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Salus Structured Silver Review – Is it An Ideal Solution To Tackle with Leaky Gut?

Salus Structured Silver aims to help users tackle leaky gut issues, and provide a healthy immune system

When we think of all the illnesses going around these days, silver isn’t usually the first kind of treatment that comes to mind. We’ve heard about eating gold for health purposes, along with outing it on our face and bodies…but can silver also be beneficial?

Given the fact that silver is essentially a natural substance that is safe to wear in piercings, it does seem quite believable that this metal could have some healing powers. We may never have thought about it, so perhaps it’s high time we start!

In fact, according to several studies, we may now believe that silver could just be one of the most potent ingredients in effective health supplements. If we open our minds just a bit more, we may see an answer to our depleted energy, leaking guts, and overall ill health.

About Salus Structured Silver

If we’re ready to accept that silver may have some healthy and beneficial properties, we’re ready to be introduced to the Salus Structured Silver. Supplements with a silver base work towards enhancing our health. However, the Salus Structured Silver does all that without forcing us to sacrifice other things, such as our hard-earned money.

Taking silver into our bodies may be deemed as harmful for some, but that’s only because we’re thinking of argyria. This is a condition that may turn the skin a purplish grey in extreme cases. Still, this occurrence only arises when one makes excessive contact with colloidal silver. However, Salus Structured Silver uses only structural silver in its formula, hence effectively doing away with the risk of argyria.

About Structured Silver

Needless to say, this is the main ingredient in Salus Structured Silver. However, its exact purposes and benefits may be unknown to several people. We’ll be talking about these in order to better understand this supplement.

Silver gets structured by being suspended within pure water. When this happens, it’s very molecular base would change and many of its harmful elements disappear. In fact, the Salus Structured Silver supplement is just one percent silver suspended in ninety-nine percent water. When we add this to our bodies in a regulated amount, we can gain several enhancements without having to break the bank.

How Does Salus Structured Silver Work?

Salus Structured Silver works in the following ways through which silver is made into a harmless and highly beneficial substance. These ways are further discussed below.

  • Ionization – This is the usual way in which we go about killing pathogens. One lone silver ion can do away with pathogens just by touching them. However, the ionization process makes silver ions stop working as killers. Its function becomes neutral.
  • Molecular Structure – Another way to make regular silver safe is by using the molecular structure of silver. This structure has what we call a dielectric charge. This does away with pathogens but doesn’t cause the silver to become neutral.
  • Alkalinity – Alkaline is highly recommended for those who want to balance out the harmful acidity within their bodies. When we dissolve structured silver in alkaline, this creates a huge number of benefits.

Hence, Salus Structured Silver helps in strengthening the immune system of a human body, detoxifies the system from harmful bacteria, and fungi, and controls inflammation. It also plays a vital role in balancing the gut. A leaky gut can be a root cause of a number of health issues. Salus Structured Silver tackles gas, bloating, constipation, and works to improve the cognitive function.

The Company behind Salus Structured Silver

SalusDefence is the name behind this structured silver supplement. This company is very well known for its health supplements. Their offering of the Salus Structured Silver is highly popular these days, bringing its users real time health results.

Before this supplement was made public, it was first tried out by the creators themselves. When the safety and effectiveness of the formula were confirmed, it was then determined that this would be a good contribution to humanity. Since only a few doses are enough for us to start noticing the effects, we would be wise to start on the Salus Structured Silver as soon as possible.

On their official website, SalusDefence has given us quite a detailed and impressive story of all that went into the making of this structured silver supplement. With this high level of sincerity, one gets very heartened about achieving a high level of health as well.

Benefits of the Salus Structured Silver

The users are expected to experience the following benefits.

  • It costs a great deal less than other supplements that use silver as an ingredient. This is because the people behind the Salus Structured Silver are sincere in their work and looking to benefit us even if it costs them some profits. Other such supplements may or may not work, but they do cost a whole lot more than many can afford.
  • The users are expected to discover a noticeable difference in their leaky gut, metabolism, and inflammation.
  • The harmful toxins are flushed out of the body, giving it a rejuvenated look, and feel.
  • As mentioned above, there’s no risk of argyria or other problems that arise from contact with colloidal silver. In fact, the use of structured silver can actually work against this ailment.
  • The creators behind this supplement are incredibly dedicated and genuinely concerned about those that can gain from the use of structured silver. Thus, they have put forward several guidelines and principles that ensure maximum benefit and user satisfaction.
  • Supplements containing silver are usually notorious for doing more harm than good with regard to side effects. The Salus Structured Silver, though, does away with the harmful aspect of silver and leaves only its good side to be taken advantage of.
  • It’s easy to take a dose of this supplement, because it looks, feels, tastes, and even smell like plain, pure water. However, that tiny amount of silver within it makes for a super-healing elixir.

Competitive Advantage – What Makes it Unique?

Salus Structured Silver isn’t just one kind of product, but a variety of packages using just the two ingredients mentioned above. This is quite a positive fact since many people can’t take capsules easily, nor can everyone carry around a silver-based gel when on the go. Hence, we can choose between Salus Structured Silver probiotics and gel.

These types again have two sizes, making them easy to purchase in bulk or a small size for convenient travelling. We also have the option of buying a smaller pack when just trying out this supplement. If it suits us, we can go all out!

Conclusion – Is Salus Structured Silver Worth it?

Using silver for healing is definitely a unique and interesting method to adopt. It may not be so popular or even recommended before, but the people behind Salus Structured Silver have made a lot of progress and done away with several silver-related worries. However, the price isn’t dirt cheap, so we may want to think twice before placing an order. All in all, we would say that it’s not much of a risk to try out the Salus Structured Silver as soon as we possibly can. We may find a whole lot of advantages, and we owe that much to our body!

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