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NutriSystem Turbo 13 – Losing Weight for Good?

NutriSystem Turbo 13 is a weight loss program designed for both men and women to safely lose weight and live a healthy life

In this day and age, we’re able to partake of several conveniences. These include ready-to-eat meals, takeaway, fast food, and being able to get everything done with a few taps of the fingers. This results in a sedentary lifestyle, which makes it easy to gain unhealthy weight. It also makes it very difficult to lose unwanted fat and maintain a fit body.

Fortunately, though, many people are now waking up to the necessity of leading a healthy, clean lifestyle. While it may be hard to follow a strict eating and exercise regime on our own, there are several programs that can help us get on the weight loss track. One of the most famous examples is that of NutriSystem Turbo 13.

Below, we’ll be discussing just what this program is, what we can expect from it, and if it really works.

About the NutriSystem Turbo 13

The NutriSystem programs were initially focused on counseling related to weight loss. They mostly operated out of physical locations, but have now revamped their business model. While they’ve made a name for themselves in the weight loss market, they’ve now taken a leap and made their services and products available online.

Hence, the NutriSystem Turbo 13 is a program that’s designed to help people lose weight in a quick and sustained manner. This is a new program that’s a bit ahead of the old ones provided by the same company.

The NutriSystem Turbo 13 works by providing its customers with a convenient and reliable support system that makes monitoring calories very easy. All of this is managed with the Numi app provided within the program.

Foods Included in the NutriSystem Turbo 13

There are a whopping seven meals provided by this program in the course of a single day. This includes snacks as well as three main meals. The meals themselves include dishes like grilled chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, cinnamon rolls, and other mouthwatering delights. The desserts even include ice cream sandwiches and chocolate cupcakes.

The benefit of this aspect of the Nutrisystem’s Turbo 13 is that it gives us a wide range of meals while trying to lose weight. It even contains its special TurboBoosters, Turbo Shakes, and NutriCurb Bars in addition to the seven meals mentioned above. The full menu is available online.

How the NutriSystem’s Turbo 13 Works

This weight loss program works through the team of dieticians and nutrition experts put together by NutriSystem. They’ve designed several plans that include:

  •    Protein for fueling the body
  •    Low-glycemic carbohydrates for stabilizing blood sugar
  •    Fiber to help us keep feeling full and satisfied

Incidentally, the plans also make sure not to include certain elements such as:

  •    Artificial sweeteners
  •    Synthetic flavorings
  •    MSG
  •    High fructose corn syrup
  •    Hydrogenated oils

About the NutriSystem’s Turbo 13 Plans

There are three plans associated with this program, according to the official website. These are the Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours plans. With the Basic offering, the user doesn’t get to choose what they would like to eat. They would have to stick with whatever NutriSystem picks out for them. However, this is the quickest and probably the cheapest method.

The Core and Uniquely Yours offerings allow for meal customization. Alternatively, we can also choose to ask the company for the most popular options. For women, this means receiving around 4 meals every day, with Turbo Shakes, NutriCurb Bars, and TurboBoosters thrown in. Men receive 5 meals with the same add-ons. The core plan is a little cheaper than the Uniquely Yours option, so this might be the best bet for newbies.

Money Back Guarantee

While the customized plans of NutriSystem’s Turbo 13 have worked out for several individuals, this doesn’t mean that they’re for everyone. The program should work for us, but if it doesn’t we’re at no financial risk. We can get our money back by returning the program within two weeks of signing up.

Pros of the NutriSystem’s Turbo 13

There are several advantages to buying and using the NutriSystem’s Turbo 13. These are listed below so we know just what to expect from it:

  •    Convenience: The food delivery system is right to our door. There’s also auto-delivery, so you can be sure of getting your next meals before the previous ones run out.
  •    Easy to Use: The recommendations, cooking, and delivery are all done by NutriSystem. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy. This means a rest from cooking and saving on ingredients too.
  •    Counted Calories: While NutriSystem’s Turbo 13 is based on calorie-counting, the program does the counting for us. Even seven meals a day with snacks would set us within the allowed range of calories.
  •    No Going Hungry: With the high number of meals, shakes, snacks, and bars, we can be sure of not going hungry when on this program. This is fortunate since we don’t want our cravings to give way to binge eating or cheating on our diet.
  •    Customizing: The best part of the NutriSystem’s Turbo 13 is that it allows its users to customize their meals in a month. There are more than 150 menu options, so we can choose the foods we like best and still lose weight.

Cons of the NutriSystem Turbo 13

No matter how great a product or service is, there are always some downsides. For NutriSystem’s Turbo 13, these include:

  •    High Upfront Cost: The NutriSystem’s Turbo 13 costs a pretty penny. The most popular options can cost more than $300. This could be a huge deal if one is living from paycheck to paycheck. However, with the online discounts available, the price could be less than $10 per meal, which is balanced out by the saving on monthly groceries.
  •    Works in the Long Term: While the NutriSystem’s Turbo 13 will help in losing weight, it would take its time in doing so. If some people fail to monitor themselves after reaching their goal and ending their program, they can easily gain back the weight they’ve lost.
  •    Preservatives: Since the shipping of the food is on a monthly basis, the company has to make sure it doesn’t spoil or rot. This means the use of preservatives, which could be harmful to our health.

Conclusion – Is NutriSystem Turbo 13 Worth Trying?

While the NutriSystem’s Turbo 13 can help us lose weight, it does require some investment and commitment. Once we are committed, however, this program makes for an easy and convenient method for weight loss. Factoring in the saved costs would also help us see the value of the NutriSystem’s Turbo 13.

With the low-sodium and high-protein mixture of the NutriSystem plans, we can also expect to feel more energized and refreshed along with having a slimmer figure. Since the purchase is risk-free, we should head on over to the official website or any other buying platform and place an order right away.

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