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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Keto Review – Easy Weight Loss Solution?

The Ultimate Guide To Keto is a complete guide for people starting to start a keto diet

Excess weight is among one of the unhealthiest factors in a modern individual. Not only does it decrease our self-confidence, but it can also lead to several diseases and disorders. These include diabetes and PCOS, which lead to disturbing symptoms like infertility, hair loss, etc.

When overweight, we also can’t wear what we like, and most overweight people are also prone to feelings of depression and low self-esteem.

Losing weight, then, is highly necessary for those who want to regain control over their own body. Shedding those unwanted pounds could also reverse certain symptoms.

It’s hence only reasonable that many people want to shed weight as soon as possible. This is easier said than done, though, as our unhealthy lifestyles make it hard to melt away the pounds. Plus, weight loss done in the traditional manner takes a lot of patience and saps our energy at the same time.

Luckily, a little thing called the ketogenic diet just might be the answer to this dilemma. It’s a bit complicated, though, so we might need a little initial guidance. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Keto strives do just that by listing the following points. These would tell us the best way to start off with the keto lifestyle and what we should expect once we’re leading it:

Lots of Fat

This may come as a shock to most, but losing weight on the keto diet take a high amount of fat. This is because the ketogenic diet is mostly based on high fat intake and drastically low carbs. In order to get the ketones in production and energy at a proper level, a lot of healthy fats are necessary.

Any fats we consume would hopefully soon become fuel for our bodies after achieving the state of ketosis. Since we wouldn’t have carbs or sugar to run on anymore, fat is necessary for staying on the keto diet.

Of course, we’re not talking about unhealthy fats here. We can’t gorge ourselves on takeout or fast food. Healthy fats mean whole eggs, meat, avocadoes, cheese, and butter. Coconut oil, clarified butter, and almond oils should be used for cooking or frying, not refined oils like canola. We should make sure to have a lot of these allowed foods on hand when planning on starting the ketogenic diet.

Lower Carbs

Once we have a stock of fatty foods, it’s time to give up on almost all carbohydrates. This wouldn’t be easy, since our bodies are running on carbs by default. Many foods, even fruits and vegetables, have carbs in some form. By choosing high-fat options, we can avoid carbs to a large extent. The maximum carbs allowed on the keto diet are about 20 per day. This is less than what a medium apple contains. Hence, all fruits have to be avoided for their sugar content as well as their carbs, no matter how healthy they are. The carbs we do take in should be from vegetables that grow above the ground, such as leafy greens, legumes, etc. No grains, sugar, bread, pasta, or rice is allowed.

Some may say that we should get keto strips in order to test whether we’ve achieved ketosis. This is done by peeing on a strip like we do with a pregnancy test. Such an action is not necessary as long as we keeping your carbs to a minimum.

The vegetables and legumes that you consume have fiber, but this wouldn’t be counted as carbs. Hence, we have a bit of breathing space when you increase your intake of the allowed veggies on keto.

The Keto Flu

Before or just after going into ketosis, our body would be undergoing a state of rebellion. This is known as the keto flu, which can be quite rough to bear. It can last for a few days, a week, or even longer depending on the individual.  

The symptoms of the keto flu are much like the real flu, with us getting fatigued, losing sleep, having difficulty exercising, getting irritable, feeling dizzy, and having extreme cravings. Other symptoms include a loss of libido, constipation, confusion, and even nausea.

This flu is a sign that our body is headed in the right direction; that is, starting to burn fats instead of carbs for its fuel. Once we’re over this difficult stage, our body is primed to burn fat quickly and easily. This includes not just the high amount of fat we’re consuming every day on keto, but also the fact we’ve stored within our bodies in the past.

At this point, the weight would start shedding in an amazing fashion. Many people have even experienced several pounds dropping off in a single week!

A Protein Powder

Around a third of our calories should consist of protein when we’re on keto. High fat doesn’t always mean high protein, so it can be difficult to reach just the right ratio. For instance, an avocado would usually have more than 20 grams of fat but only around 3 grams of protein. Coconut oil has no protein at all, yet both these items are considered keto essentials.

While many of us turn to meat for protein, this isn’t the best idea. Too much meat could trigger insulin levels and knock our body out of the ketogenic state. Fortunately, we can get our protein in a safe and clean manner with a protein powder.

As long as this protein powder has natural ingredients, it’s going to be an excellent addition to our daily routine. In fact, the right protein powder could also lead to weight loss in itself, so keto is not an absolute must here.  

It’s hence imperative that we get a protein powder that doesn’t affect our insulin, can speed up our metabolic system, and even control our cravings. When on keto, we want such a powder that would help us stay in ketosis instead of the other way round.

The best proteins on the market are plant-based. Animal protein is full of harmful hormones that could actually aggravate the situation of excess weight. This is why most of us should aim to get the American Natural Superfood.

American Natural Superfood is a fat-burning protein powder that provides all the benefits of a keto diet
American Natural Superfood

With this addition to our diets, we can aim to lose weight without ingesting harmful animal protein and getting our keto in order too.  It’s also full of probiotics, which are another healthy way to achieve an ideal weight.

What Else Does The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Keto Offer?

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Keto is a great value for money. It is filled with comprehensive tips, and techniques on how you can lead an ideal ketogenic lifestyle. The users will learn how to correctly follow a keto diet, and safely lose unhealthy weight.

Some of the stand-out features of the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Keto are,

Mouthwatering yet Healthy Recipes 

The users will learn some of the amazing, yummy, and nutritious keto-friendly recipes that are quick and easy to make. These recipes are not only budget-friendly, but are highly beneficial as well. The ingredients can also be easily found at all the local grocery stores.

8 Common Keto Myths

In addition, the users will discover some of the most common myths associated with a keto diet, and how they have been debunked.

FREE Copy With American Natural Superfood

If you decide to order the American Natural Superfood Protein Powder, you will be able to get a free copy of The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Keto. Its an amazing offer, and definitely worth a try if you are looking to embark on a keto journey.

Conclusion – Is The Ultimate Guide to Keto Worth Trying?

The Ultimate Guide to Keto not only enlightens the users about the amazing health benefits of a keto diet, but also supplies them with a healthy product for effectively maintaining ketosis.

At less than $1.50 per serving, the American Natural Superfood protein powder can serve to give us all the benefits we want from keto. The ketogenic diet may be a highly effective one, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Getting this probiotic protein powder inside ourselves on a daily basis would help us achieve the benefits of keto more quickly as well as avoid its negative effects. It’s hence essential that we rush to place an order and start our weight-loss journey right away.

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