanse All the Harmful Toxins Out of The Body

The Li Kung 14-Day Detox aims to cleanse the liver from harmful toxins that breed certain diseases

Getting a healthy body is the aim of many. Unfortunately, with an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle, many people in the modern world are suffering from obesity and much worse. Excess weight makes life very difficult. It can come in the way of what clothes we wear, how we socialize, and generally how we feel about ourselves.

When we do try to exercise and turn over a new leaf, an overweight body can make it very difficult to even start. So, before we even try to go to the gym and risk a heart attack, we should look at the root of the problem.

Main Cause of an Unhealthy Body

Sure, we live a more sedentary lifestyle than our ancestors. However, the main culprit is the food we unthinkingly tend to put in our mouths. A recently-launched educational guide, The Li Kung 14-Day Liver Detox focuses on the main two toxic substances that most of our everyday sustenance containThe Li Kung 14-Day Detox has brought tremendous results for its users making them feel rejuvenated and freshs and how we can eradicate them from our diets.

In this review, we’ll take a deeper look at The Li Kung 14-Day Liver Detox Program by Daniel Marshall, its features, and what his widely popular Master Detoxifier Smoothie is all about.


Toxin 1 – High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Sure, many of us already know that this is bad for us. However, this dangerous food toxin is sneaked in several foods that Americans eat every day. The dangerous part is that it’s also present in food that we deem are healthy for us. Case in point; fat-free and low-fat snacks, such as processed yogurt.

Plus, the syrup is commonly disguised under other safe-sounding names. Watch out for maize syrup, glucose syrup, dahlia syrup, and many more names designed to mislead you.

Toxin 2 – MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is another toxic substance present in Chinese food, fast food, even popcorn and potato chips. Ever stop to think why we can’t eat just one potato chip? That’s because the MSG in it is a neuro-toxin. It stimulates the brain and immediately makes it want more.

About the Li Kung 14-Day Liver Detox Program

While in the hospital recovering from a heart attack, Marshall met an Asian man who lectured him about the supposedly ‘healthy’ food he was eating.

Daniel Marshall is the man behind The Li Kung 14-Day Liver Detox Program who has put together Chinese cleansing tips of flushing out toxins from the body
Daniel Marshall – Creator of the Li Kung 14-Day Liver Detox Program

Basically, he said, what one has to watch out for is the liver. That is the place where the diseases of other organs, such as the heart and lungs, start. This man’s name was Li Kung, and he was in his nineties, despite looking like a young man. The main reasoning behind the detoxifier is that the liver is a supremely powerful organ. Even if you cut up to 70% of it away, it can heal itself and come back to its full glory. That is, if it is taken care of properly.  The Li Kung Detox Program is available in an eBook format and comes with two bonus guides to best elaborate the liver cleansing.

If the liver is affected, it wouldn’t produce the bile we need to break fat down. As a result, the offending fat is stored in the body. This leads to weight gain and dangerously clogged arteries. Thus, heart problems abide. The toxic overload from the aforementioned ingredients is what makes the liver unable to perform its function properly.The Li Kung 14-Day Detox mainly focuses on enhancing the liver health as its one of the main organs of the human body

Symptoms of Needing the Superhero Glutathione Molecule

Scientific research has shown that a certain molecule (Glutathione) is needed to get our body in optimal shape. If anyone is experiencing the symptoms below, they may be in need of the Master Detoxifier which could raise the levels of Glutathione,

  • Gaining stubborn weight
  • Constant Tiredness/lethargy
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Sleeplessness or broken sleep
  • Headaches
  • Crankiness or depression
  • Pain in joints
  • Recurring skin problems
  • Weak digestion

The list really goes on and on. Unfortunately, living in the modern world and eating food with toxic substances leads to scores of diseases our ancestors never had a problem with. These include kidney problems, autoimmune disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and much more.

Learn More About the Importance of Glutathione to the Human Body

Li-Kung’s Detox Plan – How Does it Work?

Now that we know about the importance of Glutathione, we should also know that a simple supplement of this ingredient wouldn’t do. We would simply digest it before it reaches and works on our liver. Hence, Li-Kung’s Detox Plan is the way to go. Marshall and Kung worked together to achieve a recipe that has natural ingredients which would boost Glutathione in the body.The Li Kung 14-Day Detox Program comes with three comprehensive guides that enlighten the users about the importance of liver and allow them to enhance its functionality

The smoothies in this plan are composed of herbs spices, vegetable, and several other ingredients. On their own, they wouldn’t do much. However, when blended together, they would create a powerful dosage that could boost the body towards increased health. It would take time, as the phrase ’14-day’ tells us. That’s no surprise, as natural processes are slow but sure in taking effect.

The Master Detoxifier – An Incredible Smoothie for Flushing Out the Toxins

Enter the Master Detoxifier, a home-based green smoothie that stimulates the production of an amazing molecule Glutathione within our bodies. The Li Kung program has 17 of the most potent, and easy-to-prepare smoothie recipes for effectively stimulating the body’s production of Glutathione. By drinking this smoothie twice, a day, we can start the process of healing the damage to our bodies. We won’t even have to control our diet all too much.

There are more than 50,000 people who have gained a better life through this Master Detoxifier smoothie. The great part is that there are no disclaimers for age, weight, health status, or gender. Any person can start this Detox program today and hope to get the benefits! Plus, it takes only a couple of minutes to prepare, which is certainly better than hours spent on the treadmill.

This is not to say that one should shun exercise. However, this smoothie seems to get at the crux of the issue and help you get a healthier body. More specifically, one that can withstand exercise.

Benefits – What Should I Expect?

Upon consistently drinking the aforementioned Master Detoxifier green smoothie, the users are expected to achieve,

  • Quick and sustainable weight loss
  • Glowing Health
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • A longer, happier, healthier life


The entire program is available for a discounted price of $37. Of course, since we have to buy the ingredients ourselves, its cost does seem just reasonable. What’s good is there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Bonus Materials

In addition, the users will get two special bonus materials for absolutely free. They’ll get a complete access to the guide, The Energy Boosting Formula, which is equipped with 20 natural foods that are potent in boosting our energy levels and keeping us active all day long.The Li Kung 14-Day Detox offers a free guide, The Energy Boosting Formula to keep the users active throughout the day

Secondly, they’ll get 7 Fat-Busting Supplements, which will thoroughly guide them to boost their fat loss and promote better health and longevity.

Fat Busting Supplements allows the users to keep their weight in-check and maintain a healthy life

These two bonuses would cost around $79.90, if bought separately. Hence, this is quite a steal.

Conclusion – Is it Worth it?

The Li Kung Liver Detox plan does have a solid reasoning behind it. The foods we eat are not very healthy, especially not the processed kind. Additionally, doctors usually do not really go to the crux of the problem but focus on how to fix it.

The Li Kung 14-Day Detox aims to cleanse the liver from harmful toxins that breed certain diseases

In conclusion, trying out this Detox plan wouldn’t hurt anyone. The herbs and spices used are natural substances and would be purchased by the users themselves. Hence, they have a say in what goes into a smoothie. Since there are several recipes in the plan, it won’t be hard to choose at least one which would fulfill any dietary requirements. With the money-back guarantee thrown in, we would say: take the plunge!

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