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Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief – A Natural Relaxant by SeraLabs CBD?

Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief is a revolutionary formulation by SeraLabs CBD that aims to relieve joint pain, stress, and sprains

Living a life free of pain seems to be a simple dream, but it is actually out of reach for many of us. As the years go by, more people seem to be struck with acute and chronic joint pain at earlier ages. These types of pain would include tendon pain, ligament pain, sprains, rheumatism, arthritis, torso pain, muscle pain, mysterious cruises, and several other issues.

The increasingly polluted environment and unhealthy food that most of us are exposed to do little to solve this issue. In fact, these may be the major factors causing the problems in the first place. Fortunately, though, the modern world has also given us science, which has finally formulated a possible answer to these stresses, pains, and discomforts.

One of the most effective methods here seems to be CBD oil. However, one company has seen fit to add many other beneficial ingredients to this substance and make a more effective formula. One of these is the Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief.

About the Sera Labs CBD Oil Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief

The Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief is a hemp extract that’s around 500 mg per package. When taken regularly, it’s been said to have an alleviating effect on several chronic pain issues. These include arthritis, back pains, neck pain, and body cramps. Since it’s in cream form, we can apply it to the area that’s giving us grief. This is a much more effective and perhaps safer option than taking a capsule inside our body.

The Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief contains not just CBD oil, which has been beneficial for many users by itself, but also some additional ingredients. These make the final formulation even more powerful and lasting than before. Hence, users may expect to feel an immediate relaxing and healing effect right after partaking of the Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief.

How the Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief Works

The Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief works through a topical application as a cream. When applied, this cream rapidly absorbs into the body and starts working on the problematic area right away.

The ingredients of this product are natural and include CBD oil. This contributes to immediate pain relief due to a warming and cleansing method. The addition of nourishing oils also contributes to an overall improving effect on both the skin and the body.

Ingredients of the Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief

There are several ingredients in the Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief that contribute towards its potency and long-lasting effect. All of these are instrumental in its role as a relaxant and are specifically selected in accordance with their efficacy in dealing with chronic pain. It’s hence worth discussing each of these ingredients in turn so we may better understand what this product contains. The ingredients are hence as follows:

  1.    Hotact® VBE

This is by far one of the most popular ingredients on the market today. It’s a sensory agent with unique warming properties. The Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief contains this in order to provide an immediate effect on the skin. When applied, the heat could be felt at once. This would then increase for five minutes and last for hours at a time. Along with the CBD oil working as an inflammatory, this ingredient is vital for a long-lasting formula to provide pain relief.

  1.    Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a well-known natural healer that’s also full of vitamins, minerals, and other health benefits. People have been known to apply it on their skin, their hair, and even eat it up in order to absorb its advantages.

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With the addition of this plant in the Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief, we may look forward to a reduction of inflammation, triggered collagen synthesis, and skin nourishment to boot. There are also several useful enzymes plus antioxidants present in aloe vera that serve in repairing would and improving the elasticity of the skin. Needless to say, this may be expected to result in a taut, clear skin without marks.

Benefits of the Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief

The benefits of this cream are many and varied. In fact, there may be several benefits according to the person who’s using the cream. We’ll be summarizing some of these benefits below. This may help us see what we might reasonably expect after regular use of the Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief:

  •    Quick relief from pain
  •    Increased mobility due to the reduction of chronic pain and joint stiffness
  •    Reduction of inflammation in the body, leading to fewer cramps and fewer issues with internal systems in general
  •    A warming effect when the cream is applied serves to provide a natural soothing of pain and inflammation
  •    Ingredients are non-toxic and completely natural. They would hence not cause any harm even in rare cases that the cream doesn’t have much of a positive effect
  •    The hemp extracts used are organic, meaning that they have full effect. However, they don’t contain the THC compound that could lead to hallucinations and other unwanted side effects
  •    The Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief also contains a mixture of oils that serve to nourish the skin, resulting in a glowing and healthy appearance.
  •    The formulation of this cream is such that it wouldn’t show up on any drug test. Hence, even athletes can try out this pain relief formula without worrying about jeopardizing their careers

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Conclusion – Is Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief Worth Trying?

Several testimonials, as well as the information on the Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief, serve to assure us about several aspects. Those of us who have been living with pain should absolutely try this cream out at least once. However, we do suggest a patch test beforehand in order to eliminate any possible allergies to the natural ingredients.

The Seratopicin Healing Pain Relief by Sera Labs certainly sounds highly intriguing, but it does have a catch. According to its official website, there’s a limited supply of the product available. We must hence hurry to get our order placed before it’s too late. The exclusive internet offer is limited to just one package per customer.  It’s hence essential to act as soon as possible.

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