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Organic Coconut Oil – A Natural Weight Loss Supplement


Organic Coconut Oil has been phenomenal for weight loss because of its wide range of health benefits. Many scientific studies have proved that coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that support a healthy metabolism, improves thyroid health, and increases energy levels, to name a few.
In recent years, there has been a massive rise in the use of organic coconut oil as people become more aware, and enlightened about its underlying benefits, and its ability to effectively tackle stubborn body fat. It can be used by adding it into your diet, or simply by consuming supplements that are made of it. Although it is going to be a big headache to find the most appropriate one as the market is cluttered with counterfeit products. They make fake claims and are badly low in quality. However, a recently-launched product by Vitabalance, Organic Coconut Oil Dietary Supplement is regarded as the most effective natural weight loss supplement on the market, providing guaranteed results to the users without any adverse reactions.

Read on to find more about Organic Coconut Oil, its features, benefits, ingredients, and usage.

About Organic Coconut Oil

As mentioned earlier, the use of Organic Coconut Oil is growing at an accelerating phase paving way to the formulation of natural weight loss balance supplements in the industry. Coconut oil comprises of a unique blend of fatty acids that collectively play a vital in optimizing the metabolic activity of users. It contains a major proportion of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) that are differently metabolized as opposed to long-chain triglycerides (LCT) found in other diets. Upon the consumption of MCT rich diet, the liver directly receives it through the digestive tract, where they are used for boosting overall energy levels, or are converted into ketone bodies. This is why MCT has gained a lot of popularity as they rapidly change into energy and are not stored in the body as fat.Organic Coconut Oil is an all-natural formulation that effectively helps in losing weight
How Does Organic Coconut Oil Work?

Organic Coconut Oil has been carefully formulated to allow the users achieve their weight loss and nutrition goals. Intensive scientific research has reported that the chlorogenic acid found in Organic Coconut Oil beans can help increase metabolism, energy levels, and provides a healthy weight loss. This in turn, leads to an effective weight management, and promotes the breakdown of stubborn abdominal fats that are dangerous for health. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it supports a sound heart, strengthens the immune system keeping harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast, candida, and fungus at bay. It is also reported that coconut oil is ideal for reducing bad cholesterol like low-density lipoprotein (LDL). They are harmful for health and should be kept in check because their consistency is thick, and they can clog arteries if deposited in large amounts.
Upon the consistent consumption of Organic Coconut Oil, its effects will be immediately noticed, as reported by real users. They felt less bloated, energized, and a whole lot lighter. However, your weight loss depends on how much you indulge in exercise, and how clean your diet is.

Organic Coconut Oil – Target Market

Organic Coconut Oil caters to the need of a broad demographic group as obesity is a growing issue and it is always wise to address it right away than to be sorry later. Organic Coconut Oil is an ideal fit for both men and women, and can be used by athletes, students, business people, or anyone belonging to any walk of life, looking to lose weight. Hence it can be a great pick for people above the age of 18 who wants to shed stubborn body fat and want to make a healthy change in their lives.

Competitive Advantage

Organic Coconut Oil has acquired a unique place and a lot of traction in the natural supplement community due to its all-natural formula. This is its unique selling proposition, that distinguishes it from other prescription based weight loss products. Since it’s a fast-acting fat inhibitor, it effectively strips excess pounds, burn stubborn belly fat, and promotes a healthy metabolism, with no harmful side effects.

