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The South Beach Diet Review – A Delicious and Convenient Way to Weight Loss

The South Beach Diet is a weight loss program that allows you get back in the best shape of your lives in a convenient way

Losing weight is probably one of the most challenging life goals, at least in the first world. There are several hindrances to losing unhealthy weight, such as the convenience of fast food and the expense of healthy meals. Going the easy way means inhaling large amounts of sugar, fat, and cholesterol even with the most basic of meals. On the other hand, there is now a growing awareness that healthy eating is a necessity, not a luxury. There are several diseases caused by being overweight, including diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart problems. Hence, everyone with excessive weight needs to control their diet and portions if they want to avoid facing health issues and an unhealthy lifestyle.

While this may be difficult to do so, the South Beach Diet makes eating healthy a bit easier. What’s more, it incorporates all the food groups in a healthy manner. Where fad diets would advise one to completely cut out carbs, or limit calories to an insanely low amount, the South Beach Diet poses no health risk or side effects to its users.

What is the South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet was developed to help people eat healthier and with a certain amount of convenience. The latter aspect is especially valuable in this day and age, so this is a step in the right direction. This program is an incorporation of, “good carbs, healthy fats…and lean protein”. Each of these food groups is essential for a healthy and active lifestyle. Many people are unaware that there can be such things as good carbs or healthy fats, hence they make the mistake of cutting out foods that can actually help them on their weight loss journey.

The program delivers freshly made and delicious meals right to their customer’s doorstep. For a super-busy individual like a working mother, this diet could very well be a lifesaver for when one just doesn’t have time to cook for themselves.

Comparison to Other Diets

The South Beach diet is an approach to weight loss that doesn’t work through gimmicks, fads, or surgery. It was developed by Dr. Agatston after he saw how unhappy his patients were due to the myriad of often conflicting information on the quick-fix diets circulating the Internet.

Not only were these diets confusing and difficult to follow, but they left their followers without a healthy amount of calories to get through the day. This resulted in them getting hungry, tired, or even dangerously ill with the strange ingredients the diets encourage.

Learn The Science Behind The South Beach Diet Program

The South Beach Diet’s Approach

The idea behind the healthy eating in the South Beach Diet is that the food provided is packed with nutrients. When consumed, these serve to suppress an individual’s craving for sugary foods and refined carbs. Thus, the users of this diet automatically find it easier to stay away from processed foods that have sadly become the norm in Western societies. It is to be hoped that by consuming the natural and delicious food provided by the South Beach Diet, people would actually find processed, junk, and fast foods downright unpalatable.

Since the South Beach Diet follows a unique nutritional foundation, it has been recognized as one of the healthiest yet delicious ways of eating. It is due to the fact that it allows the users to enjoy a balanced meal by incorporating normal-sized portions of all the main nutrients like lean proteins, good fats, vegetables, and healthy carbs. Hence South Beach Diet has been phenomenal in satisfying the hunger and fueling the body of its users for optimal performance.

Is It Easy to Implement?

The South Beach Diet is a flexible and easy to follow plan that allows the users to consume healthy and delicious fresh-frozen and ready-to-go breakfasts, lunches and dinners. During the first week of the program, the users will be able to choose and eat two DIY breakfasts, lunches and dinners. They can either dine out using the guides provided, or make the yummy recipes at home.

The South Beach Diet – The 3 Phases

The South Beach Diet comprises of 3 phases. Over 11 million people have met their weight loss goals by sincerely following these phases. The glowing testimonials add to its reliability as it provides a convenient and healthy way of eating and losing weight.

Phase 1 – The first phase focuses on burning fat without getting hungry. The user is required to cut out sugar, refined carbs, and any food that is known to digest quickly. This is so that the cravings and overeating cycle is dealt with first off.

This phase goes on for two weeks, during which the body is rebooted. The foods available through the program are lean protein, with lots of vegetables and healthy fats. Since there are fewer carbohydrates being consumed, the weight loss would be relatively rapid. This is actually a good start to a diet as it would also keep one motivated by seeing quick results.

Phase 2 – The second phase is all about maintaining a lower, yet steady rate of weight loss. This makes a lot of sense since one cannot be losing weight rapidly on a healthy diet plan. If a diet causes one to lose all the excess weight too fast, it is likely that the weight would be gained back just as rapidly after that person goes off the diet.

After phase one, the dieter is not dependent on carbs for fuel anymore. The body is now relatively more able to burn fat for energy, hence the noticeable results in two weeks. Now, weight loss would become steady through the diet introducing fruits, whole grains, and certain vegetables. The South Beach Diet would suggest and supply controlled portions of these food groups.  Thus, the user would be eating and craving more balanced meals than before starting the diet.

Phase 3 –  Phase 3 consists of eating a wide range of foods, while taking care that they both fulfill cravings and provide body fuel. All foods are allowed here in moderation, on the condition that one makes use of what they have learned in the previous two phases.

After going through the weeks of cutting out unhealthy carbs and sugar, a person would likely not miss them. In fact, if they consume them now, they would likely be able to taste just how fake and unhealthy such foods are. On the contrary, one would enjoy and crave foods that create long-lasting satisfaction, have a lot of nutrients, and enhance the internal bodily systems.

Learn How These Three Phases of the South Beach Diet Have Revolutionized Weight Loss

Food and Delivery Options

There are some delicious meals available through the South Beach diet. These are all healthy and helpful in losing weight. They include (no sugar) chocolate shakes, almonds bars, muffins, delicious chicken and rice combos, and so much more! One would surely not feel deprived when consuming such meals, especially since they don’t have to prepare them on their own.

There is a delivery option for the South Beach Diet that is currently available to continental US residents only. While the retails value of the plan in total is $460 dollars, the plan on the website is for just $299 for three weeks, and one week totally free. While the price may still seem steep, it should be kept in mind that there are a lot of added services and products attached to this program.

In addition, The South Beach Diet can also be bought on an special discounted price 40% off, if the users decided to purchase it right away.

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FREE Weight Loss Tools

The users will be able to get a free access to an app that will assist them in their goals and update them about their progress. In addition, they will also get, A Quick Start Guide, A Daily Meal Planner, and a Handbook equipped with useful tips for executing each phase. Last but not the least, the users will be able to access the blog, The Palm, and enlighten themselves about a wide range of delicious recipes that will help them get back in shape.

Conclusion – Is the South Beach Diet Worth it?

Of course, one should have a decent amount of cash to spend on this diet. However, it is much cheaper and healthier than weight-loss surgeries and the medical bills for diseases caused by excessive weight. On the other hand, this diet may not work for those who have some underlying issue leading to weight gain, such as thyroid or glandular problems. Hence it is suggested to consult your healthcare professional before purchasing.

With the South Beach Diet, the users will be able to safely lose weight while enjoying delicious foods and additional services

A number of people who have tried the South Beach Diet rate it very highly. This is quite a positive element within the program, as it is essential that one does not feel any weakness or laziness while losing weight. Everyone has their work to do, kids to look after, and hence need their energy at a maximum. With the South Beach diet, one is assured that they would be able to go on with their life, and even have more stamina than before once they lose the excess weight and consume healthy foods.

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