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Nootrogen Review – Optimize Your Cognitive Function


We have seen that one of the most bothering problems in today’s world associated with the aging process is dementia. Dementia, as a result of, aging process is usually a short-term memory loss. A number of people suffer from this medical condition, and when they discover it, they tend to panic and most of the times resort to counterfeit products or procedures that currently floods the market. It is totally understandable, when one is in chaos, he tends to end up taking wrong decisions that ultimately end in further regret and disappointment.

The fact that the markets today are intensely overloaded with deceptive products promising various beneficial results make it troublesome for the consumers to filter out the right product for themselves that not only delivers what it says but also enables them to maintain it over the course of their lives. However, a recently launched product that caught the attention of thousands of users around the world is, Nootrogen by Vita Balance that serves as an ultimate nootropic supplement with potent end results.

Read on to find out more about Nootrogen, its features, functions, and whether it’s worth trying or not.

About Nootrogen

As mentioned above, Nootrogen is a recently launched nootropic supplement that primarily aims to deliver improved memory recall, enhanced focus, better concentration, and extended clarity and an overall boost up in neuronal processing speed of the brain. Being a revolutionary formulation in the nootropic industry, Nootrogen has delivered enhanced brain function and cognitive ability in its users without the need of any prescription.

The credibility and reliability of Nootrogen can be judged from the fact that it has been through rigorous trial and testing and provided consistent results. In addition, it has also been put through a randomized, group-parallel, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, through which it was concluded that when humans consume some of the key natural compounds their brain and overall cognition is greatly enhanced and improved. Dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE was the subject of this study in discussion, that serves as one of the main and core ingredients in the Nootrogen Ultimate Nootropic formula.

What is a Nootropic and What Does it Do?

The world continues to advance in almost all the areas of life. Technology, innovation, and digitization has driven the world of medicine to a whole new level giving rise to smart drugs. A nootropic is the result of this advancement and is mainly defined as the cognitive enhancer that improves memory recall and retention, focus and concentration levels, accelerates brain processing ability, boosts creativity and motivation in an individual. A substance has to fulfill a certain criteria in order to be regarded as a nootropic. It should improve the overall learning ability, memory, and firing mechanisms of neurons in the brain while having minimal or no side effects. It should serve as a protective shield for the brain from any potential physical or chemical injury like concussions, barbiturates or scopolamine. In addition, a nootropic drug guards learned behaviors and memory formation from being disrupted from certain conditions such as electroconvulsive shock or hypoxia.

Nootrogen provides its users an ultimate nootropic supplemental formula which is 100% safe and natural delivering guaranteed end results that can be both felt and seen.

Nootrogen – What Does it Contain?

Since Nootrogen is purely a natural product, it is carefully formulated by combining unique, potent, and effective natural ingredients to enhance the cognitive ability in its users.

Nootrogen contains 3 main nootropic ingredients which have a proven track record of offering a dramatic boost to mental performance without triggering any adverse reaction. In addition, it comprises of vitamin bulks and botanical extracts which make it health friendly and increase the positive metabolism of the body. Hence the product can actually be divided into 3 main components i.e. a Nootrogen Complex, a Vitamin B Complex and a Botanical Extract.

The three main nootropic ingredients are,

  • Dimethylaminoethanol

After several clinical tests and trials it is proved that, DMAE increases the level of key neurotransmitters in the brain thereby enhancing overall mental activity, improving mood, and physical energy.

  • Glutamic Acid

It prevents neurodegeneration, increase clarity of thought, focus, and concentration giving way to faster learning.

  • Acetylcholine

Since it works both on central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, Acetylcholine boosts attention span and focus while promoting creativity.

Other ingredients include, Magnesium, Vitamin B-3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, and Bacopa Extract.

Nootrogen is made up of natural, potent, and effective ingredients that make it a breakthrough formulation in the nootropic industry
Nootrogen – Supplement Facts

Nootrogen – Recommended Dosage

The users are recommended to take 2 capsules of Nootrogen daily. For best and optimal results, it is suggested to take the supplement during the middle of the day and one during the evening or as per the instructions of their respective healthcare professionals.

Nootrogen – What Nootropic Benefits Would it Deliver?

Nootrogen is highly reliable and safe to use and aims to prevent memory loss in its users. Upon consistent usage, the following benefits are expected,

  • Increased memory function and activity
  • Boosted concentration and focus
  • Improved thought clarity
  • Improved Brain Processing
  • Soothed nerve and anxiety
  • Low toxicity
  • Enhanced firing mechanism of neuron
  • Improved learning and memory

Nootrogen – Side Effects

Since Nootrogen is formulated from all natural ingredients, it is free from any synthetic chemical or harmful materials. It is extremely safe to use and has no known side effects as physical addictions, development of tolerance or withdrawal symptoms, as yet.

Nootrogen – Pricing

If the price of Nootrogen is compared with some of its contemporaries, it is found that it is the cheapest of all. It deals at a cost of $29.95 per bottle. Its best-selling deals include,

  • 3 BOTTLES PLUS 1 FREE for $78.95 (Saving $40.85)
  • 2 BOTTLES for $52.95 (Saving $6.95)


Nootrogen – Customer Support

The team behind Nootrogen places utmost priority and attention on dealing its customers with integrity, honesty, and sincerity. Their customer service representatives are well-trained, and well-versed in fair dealing, servicing, and assisting the clients in their respective needs. Being multi-lingual, the cordial customer support team members make sure that foreign speakers don’t face any language barrier while voicing their queries.

In case of any questions, comments, or feedback, the users can reach out to the customer representative at the US Toll Free number, 1-888-455-9995 or by the mailing address given at the official website.

The Final Word – Is Nootrogen Worth It?

All in all, Nootrogen is an effective nootropic supplement that optimizes the cognitive ability of an individual allowing him to not only perform well at the routine tasks but to also effectively carry out other functions that require strong mental thinking. Stellar reviews from all around world further adds on to its reliability making it worth a try.

Hence, it is safe to conclude that Nootrogen is an ultimate brain enhancement nootropic supplement out there that has managed to stand out the clutter with legit ingredients, fair price, enthusiastic customer reviews and actually delivering visible results to its users in the shape of enhanced memory recall and retention, improved concentration and focus, and better cognitive ability.

Interested individuals can buy it from the official website by clicking below.

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