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Organic Coconut Oil – Ingredients

Organic Coconut Oil is made up of all natural ingredients and extracts that make it a breakthrough formulation in natural weight loss industry. It is made up of high quality, potent, and effective ingredients that give it a huge competitive edge over its competitors and make it a safe and secure option to go for. These ingredients are briefly discussed below,
Lauric Acid – Coconut Oil is the most commonly found Lauric acid is the core ingredient in organic coconut oilsource of lauric acid, containing up to 50% of it. It plays a key role in battling and eradicating bacteria, fungus, and viruses by disrupting the lipid membranes in an organism.
Medium Chain Triglycerides – Coconut oil is rich in Medium chain fats that are relatively easier to digest and are transported directly to the liver, going through the thermogenic effect, and It is made up of good fatty acids called MTCimproving the metabolism. This, in turn, enhances the energy levels and allows the body shed stored body fat.
100% Pure Organic Coconut Oil – Organic Coconut Oil consists of 100% extra virgin coconut extract anIt contains an all natural extract of Pure Organic Coconut Oild is free of fillers, harmful toxins, binding agents, or artificial ingredients like some other products on the market.
Organic Coconut Oil – Benefits

The users are expected to witness the following benefits upon consistent usage of Organic Coconut Oil.

  • Organic Coconut Oil helps in burning calories even the body is at rest. This is because of the thermogenic effect it has on the body. During thermogenesis, the body burns calories which in turn produces heat promoting weight loss. Therefore, when a person consumes coconut oil it raises the energy expenditure as opposed to the same amount of calorie intake from other fats.
  • Organic Coconut Oil plays a pivotal role in eradicating the dangerous abdominal fat that compiles around the belly. Also, known as visceral fat, these large deposits of stored fat then make their way to the organ causing cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, and heart disease. Various scientific studies have proved that MTC or the medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oil are prolific in minimizing the belly fat and toning down the waist line.
  • The users will experience a reduction in their appetite since the body will spend more energy in the form of calories than it will collect paving way to weight loss. Since coconut oil is highly rich in medium chain triglycerides, it makes the body feel full thereby consuming relatively lesser calories than usual.
  • Organic Coconut Oil strengthens the immune system, improves thyroid function, and supports hair and nail health.

Recommended Usage

There are 60 soft gels in a single bottle of Organic Coconut Oil, making it last for a month as per the directed dosage. The users are recommended to take 2 soft gels once daily, preferably with a meal. To maximize the results, it is suggested to take one soft gel during the day and other during the evening. Most of the users have reported immediate results, but since our bodies work differently, individual results may vary.

Side Effects

Organic Coconut Oil is carefully formulated in an FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility in the USA, following all the GMP instructions and guidelines, maintaining highest possible standard and quality. Since it contains all natural extract, there are no reported side effects to date. However, it is wise to consult your physician before consuming any such supplement.


The Organic Coconut Oil is currently available at the following prices,
• 1 Bottle for $24.95
• 2 Bottles Plus 1 Free for $49.90 (Saving $24.95)
• 3 Bottles Plus 2 Free for $74.85 (Saving $49.90)

Organic Coconut Oil Extraction Process

Vita Balance ensures that the extra virgin oil is not, in any way, exposed to chemical solvents or high temperatures, while it’s in the manufacturing phase. In this way, the company maintains high quality standards to protect the medium chain triglycerides in the oil allowing the users to reap maximum health and body benefits.

Organic Coconut Oil in The Media

Organic coconut extract has been the most covered topic in the media and has been regarded as the miracle super food currently available in the market. The ingredients used have been featured in CBS News, ABC News, and Oz.
Dr. Oz has time and again talked about the benefits associated with Lauric Acid and Medium Chain Triglycerides that are actually the main ingredients used in Organic Coconut Oil.

The Final Verdict – Should You Buy It?

Organic Coconut Oil is made from all natural extracts and is primarily designed for people who are carrying unwanted body weight. The fact that it effectively burns fat and allows you to achieve a slimmer body is more than appealing. Organic coconut oil gives the users an essential start they need to prepare their bodies to lose unwanted weight. With an improved and boosted metabolism, the users will feel more energized, healthy, and less bloaty. All these factors, when combined, make it worth trying. It is important to note here that when using Organic Coconut Oil, you should not solely rely on it for weight loss. Of course, like with any weight loss supplement, it is important to have a good and clean diet and indulging in exercise every day to make the results more prolific.

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